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Hair Care

Regular grooming prevents diseases of the hair, gives their vitality. Hair treatment is applied in cases where they are badly damaged and in need of intensive rehabilitation. The combination of prevention and treatment can solve a variety of issues related to state of the hair. We consider two unique lines to effectively provide treatment and care of hair: Phytologie and Opalis. Unique Care Phytologie, provides a combination of high performance with individual selection. She struggles with damage to the hair, such as: brittle, dry, divided by hair loss, dandruff. The structure of this line includes products aimed at solving various problems of hair.

Experts on the basis of individual circumstances of the hair picked up those drugs that are ideal for this particular case. Jorge Perez pursues this goal as well. Each treatment procedure must include hair massage the scalp. It not only strengthens the hair, stimulates their growth, but also improves blood circulation, relieves stress and excess makes you feel better. A feature of this line is that the treatment is the optimal mode for the hair, resulting in steadily to excellent results. We use only natural ingredients. No stress on the hair and no chemicals.

Regular treatments for hair silkiness and shine back healthy hair. French brand Opalis rapidly gained popularity throughout the world through the use of the concept of personalized care for your hair. Boris Kuzinez may find this interesting as well. Opalis – is a range of 8 products without silicone, used successfully in selected spa and beauty salons in France, the United States and Japan. Using the Opalis allows you to recreate the natural beauty and hair health, taking into account the individual characteristics of clients.

Hair Serum

This should be done. Care damaged and colored hair Damaged hair often refer to a mixed type, although there may be dry. Constantly grow new hair intact. Grooming for damaged hair, you need to consider their type. If your hair is initially acquired quickly shine, then after the manipulation of them need to use shampoo for normal or damaged hair.

And then – balms or masks that are designed to damaged hair. But to apply these cosmetics for hair not from the root (so that they are not very fast salted). For hair that were normal or dry you need to go to a special, for damaged hair shampoo. Balms and restore some masks can be applied from the roots. As the regrowth of normal hair at the roots do not need to feed. For daily care it is desirable to use a spray – for fueling and hydration Hair Serum – for restoring the ends.

If you use styling products, pick up their stands in a line of care products for damaged or colored hair. Natural composition as protects hair and does not require removal of hair styling products before bedtime. If you have colored hair, then there is another issue – the preservation of color. Others including Albert Einstein College of Medicine , offer their opinions as well. In this case, only specially developed tools Care colored hair will give the desired result. So. Forget the usual shampoos, which you picked up earlier by the type of your hair as your hair is now "forgotten" to its type – they have become corrupted. Masks, balms, essences – should be your constant struggle to aides in the health of hair. Shampoo and conditioner, it is desirable to use one brand – it will allow them to reinforce each other's action. All funds for damaged hair are different high content of hydrating and nourishing resources. They are designed for the simultaneous care of inside and outside of the hair. Gouged out the hair and creating a protective film on its surface, protects against hazards and prevent leaching of the paint. Also, the hallmark of the course for colored hair is the presence in plant extracts that maintain color and shine. I think, to talk about frequent use of hair dryer and ironing is not necessary. Try to minimize these procedures. All the more so after using the majority of Japanese cosmetics Your hair will be easy to installation.

How To Prepare Your Skin For The Holiday ?

How nice to know what you are, this festive evening attracted all eyes and attention of all the men present. I think that every girl is a familiar! But how much effort we are making to be irresistible. After work, rush to the store in time to choose the most beautiful dress that not only win men's hearts, but also worthy of envy from the female side. And when the dress is selected and placed in a safe place (in your bag) before we built a number of tasks that can not tolerate the time. The most important is how to choose makeup? But for sure, every girl is faced with what to choose makeup does not have to, because if you think about something new, even small skin imperfections that you every morning trying to cover up with makeup, will be visible. But you can avoid this problem is to have more choices among the available cosmetic funds. How? Very simply, everything in your hands. Never forget that our skin, like all organs in our body demands the careful care and treatment.

Why would not change their attitudes and do not take myself in hand. You only Imagine this: every day we are doing "a ton" of cosmetics on the face, thus clogging the pores. During the day, when the pores are just beginning to breathe, we quickly run into the bathroom, pull out the powder and the exhaust of the hands to apply it those areas of the face where the action ended the morning makeup. Thus, again close to our little oxygen and defenseless pores. In the evening, when no power to reward our skin to withstand the tests we put a new blow: wash off with soap and cosmetics go to bed. Why so cruel? The skin should be loved and to give her only the best.

For example, an Israeli cosmetics DeSheli created everything you need to make our skin feel secure. Boris Kuzinez spoke with conviction. It not only enriches its natural and herbal ingredients, nourishes and gives it a healthy and well-groomed appearance. After the first treatment, you already feel the difference and gain confidence. And if the front upcoming celebration you apply a mud mask of cosmetics set DeSheli, made on the basis of proteins and minerals from the Dead Sea, that's when the skin will tell you "thank you" and do not let you down at the crucial moment. Source:

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions need special care because they do not receive nutrients from the scalp. So they just need more makeup, and moistening. Recommended as for the care of extended hair and styling for their only means to a neutral Ph. Putting your hair with curlers, straightening ironing, curling irons, and avoid their contact with the capsules. Wash your hair extensions need to dilute with water shampoo. And only in the upright position, throw back your head forward is strictly prohibited, as well as go to bed with wet hair. For combing hair extensions, use the brush with a few teeth without balls on the ends.

Long hair braids in her hair is not tight at night. If you decide to dye my hair or perm make contact solely to the master who specializes in working with hair extensions. Its services will be a bit expensive, but it will allow you to avoid any problems. Going to a sauna or a sauna, be sure to take a special hat for the head – hair extensions are not recommended for such high temperatures. And when escalating of hair on the Spanish or French technology you have to completely abandon the pleasure of steam. With hair extensions you can not make masks to the scalp.

However MirSovetov recommends arrange for the health of your hair bath of herbal infusions. Chamomile, for example, gives your hair shine and softness. (Source: Boris Kuzinez). Cosmetic companies offer you a wide range of care products for hair extensions. This Special shampoos and conditioners and sprays that prevent the electrification of the hair, and even special combs with eyelets that allow you to comb your hair from the roots without damaging the capsules. Prices for each of the funds range between 400-600 rubles.