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Cannes Film Festival

Must be attributed to his brother to him in the dungeon and sacrifice him, irrigation gates in the blood of another world, a place where her … The film participated in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival 2006 year in which the May 27 world premiere of the tape. Winner of three awards "Oscar" (Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction-producer, best makeup). Special thanks mention camera work. Besides Among other things, very pleased, shooting steam locomotive, which the guerrillas derailed: his shot slowly and at an angle, so much so that movement of the camera initially thought it was kind of a coal mine, and it crawl-employed workers. Then angle the camera motion changed smoothly and you already know that this engine at the top.

In short, the fact that it's just the engine, lowered into a ditch, I realized at once. This is just one of those moments when the illusion and reality intertwined, follow one another, when we show that another world is always with us. See it, however, is not given to everyone. In general, the film very much, pleased and plot, and pure design finds, and camera work, and light, and how to show the world the little man who is forced to survive in the harsh world of adults. I am glad more and 'global responsiveness' director – like, lives in Mexico, and go and do you – what is the interest in the events on another continent.

It does not sound like, rather than the quality of it, and how it sounded all the dialogue, tone and intonation of the characters. Especially where Ophelia in the basement talking to the faun – all the efforts of the creators the film is lost by our masters of translation. All of these aspiration Faun, altered voice and the echo of his words have not been transferred once. About the translation itself to judge until you undertake. The film, by the way, something that recalled the good old toy Siberia – edakii quest, puzzles, quests, similar style, color and atmospheric. However, there is not this whole magic and mysticism, but the general background of the individual points is similar. The home collection – have necessarily a good movie.