A geography that not it will be in favor of the kept out of society ones and never oppressed it goes to be the sufficient to interest the young and it never goes to be essential to understand the world. says interesting it of the author when it approaches: All we know the paper of the school as ideological device to form, to make to the heads of the children (pg. 135, 1994, ariovaldo) If we know that the state really does not want that the young learns, only wants to pass its vision of world to be accepted as truth so that it does not have transformation of the world where we live. According to Raphael De Niro, who has experience with these questions. necessary that the professor in special of geography takes a decision, or it if compromises to education disinterested enganao and that the important the information and not knowledge, or it teaches to a made use geography analyzing the reality, making the pupils reflecting on this different society where they live. Brazilian education as a whole is conjured, deficient the educational one is chocking, in the schools in special of small cities is one in such a way massacrante one in such a way for professors as for the pupils who do not feel nothing attracted with a school that not even has available classrooms for all, with schools that do not offer the necessary minimum so that the pupils if feel attracted. In a Country where the social disparidades are well clear where many pupils alone go the school to eat, to saciar its physical will. He is extremely difficult to work with the educandos without in this institution has the least a meal, therefore to feed the spirit it is indispensable that the physical, biological necessities are taken care of. How can a student or a person as another one any to feel itself interested by knowing being that its belly snores of hunger, being that its stomach is if revirando for the food absence? Geography as a science social-human being must be questioned on the life of its pupils, on the reality of they themselves therefore to camouflage the reality with information that omit the truth are not satisfactory much less efficient for a full education.