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In this direction, it is not only the relation of the pupils with the knowledge that if of the one in inadequate way, but also the relation professional them of the school with these materials, would have to involve the pupils with the education directly influencing in the behavior and social interaction of these young. The professor/conscientious historian, brought up to date, knows in the same way that, each one of us if relates with the other as ensinante, obtains exactly as aprendente and with the knowledge as one third in a singular way, that the educative potential of the last events is surprising. Analyzing with care musics, photos, among others we will find something that if repeat and something that dumb throughout all its life in the different areas. This mold of learning or project to operate that it goes being used in the different situations of learning must and can be improved with other sources of research, as that one that sharpens the creativity when seeing a photo or makes the pupil to think what it was transferred when a music of the military period was made. The learning modality indicates a particular way to become related, to look and to construct knowledge on the part of the citizen as author of its thought and this has, can and must be perfected.

However, other forms to know the past it must be of use I continue in the pedagogical actions, where the daily one passed as instrument of sensitization of the look and, therefore, of production to know descriptions can and must be used. I also intend, under the axle of the relations between images and memory, to reflect on logics of belonging and processes of construction of identities in the clipping of general history, in the case of the archives, guardies of documents that not only express rights to History, but also to the Citizenship, these equipment must deserve a special attention, not only for its importance, but for the magnitude of the challenges that face.4. BibliogrficasTexto references: BITTENCOURT, Circe Fernandes Maria. Documents not written in classroom. In: Education of History: beddings and methods. Cortez Publishing company, 2004 p.353-382.

Makeup Hair Salon

Make-up artists apply make-up and style hair artists and presenters. They can work in film, television, theatre, in ads, pop promotions, productions companies, make-up, hairdressing, fashion shows and live performances and photo shoots. The type of makeup used depends on the production. It can vary from a natural contemporary look for a TV presenter, styles of term for historical dramas, sinister make-up (of blood and bruises), or the application of small prosthesis. Depending on the production, the makeup in the artist’s work may include: * selection and purchase of supplies of * research and design * doing corrective makeup and hair cleaning for presenters and interviewed * the application of makeup actors * hairpieces mounting, bald caps and prosthesis * notes maintenance and care taking photographs to ensure continuity.

The hours are long and irregular and include evenings, magazines or commercials. Although it is not essential, most makeup artists have carried out the training. There are a wide variety of relevant courses at various levels in the hairdressing, make-up and beauty. Practical experience is essential, possibly acquired through work in the beauty or hairdressing. Makeup artists often train on the job, learning from their more experienced colleagues.

They must keep abreast with new techniques and materials in his entire professional career. Short courses are available in private make-up academies and also through trade organizations, such as hairdressing and beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) and the National Association of display make-up artists and hairdressers (NASMAH). The progression of the makeup artists depends on the establishment of a reputation and offers the opportunity to move to greater visibility productions. Skills and experience that may progress to make-up artist or make-up Design Manager, or to specialize in certain techniques or effects. Some makeup artists are going to teach or create their own academies. Close author: makeup Peluqueria Tuimagenpersonal offers extensive valuable suggestions about being a professional makeup artist. In addition to the hairdresser is also guide and suggest what type of products or articles to your hairdressing make-up. We make sure that not only look beautiful, but also healthy. Viewing, revising, and find the perfect style for you. The list includes makeup, courses, hairdressing makeup, mineral makeup, tips, tricks and more visits:.

Raiza Ramirez

Gestalt is knowing that we are more than mind and body, we are a complete human being. It is to recognize us in each of our senses, of our bodies. Know that it is not that we have a heart, but that we are also this heart that beats in our chest. It is knowing that lots of information is hosting in our physical body and that our body, which is also ours, tells us every moment. Gestalt is be consistent with one. It is stay in touch with our feelings and act in line with them. If we are sad we express our sadness; without feel anger assume it and not evade it.

It is to know that there is no good or bad aspects and both what we accept one, as those aspects which we reject, are ours, belong to us and have something to bring to our lives. Gestalt is cut with crystallized attitudes and responses. Break with usual answers that tend to generate the same situations. Let us place labels before the I am this or that, knowing that I can be this and also that; and that the selection will be made according to the moment that we live, the circumstances and feeling and sentiment of the instant. It is to ask ourselves how we can do different this time and take a chance to do so.

Gestalt is know us a person in growth, know us a why not incomplete and unfinished. Gestalt is learning something from one every day and at the same time learn from others, not forgetting me one. For therapy, Gestalt does not exist nothing more than the now. Our life, as human beings, is centered at the present time, in the second we are living, because we cannot change the past and we do not know yet how the future will be. If we are a person who lives in the past, probably occupy our thoughts with memories of what we consider were better times. Maybe our mind goes to some bad memories that still disturbs us. We discover, look, how much time spend talking about the past, how much energy we deliver to these moments that already passed and that you can not edit. If we live in the future, probably spend the day making plans of what we are going to do projects that we are going to begin. Possibly let us dream with our life of tomorrow or we wrote these fantastic mental scripts that will help us to get the perfect job, the perfect man, the perfect woman or life that both hope. Meanwhile, what happens with the present? If we live in the past, the future or a mixture of both, what is happening with the now? Perhaps, having our mind and our heart in another place, we are wasting details, signals, events that Yes are happening now. Living in the present means being in the here and the now, knowing that this is the only time that we have and the only one that really we can modify. Now is when we mobilize ourselves and do what we want to achieve our goals. Now is when we can call that friend that we both Miss to tell him that we value it. Now is when we can look around and enjoy a sunset with all our senses. Now is when we can, if we choose, not worrying about the past or fret us for the future, but deal with the present. (Raiza Ramirez) Original author and source of the article.

Academic Productions

SUBJECT: The school can be everything in our life, but for this it needs is alicerada in the familiar education. JUSTIFICATION: This portflio contains my academic productions. The same it will serve of continuous support for the accomplishment of all my activities. Considering that in this portflio also this contained my history of life, and that through it proceeds to the academic works. I intend to develop projects to improve my work in classroom, and this portflio until the end of the course will give subsidizes for the procedures of the activities related to the education. The registers displayed here will also serve for the readers who interest to contribute in the process education learning, the construction of the citizenship and auto-to reflect itself while citizen who occupies this universe.

MEMORIAL My name is Agnaldo Fernandes Da Silva, lives in the City of Medicilndia in km 116 Band of BR 230, Altamira stretch the Itaituba-Par. Currently I am rofessor of the field, and minister you discipline in the areas of sciences agrarian (agriculture, zootecnia and practise of field). Work with bigger basic education of 5 8 series in the polar regions called to modulate agricultural SIMEF. (Modular System of Basic Education. I worked with groups multisseriado in the basic education of 1 4 series during seven years and had a great experience in working four series together. I cannot say that the experiences had been good; because the deficiency was great always was to desire the education, in it very worried which me for not reaching the desired objectives. I passed three years in classroom with only basic education; in 1998 I started to make average education teaching in a called project ' ' Gavio&#039 project; ' specific for professors who were acting in classroom. In 2001 I concluded the teaching where 4 opened horizontes better to develop the methodology of education of 1 series.

The Laboratory

This work is carried through by the proprietor to take the visitors to the health-resort. The water samples destined to the analysis of pH had been collected separately, in plastic container or of glass. After the collection, the samples had been stored in box thermal with ice and carried immediately to the analysis laboratory. The dates of the samplings and information are synthecized in Table 3. The referring information to rain take in 24-hour consideration the previous period to the collection of the samples. TABLE 3? INFORMATION ON the COLLECTION OF the SAMPLES Sample 1Amostra 2Amostra 3Amostra 4Amostra 5 Data12/0819/0826/0802/0909/09 Hora12: 0011: 0011: 1012: 1511: 35 ChuvIntensAusenteAusenteModeradAusente the Conama Resolution n 274/00, in its article 7, establishes that the techniques used for the analysis of waters must be approved by the National Institute of Metrologia, Normalization and Industrial Quality? INMETRO or, in the absence of these, the Standard Methods will be the Examination of Water and Wastewater-APHA-AWWA-WPCF, last edition (BRAZIL, 2000).

The responsible laboratory for the analyses was the Laboratory of Agro-industrial Quality – LAQUA, situated in the UTFPR? campus of White Duck. For the detention of Coliformes total the technique of the Multiple Pipes was used, whereas the detention of Escherichia coli was proceeded through the Substrado Cromognico. pH was measured with phgmetro. Results and quarrel the natural waters have an acidity source, that is the carbonic gas, which, dissolved in the water, produce acid the carbonic one, that is acid a weak one. The carbonic gas comes from atmospheric air, or the respiratory activity under the water.

The waters also possess an alkalinity source, that are the carbonates, mainly the calcium carbonate. , The more thus limy it will have, greater it will be the water capacity to neutralize the acidity. As it cites White (1972 p.38) a river never will be demasiadamente acid nor alkaline, therefore acid the carbonic one is acid a weak one and the carbonates also are lcalis weak.