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Service Psychologist

We can say – "use the service position for personal gain, "Why do they both got rid of in this way? It turns out – from the anxiety associated with uncertainty, fear. The client is not ready to tell more a psychologist, as feared to be more open, and hence more vulnerable to the expected assessing gaze of the psychologist. Psychologists, apprehensive to be incompetent in the eyes of the customer, and therefore vulnerable to its perceived criticism, seeks to quickly prove their competence (this is especially true for novice consultants). Returning to the question of the client. The client wants to get something from a psychologist, something that would reduce his anxiety associated with self-disclosure, which reached a limit. Before you decide to go further, beyond the previously prepared and thought out story, he needs to make sure that it can understand.

If the psychologist would express understanding of the customer concerns and pain that forced him to seek immediate advice or tips, then share it with the client to state at this point and will help him cope with these feelings, and the client was relieved to be able to see that his condition understand his anxiety will drop and he decides to speak further. This means that the first client to test the competence of the psychologist was – the client believed him. This is the initial stage of consultation assistance psychologist – to help clients cope with emotions, preventing him to speak more openly about themselves. It happens that the customer sees with gratitude that he first talks to the man who listens to him so closely and trying to understand, not trying to solve it for his problem. Difficult to tell the client, feel and think about my situation. Psychologist is also difficult to keep yourself in a state of ignorance and helplessness, and there is always a temptation rely on familiar and familiar (to start asking questions, such as to make it clearer), but will it benefit the client? Therefore, one of the main qualities of talking about professional development counselor – is ability to maintain a state of uncertainty and not – knowledge.