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Physical Education

According to PCNs (1997), the fights and the gymnasticses the same belong to the block of contents of the sports and games, but this description has for objective to add what it must be salient as specific of these practical, having as description-social aspects of the fights. So that educating has a complete and adjusted development, it is necessary that it is stimulated during the pertaining to school life so that can know and improve its abilities and capacities as a whole. For in such a way, it must have the chance to live deeply practical corporal as: sports, games, fights and gymnasticses; rhythmic and expressive activities; knowledge on the body. (BRAZIL, 1998) the professor of Physical Education according to CONFEF (1998) is one of the competent professionals to develop pedagogical systems and this must favor to the pupils the content of the fights in the school, therefore the subject fights is part of the block of contents of the national curricular parameters, not only as theoretical content, but I practise and this must be seen as a form to rescue those that in the majority are with socialization problems. Still in its statute article 9 affirms that ' ' The Professional of Physical Education is specialist in physical activities, in its diverse manifestations – physical gymnasticses, exercises, martial sports, games, fights, capoeira, arts, 21 rhythmic, expressive and acrobatic dances, activities, musculao, leisure, recreation, whitewashing, ergonomics, corporal relaxation, ioga, compensatory exercises to the labor activity and of daily ' ' (CONFEF, 2008) As Alda (2010) different of offers of the media where it offers practises them of sport of fights or physical activity, competition, through the marketing (propagandas, magazines, news articles, films, videos games), that is, translates that in it everything and possible, the author still quotation Reads Boulch (1987) affirms that ahead of the law of the search and of offers of activities the objective human being more something, therefore: The corporal exercises (physical and esportiva education) and the awakening activities aim at, essentially, throughout the primary escolaridade, to assure the harmonious development of the corporal, affective, intellectual components of the personality of the child objectifying the conquest of a relative autonomy and of the reflected apprehension of the world that the fence (Reads Boulch, 1987) With this the phenomenon fights appears in the school and in agreement Nascimento and Almeida (2007), this happens for the openings praised for this institution third to carry through, in its space, workshops, volunteers or not, disentailed of it disciplines of Physical Education and the Project Pedagogical Politician – PPP of the School.