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The evolution and progress of society have made the agriculture, livestock, fishing are no longer the center of the economy. In societies industrially advanced the proportion of wealth that is derived from the primary sector is minimal. Well, now is the essential factor in all societies. We cannot stay without computers, without automobiles, without appliances, no TVs, no journals of the heart, no airports. We will lose comforts but we will continue to survive. If there is no food we die with all the luxuries, with the perfect operation of the bag.

We would have all the comforts and luxuries of the world, but discharge. Modifications that have suffered from agriculture and animal production makes us rethink the foundations of capitalism, from which are derived the current measures Liberals in some cases and protectionist, in others, within a market economy. The transformations of the rural world come from scientific knowledge and its applications techniques. The political and economic measures are always left behind in this regard. Take the initiative in this field, to balance the material basis of production with the institutional measures, will make that you impact on the rest of society. The peasant world has gone from being the majority to become a minority population and increasingly in higher recoil. Which has happened since the industrial revolution, especially during the last century.

In the last thirty years it has intensified further. It has meant a drastic change in the history of mankind. The classical analysis of the economy had as a priority the need to supply food for the population. The problem was the production. The changes have been such that what worries today is distribute what is produced in large quantities and avoid overproduction. The productivity becomes problem and at a cost, not scarcity, but due to excess. Manage this so that society can feel more liberated without poverty or needs, because there is a real basis for the lack of means for survival, as if it was yesteryear.