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Environment and Education

The environment will change depending on the age of the children, but there are a few general lines: 1. maintain a basic order in things but also introduce changes in the environment. It is important that the child knows where to find materials (paints, leaves, etc.), toys, books, costumes, etc. but we must also incorporate new proposals and discard some. 2. Create environments where children can remain children.

For the little ones (and probably for all ages) leave they become dirty, they can put hands and feet in all sorts of situations, that can move, touch and experience without accountability to any objective scholar. Especially when they are small, should never missing a drawer of sand and water in order to experience. 3 Offer unstructured materials. Natural elements (seeds, leaves, sand, shells,) and everyday objects (caps, plates, empty bottles, eggcups and all kinds of recycled materials). Everything has to be well classified and sorted. I You sorprendereis what you can do with simple objects. 4 Enable game corners. Symbolic game (cooking, cleaning, dolls, shop, blocks construction, theater, costumes, carpentry, etc.).

As the children grow up other corners are generated: legos, dolls articulated type Playmobil, music, board games, workshop, I know, they will flood the House, but it is worth. 5 Try to take care that there is calm, without much excitation and auspicious times for individual activities. You have spaces of time without an uproar game, television or interruptions, favors the concentration. 6 Have cultural elements arranged on shelves for easy access to children. We will have games, musical instruments, elements for literacy (alphabet mobile, sandpaper letters), and mathematics (Association, Seriation, abacos, strips, geometric shapes, scales) and reference books. It is very useful to have a magazine rack with books and magazines that we are changing periodically. 7 Have a wide table tailored to children. It must be stocked with everything you need for the spontaneous creation: with sheets of paper, pencils of colors, paints, etc. 8. Book a relaxing area. It can be the sofa of the living room or bed or a corner with cushions but a place to tell a story or take a suenecito is important. 9 Have an outdoor area. If we have outer space we can have material for motor activity or game houses and even with garden area and animal farm. You can serve a terrace, patio or walks in the mountains and the beach. 10 Offer group activities organized by adults: outputs to different parties or visits from outside that enrich our lives. Interior spaces must be filled with life. Every experience of the child is a starting point for new learning. We can put a whole range of possibilities available to our children so that they can develop their full potential.

New International Version

Once in the worldliness, when they checked the harmful consequences which unleashes deviate from God, they ask: does there is hope for my?. That question over and over again I have received it in my mail system and in all cases the response has been: Yes, and definitely Yes. How? Using four simple steps that I describe below: 1.-it is essential to recognize error someone that attending a Christian Congregation decided to enter a Dance Academy, defended his decision by saying that the Bible did not find the first verse that condemning learn a few steps of some rhythms. The question that followed his affirmation, is just natural: if already not you interested in worldly dancing, why then would you learn it?. And again his defense: by exercising. The same happens with whom is in sin and doesn’t want to admit what is wrong. It will hardly change.

However who errs and recognizes that he displeases God, reaches mercy. Although there are myriad of verses to sustain this approach, I invite you to accompany me to read Chapter 10 of the book of Ezra. As you will recall, had already returned a number of Jews from deportation of Babylon. But when they set out to seek God, Ezra discovered that many were married to foreign women, of pagan peoples, which the Lord had specifically rejected. While Ezra was praying and made this confession crying and bowing down in front of the Temple of God, to his around a Grand Assembly of men, women and children of the people of Israel met. All the crowd wept bitterly. Then one of the offspring of Elam, which was called Shecaniah son of Jehiel, turned to Ezra and told him: we have been unfaithful to our God, because we take by wives to women of the neighbouring peoples; but there is still hope for Israel.(Ezra 10: 1, 2.) New International Version) Please note that the first and biggest step to bring us accounts with God, is to recognize that we failed.

PPT Conference

USB sticks are the showcase ideal for promoting your company and the perfect gift for clients and employees. With the recording or silkscreen printing of your logo, phone and web page, you will see how to increase the number of contacts at your company. Flashbay has pen drives with capacities up to 8 GB which allow you to make tailor-made data preload. The Flashbay USB memories allow to have important documents at hand, and its use as a gift, is booming. Any document can be susceptible to be preloaded on the USB sticks from slides power point to video games.

To prevent that your promotional gift is ruined, you need to carefully plan the data that you want to preload. Data that is precarguen on the USB key can cause much impact and enable your brand to be remembered for a long time. These are some examples of preloaded material: 1. video Spots files. 2. Images of their new products and/or brochures.

3 PDF any type of presentations. 4. Link to your website Simple, but direct. Le It allows you to update the content of your web page, every time that you run when you insert the drive in the PC. 5 PPT Conference documentation. The pen drives in have become a totally indispensable tool for Conference speakers and attendees. To pre-load data can be protected, but not advise them this option since if their customers can not delete content you might not want them staying with the USB memory. Importantly, offer their customers a promotional gift who want to keep it and to make them remember your company. Original author and source of the article.