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Family Law

Family law is part of area of civil law, which deals with the legal issues arising from marriage relationships, partnerships, family or kinship. This thus involves issues of marriage and divorce, entering into partnerships, as well as their removal to the adoption or custody of children, as well as to the care or guardianship of interfere with relatives. Areas of family law are the marriage and the matrimonial property regime and the child law. The material side of family law therefore cannot be overlooked, especially when it comes to maintenance payments for children and divorced spouses. When can you come with the provisions of the family law in touch? When it is advisable to consult a lawyer for family law? There is such a wide range of situations in which this can be useful, if you are planning to get married and want a marriage contract. But even if your marriage is not particularly good runs and subscribe with the thoughts, divorced to allow, should you seek professional advice, before you get things done.

Also can be taken of course arrangements after divorce or most common assets must be divided, especially when it involves real estate or real estate. Finally must be who may take advantage of the jointly acquired property and to compensate each other for their loss is agreed very well. In extreme cases, it can cause a Telungsversteigerung. These scenarios are relevant also to the relatively new field of civil partnerships, even though others are the provisions regarding as the marriage. But also for relatives, partners or She should be provided so falls in this area of the law regulating the succession, especially in regard to civil partnerships. You can determine this by a testament. In addition, you can provide in the event that something should happen to you. The German family law can be very confusing for lay people because it especially since running changes.

It is all the more important to find a competent Familenrecht lawyer. Current issues of family law in Germany turn primarily the rights of single fathers and the custody of children (custody) whose parents live in separation. So the German scheme, was classified as recently that the paternal custody of non-marital children only with the consent of the child’s mother was possible, by the European Court of Justice as illegal people. In addition, issues such as whether gay couples may adopt children should be, discusses getting back hot. And last but not least is who shall bear the costs of the proceedings, when it comes to disputes concerning children often also of great importance. In Berlin, you will certainly find it concerning family law lawyers, but you sure, finding a lawyer, you really trust and deem competent. Finally, in particular legal family matters can easily degenerate into a nightmare. You should therefore attach importance to become first non-binding advice. The lawyer should take time for you, otherwise it is not worth your money. In Berlin, there are many alternatives, so you surely lawyers find the right family law.

Possible Counterparts

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