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Sophocles City

Something is different from what are now the cities facing globalization of the economy. Cities with disproportionate sizes and densities, for beyond human scale, fully penetrated by these unexpected mutants of our time: televisions, computers and other devices that make us believe we interact in a communicative manner in the globalized world like a village. Cities, in short, in which begins to lose the most wonderful good that they are endowed with humans: communication. The problem of the city is not only a political problem is a cultural and philosophical problem as it concerns the meaning of human life. That is the challenge, think the construction of the contemporary city as a mechanism for the construction of the new citizen, the same being who understands that economic democracy is the component of political democracy, in short, a city to search for the purpose of the city is brilliantly summarized by Sophocles: the city is people.

Earthquakes and their aftermath have formed over time, serious facts that affect the population from the socioeconomic point of view. Although natural phenomena because it is impossible to avoid, the knowledge of the physical factors that produce help to prevent risks and their best care, minimizing the loss of lives and economic resources. “The physical vulnerability, especially concerning the location of human settlements in risk areas and differences in their structures to absorb the effects of these risks “(WILCHES: 1989: 21). This thesis has direct relationships and other areas of knowledge and its incidence is expected in matters educational, scientific, theoretical, practical, political, social and economic.

Volunteers Valley Development

Ahead of this perception, some actions directed to the improvement daeducao, culture social, economic and ambient development municpioforam of it carried through, beyond programs of local formation of man power and action deintegrao with the community. In its projects the Valley searchs, by means of iniciativaspioneiras, to develop potentialities of the localities where it acts. For this, it creates partnerships with agencies of the city and the proper community, the end to depromover actions that take care of to the demands of the city. They are eight projects of in progress Valley in Baron of Cocais, amaioria of them directed to the education of all the etrias bands, of young aidosos, that have the objective to reduce the illiteracy, to rescue the citizenship, to guarantee the digital inclusion, to promote social and personal the development. Almdos pupils, also the professionals of education (professors, directors esupervisores) of the public net of the city are taken care of, for half daqualificao and continued formation. Benefit that comes to provide to umaeducao of quality for all the pupils of the municipal net. Beyond the education, also the culture is a strong point dosprojetos and action implemented for the Valley in Baron of Cocais, either for half proper deprojetos or partnerships. Through the Program Culture in Net, umainiciativa of the company with objective to contribute for the social development humanoe, some cultural activities are carried through, taking theater, cinema, artesanato and derivatives, gratuitously, for all the community. In its action, the Valley counts on the Volunteers Valley, umprograma that it searchs to stimulate the culture of the voluntariado one between its employees, fortifying the social dialogue, contributing for the development daslocalidades where it acts and spreading the spirit of coopera

The Laboratory

This work is carried through by the proprietor to take the visitors to the health-resort. The water samples destined to the analysis of pH had been collected separately, in plastic container or of glass. After the collection, the samples had been stored in box thermal with ice and carried immediately to the analysis laboratory. The dates of the samplings and information are synthecized in Table 3. The referring information to rain take in 24-hour consideration the previous period to the collection of the samples. TABLE 3? INFORMATION ON the COLLECTION OF the SAMPLES Sample 1Amostra 2Amostra 3Amostra 4Amostra 5 Data12/0819/0826/0802/0909/09 Hora12: 0011: 0011: 1012: 1511: 35 ChuvIntensAusenteAusenteModeradAusente the Conama Resolution n 274/00, in its article 7, establishes that the techniques used for the analysis of waters must be approved by the National Institute of Metrologia, Normalization and Industrial Quality? INMETRO or, in the absence of these, the Standard Methods will be the Examination of Water and Wastewater-APHA-AWWA-WPCF, last edition (BRAZIL, 2000).

The responsible laboratory for the analyses was the Laboratory of Agro-industrial Quality – LAQUA, situated in the UTFPR? campus of White Duck. For the detention of Coliformes total the technique of the Multiple Pipes was used, whereas the detention of Escherichia coli was proceeded through the Substrado Cromognico. pH was measured with phgmetro. Results and quarrel the natural waters have an acidity source, that is the carbonic gas, which, dissolved in the water, produce acid the carbonic one, that is acid a weak one. The carbonic gas comes from atmospheric air, or the respiratory activity under the water.

The waters also possess an alkalinity source, that are the carbonates, mainly the calcium carbonate. , The more thus limy it will have, greater it will be the water capacity to neutralize the acidity. As it cites White (1972 p.38) a river never will be demasiadamente acid nor alkaline, therefore acid the carbonic one is acid a weak one and the carbonates also are lcalis weak.

The Evasion

This spalling of the reality that the art searchs to breach must, first, to the perception that we have of the world constructed for the language, which breaks up and commands that way to perceive primitive, ' ' sincrtico' ' (or ' ' global' ') which if constituted as primitive form of the human knowledge (DUARTE- JNIOR, 1953, p.74). The idea of the art as source of knowledge also is shared by Morin (2001) and adds despite the art integrates and feeds, in a bilateral process, the imaginary one, the logic and the technique. To this Diaz- respect Rock (2009, P. 6) it comments: An art does not reduce, does not isolate and nor wants to explain, but it has the power of making to feel in them. It considers a trip of unexpected route, where the evasion of what the arrival is more important, as parallel shelters, universes where we can run away from daily problems, mundane, temporary alienations that allow to enrich our sensibilidades. Sensibilidades these that will have paper essential in our way to see and to act in the world, then the importance to work this bias to more just reach a world and beauty. Marim (2009) when studying the meaning of the perception and the expression in the thought of Merleau-Ponty and its implications in the ambient education, calls the attention for the effective cartesian paradigm that divides the world and disdains the sensible manifestations, distanciando the citizen of object, the man of the nature, the body of the soul.

affirms that ' ' the art is the power most effective for destitution of meanings of the lived world operated for the scientific thought (P. 51) ' '. Diverse authors ratify the paper of the art in the complete relation most harmonic and of the men with the world, however they leave well explicit that if cannot reduce our perception solely action in the world to the sensible one, as Freire comments (1981, p.35): The process of orientation of the human beings in the world cannot be understood, on the other hand, of a purely subjetivista point of view; of another one, a mechanist objetivista angle.