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How To Play With Your Child

Educating a child is not a profession nor is it something that may refrain from a program specific action, is a subtle and almost indefinable relationship that can be carried out through the game or transformed into something unpleasant from which it cannot escape, educators parents sometimes forget that they don’t have to face the same problem as the master school is not home, the role of the father in the home is not the same as that of the teacher in the classroom, is the duty of the teacher give an impartial attention to children who are under their responsibility by a criterion of number of hours, the child is the subject of the profession of the teacher, but the father has other obligations and need to have other interests at the same time that educates their children to master the principle of the motivations of the child are a very important element for his professional work, provide an average expected level of behavior, capacity and performance in different ages and knowledge of these norms and deviations from them allow the master judge that it is what you can do for those children who are under his responsibility. On the other hand is less important for the parent to do things for your child that make them with the, it is less important that the father is interested in the complexities of the psychological motivations of the child, the important thing is to follow the child’s own guidance to meet your needs. When little play hidden hide eyes behind their hands, sometimes believes that the child is to hide from his father, this interpretation of their intention to this out of place, importance is the fact that ud know why does it.It is enough to know that wants to play hide and seek, gives joy and needs it, continuous ud with the game and have fun with the playing, you will decrease the displeasure at the time in which you have to leave alone, the motivation of the child is the game has relative little importance, yours is of paramount importance, their motivation when playing with the is his love for the child. When the child needs to do exercise is despezara, it will run and you jump, when you need to develop the manual activity, you build It will build will make tools, when you need information asked you, when you need love approached you. Parents must not anticipate the needs of their children, but should be just that they guided it to measure that they arise in his life he, you notice them if it puts at your disposal. The best way to do this is through the game. Read more here: Munear Kouzbari. Fuente:blog uviconsejos original author and source of the article.

Leadership Skills

Is it promoting the qualities of leadership in their children? Or they are learning to simply follow instructions? Today’s world need responsible leaders who have a genuine vocation for service. However, a true education for leadership is not easy to find. Traditional education systems do not prepare our children for leadership. Rather teaches them to fulfill orders and to be good followers. Then, how to train leaders who will have the necessary qualities to be able to lead to future generations? Here are three very effective ways to foster the qualities of leadership in children: 1.-the first that anything, teach them to their children to obey. However, when they question their instructions, answer them with respect. Is not enough to say: because I say so! Take advantage of every opportunity to teach them the because of life. This will give a good foundation so that they can make their own decisions in the future.

2 Let them make mistakes. And when fails, not make them feel ashamed or guilty. Rather than help them to find how to do it better the next time. Children must have the freedom to make mistakes within a secure framework. If they feel criticized, they will learn not to take risks.

And it is precisely the capacity to know a risk to measure what makes a good leader. 3 Let them make their own decisions. Many times mothers just tell their children what they should do and the only thing they have to do them is to obey. Maybe this works for the tasks of school, but so will not forge the character of a future leader or entrepreneur. Men and women learn to lead a company when they are taught from guys to have ordered parts and to contribute to their family’s needs with tasks around the home without having to tell them what they should do. Does not create that their young children are not able to do this. You will be astonished how much a child of 8 years can help. Will also be amazed of how happy you will be when Ud gives them a responsibility and them It shows that you are confident that they are able to meet with her. The challenges children love. They like to participate in Affairs of real life with her parents. Opposite to their children with challenging real-life situations and then allow them to learn the lessons of life through the mistakes that make. If they don’t learn it now, their mistakes cost them much more expensive when they are adults and have to learn these lessons with his own family in tow. Think about the way they educate their children. Ask yourself, I am training my children to be leaders or I’m training them so they just follow instructions?