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Benedict Nunes

Of this form pparently, the poem gains a character personal, however, looking at more intently, we will notice that using this technique the author finishes is for creating a still more impersonal workmanship, since, to speak of its proper workmanship it is necessary to absent itself and to give to all its voice to a I-lyric one that it starts to be the poetical citizen, while he himself, the author, is changedded into a species of personage: ' ' lean poeta' ' , ' ' aprendiz' ' or ' ' estranho' '. Such idea sends to us the expression to it ' ' stage autobiogrfica' ' used for Benedict Nunes in its article ' ' Max Martins, Master; ' , when the same it deals with the occured changes with the poet in ' ' ciclo' ' that Subscript goes of Anti-Picture until the Risk. This ' ' encenao' ' it justifies the proper name of the workmanship. Because of the metapoesia it not only is I validate the commentary concerning first poems of Anti-Picture. In them the author not only speaks of poetry, but yes, and above all, he makes poetry. It is notable as the poet demonstrates already in these first poems, by means of new techniques, how much it moved estilisticamente: the visual incursion at the beginning of ' ' Aprendiz' ' it is a good example of one of these new techniques, therefore in it is clearly as, now, the poet starts to be worried about ' ' as the poem is visto' '. The visual character also becomes a lexicon detainer, and, thus, the espacialidade of verses assumes an important role. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Raphael De Niro. The white of the page must be read, but not only it, also the parntesis and hfens is new allies of the poet in this untiring search for loading its poem, each time more, with innumerable meanings, innumerable possibilities of reading.

Carlos Alberto Acero

In the same vein, affected the urgent need to modernise road, port, railway and airport, infrastructure due to the lack of attention given to professions such as engineering. The backlog is reflected in the competitiveness report 2010-2011 of the World Economic Forum, which places Colombia ranked 79 of 139 countries in the index of overall quality of infrastructure, with a score of 3.59 on 7. Chile, for example, sits in place 40 with 4.69 points. In this regard, Carlos Alberto Acero, director of the network trunk sewer of the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, indicates that flaws in many engineers who come to the world of work have been identified. An example is given in the civil area, since some newly graduates don’t even know basic construction topics, such as foundations that requires a building. He added that areas basic such as soils, geotechnical or geological sciences are not compulsory and elective subjects in many universities. Consequently, the neglect of fundamental issues for the development of the country’s infrastructure such as motorways or tunnels. Higher growth with fewer resources? Another doubt that generates the proposal relates to the ambitious goals that arises as the MEN cope with the growth of higher education.

According to estimates by the Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, the goal is to achieve 38% growth in the sector. However, in discussion with the guiding sessions, explained that she is earmarked 2.4 billion additional pesos for public and private universities. This constitutes an increase of 16% in the next four years with respect to the 15.2 billion pesos that are currently destined for higher education. Before these inaccurate calculations, rector Wasserman asked: how is it possible to grow 38% with only 16% of additional resources? In addition, how you will grow in quality?.


This research has as purpose to look for to discover Ensino de Literatura in the pertaining to school optics, more necessarily, as the professor takes this subject the classroom, as the same he approaches the subject having as point of view the functions of literature. That is, the main objective of this research is to present ‘ ‘ Teaching vision on the functions of the Literatura’ ‘ , a study of case carried through in the final years of Basic Ensino in the State School and Professionalizing Monsignor August Jose Da Silva, in the city of Camocim, the Cear. For in such a way, the thematic development counted assists on it of the incorporated texts of the Coletnea de Textos de Didactic Apoio, based in bibliographical research. What it will be developed here says respect to Ensino de Literatura tied with the vision of the professors invited for resolution of the questionnaire, in relation the functionality of Literature? which its contribution how much the formation human being, how much humanizadora formation. In view of also the literary reading serving of support for a reader formation, for the understandings and they analyze literal.

Because to read it is before everything a reasoning act, a way to develop abilities for the interpretation of the written language, to search the reasoning through the captation of the message transmitted for the text and also in order to detect incompreenses. Literature is there for this to awake all these abilities. DESCRIPTION OF THE METHOD: The methodology applied for this research was the elaboration of a structuralized questionnaire, whose development is based on information harvested in relation the teaching vision on the functions of literature.