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Leonard Lodish

In future, the consumer is going to learn that it is important to include/understand the value of the goods and services, she says, and mentions like example of that new attitude the company/signature shoes. Five years ago, the mark shoes could be sold to 300 and until a 500 dollars. Before the economic crisis, the consumer enamored with the shoes – impelled by the easy credit and a sensation of wealth just open pie coming from the revaluation of the stock market and real estate it got to pay 800 and up to 1,200 dollars by a pair of shoes. Of course, that when occurring this crisis and to see itself affected the income, the consumers must rationalize plus the purchase, to give preference him to articles, products that really need. There will be more control in the expenses and it will be bought what is necessary.

When failing the banks with their credit policies and the facilismo that contributed for the impulsive consumers through the credit cards, many companies will see that their products will not have the demand like before and it given a that the consumer has felt really the negative effect in his purchases consequence of the present crisis. All this of course, has taken step to a new style of purchase, to a new behavior of the consumer where its purchase will be very rational, than more impulsive and where many companies, will have to look for the strategies of markets that they guarantee the purchases of his products. Others who may share this opinion include Nir Barzilai, M.D.. Of there, that is not strange to us that it says, that is another attitude towards the purchase, the consumer wants to pay only by things that need, or products of really extraordinary value. ” We return to one more a simpler time, nevertheless the pendulum is going to stop in some intermediary point of the route. We are a country that, throughout history, always has bought more than it needed. We are going to return to a point in which we will buy again more than we are buying ahora”.

In relation to the times precrisis ” from abusive expenses, that time no longer will return, at least not at the moment “. Finally, it indicates Universia to us Knowledge Wharton, that perhaps for Leonard Lodish, professor of Marketing of Wharton, the Americans have fame to appreciate much the material things, but its desire of consumption no longer is characteristic of them in comparison with any other human being. The French, say, coined the term ” prestigio” , whereas the Japaneses, and now the Chinese, show explosive levels of postindustrial consumption. They are not the marketing professionals, says Lodish, those that drive the trigger of the consumption. They simply react to a desire that comes from within the people. ” It is very difficult to create an innate necessity. That is consequence of interaction between society, values and norms of culture Concretely, will have new changes in purchase of consumers, will have but dominion of his emotions, mainly when they know that their income have been affected, and do not count already on the support of the banks in form so abiertas as before these they collaborated with his credits.

Quality Schools

The majority of the schools of nowadays offers a exelente education and the students come out preparations well to face the society, but there are other schools that many are denominated as exelente but they do not fulfill and so really it is needed to be exelente, since to only they dedicate to time to his emphasis leaving of a side the other areas him, and the other areas also are fundamental. The exelencia must start off from offering to comfort to the clients that is to say, the STUDENTS, and you see it fulfill all the requirements to be exelente as they are standard curricular the determined profits each course and to have the suitable pofesores for each matter that good deal with the students has, whom the matter dominates, that at the same time demands but without sobrerecharging to the estudante. So that the students feel agusto in the school is due to consider like first measurement the class schedule since in a very early schedule of class the students do not tendran the time sufficient to sleep that it is fundamental in for academic yield, when reducing the schedule also disminuiran the students who arrive behind schedule at the school and also it is of evil taste to let entar to the students to the school but not let them enter class so that they arrived behind schedule, if one is not going away to let to him enter class deberia not to let itself to him enter the clear school that with a schedule moderate not habria estudientes who arrived behind schedule. The scholastic structure also must optimum and be organized that is to say, the offices of a side, the halls pre-school the other and primary in another sector and secondary in another one so that mantega the order and serious mucgo more good if the uniforms of pre-school, primary and secondary were different with the style that it identifies to the school but that it distinguishes a level of the other. Also the school must have the complete halls, the pertinent cafeteria with tables, patio for each level and halls like acts, audio-visual, computer, social, mathematical, laboratories for each scientific matter, room of professors among others, serious ideal that each level had its respective hall acts, laboratories, patio, room of professors, and that each level has its professors. Everything must be duficiente in the school that is to say, sufficient space, sufficient halls, sufficient writing desks, sufficient professors, sufficient personnel of work, that he is amiable and patient, and that if there is cleanliness personnel that does not put the students to him to realise the cleanliness and if the students nesecitan to know that implements a cleanliness class but cleanliness outside a class and if is not for want of brings back to consciousness that it is called to the family father and the corrective one is applied adapting. All the papers of the institcin must be in perfect order and the school must always look for to improve the quality of its education and prepares the students well so that they are good people at some future date and they serve the society to him. Original author and source of the article..

Good One

According to the dominant ideology, everybody wants to live better and to enjoy one better quality of life. Of general way it associates this quality of life to Producto Interior Bruto (PIB) of each country. The GIP represents all the material wealth that a country produces. Then, in agreement with this criterion, the countries better located are the United States, followed of Japan, Germany, Sweden and others. The GIP is a measurement invented by Capitalism to stimulate the increasing production of goods expendable materials. In the last years, in view of the growth of the poverty and the favelizada urbanization of the world and until by a decency sense, the UN introduced the Index of Desarrollo Humano (IDH). In him intangible values like health are included, education, social equality, taken care of of the nature, fairness of sort and others. has enriched the sense of quality of life, that was understood of very materialistic form: it enjoys a good quality of life better that consumes more and.

In front of all the countries it is Butn, box-like between China and India, on the feet of the Himalayas, very poor materially, but that established officially Index of Gross Internal Happiness. This one is not moderate by quantitative, but qualitative criteria, like good government of the authorities, equitable distribution of the surpluses of the agriculture of subsistence, the vegetal extraction and the sale of energy to India, good health and education and, especially, good level of cooperation of all to guarantee social La Paz. In the indigenous traditions of Abya Yala, name for the indoamericano continent, instead of to better live is spoken on the good one for living. This category entered the constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador like the social objective being persecuted by the State and all the society. to live better supposes a ethics of the limitless progress it urges and us a competition with the other to create more and more conditions for for living better.

Key Decisions

The capacity to make decisions is one of the characteristic keys of a success person. Nevertheless, there are many people who have enormous difficulties at the time of having to make decisions. They arrive at the point to prefer that others make their decisions by them or who the life takes its course and " what will be, ser." The problem with this one passive attitude is that their lives will be at the mercy of the criterion of other people and the circumstances surround that them. However, to be a successful person it must learn to have a proactive attitude and to know how to measure the own risks of each decision. We do not have to ignore the importance of knowing how to make decisions in the life, because the elections that we do will find the course that is going to have our life. How we can help our children to make correct decisions? It is simple. We must stop taking them by them, as long as that is possible according to their age and its maturity. We must allow them to be mistaken within a pre-established safety limit.

The worse thing than we can do as parents are to sobreprotect them and to do everything by them so that no they suffer. Lamentably the errors and the own experience are the best teachers and we must help them to learn of them. Here there are three aspects keys that would have to teach to their children to help them to make correct decisions in the life: 1. – Each decision that we took has a consequence that we must assume, good or bad. It soon explains to his children the possible djelos consequences to them that their decisions will have and to make his decisions. Along with this it does not reproach them by his errors.