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Strategic Planning

(I) participatory Module 10 on campus Coaching for strategic planning and awareness of the current strategic position, search and creation of alternatives. Coaching for the strategic planning for the strategist, the position is an absolutely critical element in an action plan. The general who doesn’t know where is with respect to the enemy is, simply, taking his men to death. Robert B Miller and Stephen Heiman The art of the general Word strategy comes from the Greek STRATEGUS (Stratos = army ageur = driver) means driver’s armies. The art of the General. Stratagos was the word used to designate the General. Strategy meant the art of having the troops before the battle. In military terms, these definitions are still valid. The strategy precedes any tactics in a military disposition. This is equally applicable to any organization. The purpose of a good strategy is placed in the right place, at the right time and with the appropriate resources to win. The key to a good strategy is the position. What it really means to establish a good strategy is to do whatever is possible to be in the best position to achieve a goal or set of goals. What we understand by strategic planning. Coaching with systemic perspective is well suited to understand and learn how to design the strategic planning in a participatory manner. It is part of its essence and learning system. The focus of their processes is basic to establish it and, above all, apply it with valid results. We understand that the strategic planning and participatory inquiry, awareness and design the best possible strategy to coordinate and sustain the priority actions to achieve the shared vision of the organization or team. Obviously you can also be for a person. Entire system of Strategic planning by simple though it is, is useful, because it complies with the Mission of providing methodological support, put date and order the strategic task.

Ramon Gallegos

However, for Dr. Ramon Gallegos (2007), this intelligence is the most basic, is the intelligence who also have animals and used when they hunt their prey, is that some people use to pretend and deceive without being discovered, or to commit an offence, because it has the ability to stay calm in difficult situations, this type of intelligence is important but very limitedhelps to control emotions and maintain impulsiveness, but no balance or calm them, nor gives an ethical address for your application, it is an intelligence of a level of consciousness that is developing in the early stages of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos in the last Satsang mentioned that it is necessary to learn to look at without reacting, without judging emotionally, maintaining equanimity, and thus all is left out, no longer has power over one, experienced inner peace. Dr. Ramon Gallegos, in his book of spiritual intelligence (2007), mentions that the theory of multiple intelligences allowed to consider other aspects of the consciousness human and overcome logical-mathematical standardization, which does not go beyond school success, and consider other abilities of the human being, this is why important concept that has intelligence, because depending on the educational systems will be guided, and since education is the most determining factor to improve humanity, it is necessary to contemplate human within a holistic context capabilities, in which can reach the deepest part of its objectives, which is be happy. A context in which humans feels part of the whole, which recognize its true nature and experience inner harmony, certainty, clarity, wisdom, compassion and universal love, which transcends the cognitive and sensory, level a context which recognizes the spiritual dimension of the human being as what more remains, beyond the body and the mind, it is education holistic, whose main base is spirituality (Gallegos, 2005), being this the only us It will help to address and overcome the serious problems of today and develop our ability to be happy. .

Renewable Energy

When we talk about sources of energy or energy resources, it is important to make a distinction, because not all energy sources mean the same thing. It is necessary to distinguish between renewable and non renewable energy, because the two are referred to types of different natural resources whose use has different consequences. Both renewable and non-renewable energies imply the use of a resource for energy production, but not all types of energy resources are the same. Some mean a destructive environmental impact, and it can contaminate the environment. We present here two types of energies.

Renewable energy refers to the types of energy that are obtained from theoretically inexhaustible natural resources, such as wind or the Earth’s heat. It is important to highlight that in reality nature has no actual resources, but the man offers elements of nature, and are apparently inexhaustible human scale does not indicate that they are eternally. The types of renewable energies are classified according to the type of natural resource use, and we can distinguish the most important as: * solar * wind power * geothermal energy * hydraulic power * energy tidal non-renewable energy, these are the types of energy which used energy sources present in nature in limited quantities, and that if they deplete are irreplaceable does not exist a production system for the same. The first of them are fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or oil, which comes from the fossil remains of organisms buried beneath the Earth millions of years ago. Secondly we have the nuclear fuel such as uranium and plutonium, which are transformed into energy by a nuclear reactor. These are cheap and not generate emissions, but it generates very dangerous radioactive waste and can cause disasters to the environment.

Islamic Governments

It is said that they were more tolerant than the Catholics and allowed to practice their faith in freedom to those who lived in its conquered territories. But that is medieval history. Islam today is the intolerance and the death cult. Why this change? To Wahhabism, an archaic, closed exegesis of the Qur’an, which is not a book of spiritual elevation, but of war and hatred, written by an individual who always walked with the sword in hand, as adequately described Muhammad, Benedicto XVI, in his controversial message that generated protests and acts of vandalism in the Islamic world. Scary modern Islamic Warrior originated in Wahhabism, which proclaims a way of life similar to that practised by Muhammad.

It began at the end of the 19th century in Saudi Arabia and the draws the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization from which derive all Sunni terrorist groups. Wahhabism is the mainstream of radical islam, and is spread mainly by the saudi Royal family, which invests huge sums in the construction of mosques around the world to catechize the faithful to join the Jihad. Its goal is to impose Islam as the true religion. Wahhabism instilled through the insidious Koranic interpretations of magnets, disseminated through school textbooks, and encouraged by Islamic Governments, is responsible for the wild behavior of Muslims today. With Islam peaceful coexistence, may not exist while their convictions are oppressed to this extremist line.

Islam is the third inherited totalitarian trend of the 20th century along with Nazism and communism, but have a big difference with the other two: Islam is not only a tyrannical thought, is a religion. National socialism and communism are human conceptions which are subject to be discussed.

Raiza Ramirez

Gestalt is knowing that we are more than mind and body, we are a complete human being. It is to recognize us in each of our senses, of our bodies. Know that it is not that we have a heart, but that we are also this heart that beats in our chest. It is knowing that lots of information is hosting in our physical body and that our body, which is also ours, tells us every moment. Gestalt is be consistent with one. It is stay in touch with our feelings and act in line with them. If we are sad we express our sadness; without feel anger assume it and not evade it.

It is to know that there is no good or bad aspects and both what we accept one, as those aspects which we reject, are ours, belong to us and have something to bring to our lives. Gestalt is cut with crystallized attitudes and responses. Break with usual answers that tend to generate the same situations. Let us place labels before the I am this or that, knowing that I can be this and also that; and that the selection will be made according to the moment that we live, the circumstances and feeling and sentiment of the instant. It is to ask ourselves how we can do different this time and take a chance to do so.

Gestalt is know us a person in growth, know us a why not incomplete and unfinished. Gestalt is learning something from one every day and at the same time learn from others, not forgetting me one. For therapy, Gestalt does not exist nothing more than the now. Our life, as human beings, is centered at the present time, in the second we are living, because we cannot change the past and we do not know yet how the future will be. If we are a person who lives in the past, probably occupy our thoughts with memories of what we consider were better times. Maybe our mind goes to some bad memories that still disturbs us. We discover, look, how much time spend talking about the past, how much energy we deliver to these moments that already passed and that you can not edit. If we live in the future, probably spend the day making plans of what we are going to do projects that we are going to begin. Possibly let us dream with our life of tomorrow or we wrote these fantastic mental scripts that will help us to get the perfect job, the perfect man, the perfect woman or life that both hope. Meanwhile, what happens with the present? If we live in the past, the future or a mixture of both, what is happening with the now? Perhaps, having our mind and our heart in another place, we are wasting details, signals, events that Yes are happening now. Living in the present means being in the here and the now, knowing that this is the only time that we have and the only one that really we can modify. Now is when we mobilize ourselves and do what we want to achieve our goals. Now is when we can call that friend that we both Miss to tell him that we value it. Now is when we can look around and enjoy a sunset with all our senses. Now is when we can, if we choose, not worrying about the past or fret us for the future, but deal with the present. (Raiza Ramirez) gestaltvenezuela.blogspot.com. Original author and source of the article.


At the fair of dentistry and technical dental largest in the world, the IDS or international Dental exhibition, the Endodontists have chance to leave Adviser by the specialists of the exhibiting emprsas about the technical aspects and economicios of dental products, namely systems and modern materials for Endodontics. Thus, the dental industry has developed many ideasde experts in Endodontics. Today, for example, can diagnosed and much better treat injuries of the root canal, or employ modern techniques of ultrasonic images to exactly locate the root canal and measure up to the apex. Both for dentists who wish to engage in Endodontics as specialists in dental conservation, this international Dental exhibition is an excellent opportunity to learn about everything related to this specialty. Endodontics for dentists represents a wide field of specialization, since nowadays increasingly more patients want to keep their teeth in the long term and are willing to invest their money in This is. Fascinating scientific and technological progress in the field of Endodontics has greatly improved the ability to retain long-term parts and makes this specialty is an important component of dental prophylaxis-oriented. The reconstruction of endodonciados defects of coronal structure with teeth, whether extensive pacialeso, is part of our daily practice. Restorative techniques have changed a lot, both at the expense of knowledge and new materials, so it is necessary to establish a guideline for action so that the clinician knows what to do in every moment and how to restore in each case. News commented on by original author and source of the article.

Dr Gallegos

Best happiness that is suffering, because our true nature is happiness, suffering an aggregate an overlay; and most important: we are spiritual beings, it is the recognition of our true nature (Gallegos, 2007). The development of spiritual intelligence requires a comprehensive practice (Gallegos, 2007), which is meditative practice, for this reason the holistic education makes special emphasis on the development of skills of the inner life, which help to rule out superficial concepts of happiness and balance all human dimensions in the students. The holistic education proposes the development of spiritual intelligence practice of a method developed by the concentration is meditation (Gallegos, 2007), which is a specific and very old method for training the mind and cultivating the wisdom. Through the practice of meditation in conscious attention, you are educating the mind, transforming perceptions created by a conditioned mind to follow certain models of thought laid down during the time; with meditation, the mind goes purifying perceptions and developing wisdom, sprouting the full vision that makes possible the clear understanding of tremendous efficiency both for the inner life and everyday life. Meditation is a method for controlling the thoughts, that requires the presence of attention, healthy predisposes the minds to reality instead of being distracted in pernicious imaginations; cultivates the inner balance helping in the resolution of internal conflicts and neurotic tendencies, so Dr Gallegos, mentions him (2007); therefore meditation can be very useful in the pedagogical field, to enhance the features mental student, cultivate a healthy mental attitude and overcome emotional disorders characteristic of the age. Being intelligent is the ability to give an address and moral-espiritual application to knowledge in such a way that promotes peace, and harmony among human beings, is the ability to drive autonomously experiencing inner peace, is the ability to act without damaging any other being, is the ability to confront and overcome the suffering, being happy not to cusa of the circumstances but despite themThis is spiritual intelligence that gives the holistic reality of integration capacity.

Laura Silva

Adaptation. Surely you’re going to face things different or difficult to accept or they are simply variables that do not depend on it. So it will be necessary to be prepared to change and adapt. For example, you can not control time, inflation, interest, bag, cups and so on. Carefully review your decision to set your lens, even being willing to change direction to reach your goal if the conditions and circumstances require you to change. All program and strategy must be flexible, if not, would not be a good plan.

Share. Communicate your goals and the goal to reach to beings that surround you can be of great support for your motivation. Even the opinions and/or suggestions will allow you to enrich your goals and in this way get allies and compression of your loved ones. Work as a team. You brainwashed distribute tasks and delegate functions.

He admits that not know everything but you’ll be the best Guild of learning. And if aunas the premise of helping other people to achieve what they want, then by natural laws, you will compensate. Viewing. This is one of the new resources that you will use at all times. In your imagination when you reach your goal and you have it literally in your hand projects as in a film. Shows that moment as if it were happening in This very moment. Imagine from how would you feel, how you dress, odors, textures, shapes everything, everything, everything that your goal may have to her around and in itself. Security. You will notice that once you reach a goal your confidence will grow so that you can achieve goals more ambitious and complex. Remember to apply the step 2 and 3: record in your diary, calendar or computer any objective reached. As you’ve seen, each one of the points covers part of your inner growth: self-confidence, empowerment, security, awareness of your being and existence, also covers part of your professional growth: training, follow-up to strategies, which will allow you to achieve any goal or goals. Surely you’ll be working on a topic in particular, but remember that the essential of human pillars form health, family, money, social networks, everything that makes us feel good and in harmony. If any of them is affected, invariably affected to a greater or lesser extent others. Different types of goals you’re pose you you along your journey. The strategies listed by fortune, fit any of your essential pillars. Conclusion if you are already a champion, by nature manage to find stability and harmony between your pillars, definitely nothing you stop to achieve what you propose. Objectives, attitude, implementation and monitoring of strategies make the difference. Perfectly these strategies apply to start a business and making it from home. It is just a matter of placing the bases: identify objectives, create the right attitude and apply the 10 strategies I leave wishing you that applying these 10 strategies you reach your goal and achieve your dreams. Sincerely, Laura Silva original Autor and source of the article.

Reliant Stadium

He knows how close he is to being great and really he wants to keep moving up. I have s been very productive for us.Quarterback Matt Schaub takes the praise a step further.Duane molded himself into, in my opinion, the best left tackle in the game, Schaub said. I never have to worry about Duane and what he s doing and what he has on his plate because I s going to get the job done.Brown seems to have luck on his side, too. Last week, Brown got tangled in a pile and came out limping, to potentially crippling injury for the Texans, who have Super Bowl aspirations this season. An MRI exam showed only a bone bruise in his new nike nfl jerseys for cheap lower leaves 2012 left leg, and Brown was back at practice full-speed on Monday.It was pretty scary, initially, Brown said. It got kind of weak on me, but as the day wore on, it felt better. I feel pretty good about it.He feels pretty good about his personal life, too. He married radio host and MTV personality Devon Devi Dev Anjelica in Southern California in July and the two went on a weeklong honeymoon in Thailand.Every day, it sinks in, said Brown, who turns 27 this month.

I do feel a little changed, more focused. It’s another step in life, and I think it’ll help me in my career. I’m more focused on my livelihood. My life is more structured now. I m able to focus more on my job.While Benton sorts out starting roles on the right side, he knows he can count on Brown MLB Jerseys brings him, Benton said.

I s very good with his hands now, I s very explosive. If he gets in to position to put a shot on you, I ll do some damage.NOTES: Kicker Randy Bullock sat out Tuesday s morning practice with groin soreness. Texans president Jamey Rootes says Houston is interested in hosting the first championship game of college football s new playoff system, in January 2015. Reliant Stadium has hosted the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas since 2006. Rootes spoke at a press conference where he announced the winners of ticket giveaway run in conjunction with the Texans lottery.

Magdalena Palace

Plan a trip of prom is not an easy thing, but if you spend the time needed can pass very well. The main thing when you are planning is to take into account the number of people attending and the budget that you have. Once set the budget and the approximate amount of participants must find an appropriate place to carry out the trip. It is important that you consider if you want to stay in hotel or hostel. You must also have in mind if the trip has only tourist, cultural objectives or if participants wish to conduct activities related to nature, or a combination of them.

Often best for a group of College, is to hire a company that takes care of all the details, they offer a comprehensive travel management and they do also all sorts of school activities, especially extra-curricular activities in Madrid. As a suggestion, have been looking for some places that are interesting for these trips and wanted to share with you my Top 5. Sierra de Madrid Mangiron: Is ideal for travel one or two days, you can perform archery, hiking mountain biking, etc. Sierra de Gredos: is a natural area in full Sierra de Gredos. The most common options for activities are hiking to a Celtic castro, visit to the natural pools, visit to the caves of the Eagle, etc. Delta del Ebro: this place offers the possibility to visit dunes, ride a bike, San Carlos de la Rapita and even allows to start sailing or visiting Port Aventura.

Cantabria: This is one of my favorite areas, it is a good place to start hiking and surfing. It is also possible to visit Cabarceno, Santander, Magdalena Palace, etc. Basin: Finally this place offers canoeing, hiking, descent of ravines, rock climbing and abseiling. If you wish you can know about these locations in Google and to discover the amount of possibilities that exist.