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Resistance To Change Stubbornness Barriers

The past has fled, what you expect is absent, but the present is yours. While we remain alive in this physical dimension subject to changes, to which this generates, within his reach, impact and we need to know are we face that us favors for our personal growth, labor. Hence, the importance of being open to changes, have a self-awareness of one’s own and especially to evaluate the benefits, to reach that it generates to know how to interpret the changes and how to act before this. In the particular case that concerns us. as it is the labour, especially all those who are involved in a business, must be open to changes, should the management, the true leader that really has been identified with its human resources know motivate, guide to its pro staff interpret the positive impact, reach that generates identify what change demand. You must provide all necessary aid, stimuli so that they do not fear the changes, highlight their benevolence. Very interesting what the Mental education school brings to the respect when indicated, that the human mind is lazy. Is self-perpetuating if same, is taken his mind and with a high propensity to the self-delusion.

In a sense, we create the world and locked us in him. We engaged in an endless internal dialogue where external reality has not always input. Buddha said that the mind is like a hungry Chimp in a jungle full of conditioned reflexes. Your mind, like mine, is hyperactive, restless, shrewd, contradictory. The mind is not a friendly, predictable and easily controllable information processing system, as it is the case with many computers; our psychological apparatus has intentionality, reason, emotion and expectations of all kinds. The mind is egocentric, seeks to survive at any cost, even if the price is staying in the most absurd irrationality. Us adds that the majority of people show a high resistance to change.