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Listing Effective Real Estate

Title: Use the title to attract attention, use the announcement to arouse curiosity. Remember that the title of the listing is indexed by search engines. It should be descriptive. Use for your title text that a client would enter in a search (Google, Yahoo, etc.) engine – do not use all caps because they are very informal. -Include in the title two or three characteristics or most important keywords that describe what Announces.

This is important so that when users use a search engine on the Internet you find your ad easily. -Make sure that your sale or rental Department. look unique and different from all available. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Albert Einstein College of Medicine . -If you can offer some kind of incentive: A discount, a gift, etc. For example House for sale Cumbaya includes line white – put all his power of persuasion in the title: A good title can multiply by ten the number of people who read it. EJ. good title lovely 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the sea. EJ.

bad title Quito Department this was the title of a notice of sale a Department, it is very general and not get the reaction you are looking for. He wants that they are interested and contact you. Description: Here we must say to the person who reads the announcement benefits that has our Department in as much detail as possible, taking into account the space that we have available is quite limited. Explain why your Department is different or better compared with others of the same class. Focus more on the benefits that the user gets that in the characteristics of the product. Speak directly to the person who is reading the announcement. Instead of saying ideal for people who like to enjoy the field say if you like the field, this is ideal for you to use words that imply action (eg. Now, awesome, amazing, sexy, confidential, etc.) Photos: Include photos in your ad.