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The result, as you know, soon was fast to come. In the wild "residents of Neptune's kingdom, indeed, forage in the environment – according to needs and opportunities. But in the aquarium's life, health, wellbeing, development and extension of their family is entirely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the owner. First of all, you need an individual approach – fish for each family adapted to a particular feed. Related Group addresses the importance of the matter here. Most of the aquarium inhabitants seize food from the water column, fish with lower mouth (catfish, tsihlazomy) to get it from the bottom. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Boris Kuzinez. A full meal – these are living organisms. Applied and dry food consisting of dried organisms, as well as artificial, which in the wild fish do not have (various cereals, meat, cheese, egg yolk, etc.). Diet for young fish is more complicated than for their parents, because the first need is very small and more varied food.

Larvae and fry need algae, ciliates, rotifers, juvenile cladocerans and larvae of copepods. Adults are chopped earthworms, nematodes, the same cladocerans and copepods, insect larvae, and more. Something of the above can be purchased at pet stores, but still learn to produce food themselves. As you know, in the water column there is a mass of plankton. Its something – using grids and nets made of fabric with a fine mesh (eg, sieve) – and are caught by experienced pet owners living creatures. To collect small organisms used screen-mesh fabric 68-77, average – 59-62, adult crustaceans – 43-46.

Parenting Education

In this age people are more likely to wonder whether they be parents. Different means of pregnancy planning in this well help. Yet, in those families where a child waiting for and take, there are different questions, and one of them: what we parents? That kid came into this world such a small and unique. All go to him and want poulybatsya, or together with pogulit. But time passes, the kid grows up and begins to show its character, it is impossible something to distract, if he firmly directed to some of its goals: to climb up on the table, throw a beautiful vase. And then bring the first educational moments. And how will these first lessons will be seen how well the parents a set for the baby as mentors and teachers. Someone thinks that the bring up is needed when a little older and become more understanding, but how will undertake is to understand the child, unless he sees this example? Understands Does mom dad when he comes home tired after work, or my father my mother when she sees that you need to take a walk or play with your child to mother a rest from the children's activity.

All the child sees it and says, turns out to cook themselves to the parenting should not when oh, baby is here. And start to educate yourself well for a baby and even the family itself. Teach yourself the understanding of others, patient with respect to the shortcomings of relatives. The school this is not taught, and this skill will require a person throughout his life! And from that, as he himself teaches, it will be seen as acts of his child. Calm child, or demanding, whether sympathetic or other kiddies behave cruel to others. Parenting is more than serious. From these first parent instigations child builds an inner tactics of behavior that is very hard, if something is wrong, alter. So very close watch parents who believe that the most important thing to feed, clothe, shoes. And the rest will teach kindergarten, school, college. The most basic child study at home, and it depends on what it will be worker, family man, a man for life.

Children, Parents and Schools

Children should feel to their parents a disembarasses harbor. Parents in turn, must be present in school only that by actions require the school you avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon. Parents should help to their children and help the school meet the challenge of overcoming bullying. Key-words: bullying, family, prevention, detection, coping Introduction The aggressive behavior between students is a universal problem, manifestation innocently considered by the adults as tricks of the age. Studies carried through in the two last decades had demonstrated that the practical one of the violence between students can have negative consequncias for all the involved children and adolescents. The adoption of projects continued in schools has demonstrated to be one of the measures more effective in the prevention and the reduction of the violence between pupils, however where it is the paper of the parents in the prevention, the detention and the confrontation of the problem before it if aggravates? One understands for bullying all the forms of aggressive, intentional and repeated attitudes, adopted for one or more students against another one (s), causing pain and anguish, and executed inside of a different relation of being able.

Therefore, the acts repeated between pairs (students) and the disequilibrium of being able are the essential characteristics, that become possible the intimidation of the victim (OLWEUS, 1993). Researchers around of the world have directed its studies for this phenomenon that takes aspects each time more preoccupying, as much for its growth, how much for reaching etrias bands, each time lower, relative to the first years of escolaridade (LOPES GRANDSON, 2005). The violent behavior results of the interaction between the individual development and the social contexts, as the family, the school, the church, the media and community. Unhappyly, the model of the exterior world is reproduced in the schools, that if characterize as a great laboratory for the children and young, therefore is where they coexist its pairs, making with that these institutions leave of being surrounding insurances, modulated for it disciplines and cooperation, and if they transform into spaces marked for the violence, suffering and fear.