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Financial management: perfects all financial activities, including general ledger, creation and maintenance of accounts, the entries in the journal, foreign currency adjustments and budget. Commercial: Creates easily offers price, entering orders, creating deliverables, updating inventory levels and managing all invoices and items of debtors. Shopping cart: Manages all activities with suppliers, including contracts, orders, updates numbers of stock in warehouse, imported items, management of fertilizers and credits as well as payments. Business partners: organizes and monitors effectively all the information about its customers, distributors and suppliers, including profiles, summaries of contacts, account balances and analysis of sales forecast. Banking: effortlessly manages all processes financial, as entries box, creating checks, deposits, payments in advance, payment with credit card and bank reconciliation. Warehouse management: manage inventory levels, items, price lists, agreements of special pricing, transfers between warehouses and stock transactions.

Final assembly: defines precisely the materials lists, created work orders and verifying or doing reports on the availability of products and materials. Controlling: Identify profit centers and absorption of overhead factors and generates reports of gains and losses by each centre. Report management: create powerful reports for virtually any aspect of your company, including debts of clients and suppliers, sales, cash flow, summaries of contacts with clients, accounting, stock of warehouse, balances, prices, customers, etc. bibliography books and articles Lowe Janet activities. (2006); Bill Gates talks about opinions and ideas.

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