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In the conception of Gramsci the education must take the people of the common sense to the good-sense. The good-sense is the capacity of agreement of the reality, of the knowledge of the requirements of the action in such way that acting of the man in such a way in the individual scope, how much collective, either clarified for philosophical conscience, that is, this maximum of explanation of the directions that guide practical ours, so that it is not one practical mechanics, instinctive or one practical total conditional one as it occurs, for example, of the too much beings livings creature. Its to act is not lead by intellectually elaborated significaes. In accordance with MORIN, 2004.p.47 As the objective of the education said Durkheim magnificently is not to transmit always more numerous knowledge to the pupil, but ' ' to create in it an interior and deep state a species of spirit polarity that has guided in a direction defined, not during infancy, but for all via' '. The education fits to cultivate common-sense, the philosophical conscience and consequentemente the exercise of the critical reflection. When it is looked at to the education, in general way, as formative process, is always this idea, that is of tradition of the philosophy occidental person. It is when the individual I left the daily pay-conscience for conscience in the case of the expression of the common sense for the philosophical conscience, that is the formative paper of the intellectual development of all human being. The questioning, that is, the investigation, however, is that the common sense does not obtain to see pra that the philosophy serves. No longer necessary good-sense of the philosophical investigations has intention to sharpen the desire of correction search and accumulates to know: this is not science and yes philosophical questions. The formative process as if of the one in the school that is the ideology and eventually an ideology that if opposes to another one, that is what it is asked for of the school.

Tuning In To Happiness

People tend to trust their feelings. All that can not be touched or seen being questioned and requires evidence. For example, mathematics and its derivatives have been difficult to understand most people in antiquity equated with magic, magic. This went on for some time, until a complex mathematical formula began to bear fruit, suitable for use. Mathematics has become a tool in the hands of man. Remember how you childhood taught the basics of mathematics. Own figures were mystical flourishes that with apples, diggers and trains got you a physical content. You believed took math, algebra, geometry.

In our daily life (for most of us) on this and ended acquaintance with the mystery of numbers, but there are people who with the help of these magical zakoryuchek, all familiar from childhood, can work wonders, build a future for us and our descendants. Happiness need to tune in, as each of us bathed in the glow of his childhood in absolute happiness, and therefore faith, the recognition of happiness resides in each person. On the principle of conservation of good memories built work catalysts of Happiness. Happiness catalysts run at full capacity of your joy and fond memories. How to raise your spirits favorite song.

Tune in, turn your attention to happiness, it is necessary to the appearance of happiness shine in your life. Try to read the text in the book, not focusing his gaze and attention on it. For this approach the window with a book in your hands (magazines, newspapers), apply in expanded form to the glass (the text to itself).

Chile Students

Our quandary if imposes: or of the chaos we make to shine new routes creating cosmo, or dive in the hell, of which already we are in the door. the first ones to wave for ‘ ‘ star danante’ ‘ desirous of being born, they can be the students, or other workers who take serious its syndical organization or of category. Let us notice that recently, in Chile, students had mobilized the opinions, in Rondnia, had been more than two months of strike, in the federal university of Rondnia and several other examples could be mentioned the students had called the attention for the installed chaos. But the owners of the hell teimam in not allowing that the rejuvenecedora light of ‘ ‘ star danante’ ‘ if it propagates. However the estudantil movement assassinated in tenebrous times of dictatorship starts to renascer, done Fenix; still half capenga, but socode leached ashes It is for that it serves the philosophy. It does not stop feeding the ranos of the repetitions in repetitive, laudatrios texts to the great icons of the thought, but to place the daily one in discuso.

It does not stop if closing in the academy, speaking to the walls, in a dialogue of deaf people, but if for in the streets by the way as in the times of its origins considering the doubt, or placing in xeque the establecido power. But it is good for not forgetting that this has a price: those that they desire to keep its privileges sucking the blood of the new things, is the same one that they desire to hinder that the new man retese the ropes of its arc; in the same way that they had killed Socrates tantam to disqualify everything that is new, as the new faces of the estudantil movement and to desestabilizar the union of organized workers as they would have to be the professors. The fact is that as much the chaos, nietzscheano, as critical, the marxist one, they have one same intention: to make to sprout the new with the explosion of ranozo. Exactly that the newness is frightful for that they had installed the chaos. In these heights it is not excessively to remember that it only has fear of the newness who has privilgios to lose!