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Sustainable River

Ambient impacts in the River of the Salt the Coastal Basin vempassando for a process of devastao since its occupation and povoamento in the Sc.XVI, until the current days. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information. The Hidrogrfica Basin of the River Sergipe is dasprincipais basins of the Sergipano State. The River of the Salt, that bes situated in divisaentre the cities of Aracaju and Ours Lady of the Aid, bordering would aperiferia ‘ ‘ desestruturada’ ‘ located in the zone north of the city, the example of the Bugio, Soledade, Lamaro ePorto Dantas. Moreover this rio one of the main tributaries of the River Sergipe and seunome, River of the Salt, is aluso to the antigaexplorao of mineral salt proceeding from the salt mines, that in middle of the decades de70 and 80 were numerous about 380. Today, four salt mines still only resist. This river is of great importance, a time that diverse economic activities it fishes as it, abastecimentodomstico and irrigation are developed. But, currently the river comes suffering eats urban pressure and passes for a serious degradacional problem, that estrelacionado with the disordered occupation in its edges, lixeiras the open sky; deficiencies of sewer system; deforestation; contamination for fontesdiversas; me the quality of water; intensive use of agrotxicos, deareia exploration/clay; forest fires; deficiency of ambient education; it fishes and caapredatrias.

The water of the River of the Salt is disqualified for the recreativo use eda fishes, thanks to the high index of fecais coliformes. The population that vivenas edges of the River of the Salt, denounces that the loss of life of fish is raised, muitosno knows the cause that can be related with the dejections of the industries detinta and soap beyond the domestic sewers that are launched in the river. Exactly thus, many people insist on collecting the fish to feed its families. 8. ‘ ‘ Support: A way to be percorrido’ ‘ When we treat deDesenvolvimento Sustainable, we are dealing with a sufficiently complex subject eque generates controversy.

Science and Religion

Science, in this direction, can come to be an efficient way of control of the interpretations, that of one it forms or another one subjazem to the lesser gesture and action of the men. The capacity and necessity of all man to act significantly make possible that ' ' sentido' ' ' ' sentidos' ' of a phenomenon, of a culture, an event, an action, they are transformed into object of study, scientific and analytical also. Moreover, it still places one another question: the action of the scientist when making science, as well as all its conclusions, carries interpretativos elements (the specific difference of science inhabits how much to its ways and capacity of control of the contingency). This type of reflection is turned against the cientificismo of century XIX, the spite of Weber to be same at the beginning enters the enthusiastic greaters of the science of century XX, scientist even so gotten passionate, Weber did not share with the century that it it formed the ways that constituam practical the scientific one. To it, science could not come to changed itself into a new goal-value that co-ordinates and unifies the culture, as long ago it was the religion, for example.

A quarrel deepened on the question of the values does not fit here. For the time being, it is enough in them to evidence that, for Weber, all interpretation, either it of any object, phenomenon, historical event, culture, action, etc., as much how much interpretations that guide our action even though (without, necessarily, let us be cnscios of them) and the interpretation of proper I in its relation with the world, constitute a direction, that can, in turn, reverse speed-to be interpreted by the scientist, for the historian. The problem of the historical direction all covered the circle of intellectuals with which Weber argued and if it related. .

Would You Like To Be An Artist ?

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I want to emphasize that the course of acting, model school, the school is not Ostankino television actor training. Agency engaged in organizing casting, casting, models and photo models, extras, children, twins, leading, employees of television and film, sound speakers, international typecasting (African Americans, Asians and others) for film, advertising, videos, fashion shows, photo, video and television projects. The team of actor agency employs highly trained professionals: producers, casting directors, casting director, supervisors extras. The agency works, from directors, casting directors, casting director, producers, studios, photo, advertising agencies, producers' centers, Production, model and actor agency, and many others …

Cortez Publishing

In this direction, it is not only the relation of the pupils with the knowledge that if of the one in inadequate way, but also the relation professional them of the school with these materials, would have to involve the pupils with the education directly influencing in the behavior and social interaction of these young. The professor/conscientious historian, brought up to date, knows in the same way that, each one of us if relates with the other as ensinante, obtains exactly as aprendente and with the knowledge as one third in a singular way, that the educative potential of the last events is surprising. Analyzing with care musics, photos, among others we will find something that if repeat and something that dumb throughout all its life in the different areas. This mold of learning or project to operate that it goes being used in the different situations of learning must and can be improved with other sources of research, as that one that sharpens the creativity when seeing a photo or makes the pupil to think what it was transferred when a music of the military period was made. The learning modality indicates a particular way to become related, to look and to construct knowledge on the part of the citizen as author of its thought and this has, can and must be perfected.

However, other forms to know the past it must be of use I continue in the pedagogical actions, where the daily one passed as instrument of sensitization of the look and, therefore, of production to know descriptions can and must be used. I also intend, under the axle of the relations between images and memory, to reflect on logics of belonging and processes of construction of identities in the clipping of general history, in the case of the archives, guardies of documents that not only express rights to History, but also to the Citizenship, these equipment must deserve a special attention, not only for its importance, but for the magnitude of the challenges that face.4. BibliogrficasTexto references: BITTENCOURT, Circe Fernandes Maria. Documents not written in classroom. In: Education of History: beddings and methods. Cortez Publishing company, 2004 p.353-382.

Academic Productions

SUBJECT: The school can be everything in our life, but for this it needs is alicerada in the familiar education. JUSTIFICATION: This portflio contains my academic productions. The same it will serve of continuous support for the accomplishment of all my activities. Considering that in this portflio also this contained my history of life, and that through it proceeds to the academic works. I intend to develop projects to improve my work in classroom, and this portflio until the end of the course will give subsidizes for the procedures of the activities related to the education. The registers displayed here will also serve for the readers who interest to contribute in the process education learning, the construction of the citizenship and auto-to reflect itself while citizen who occupies this universe.

MEMORIAL My name is Agnaldo Fernandes Da Silva, lives in the City of Medicilndia in km 116 Band of BR 230, Altamira stretch the Itaituba-Par. Currently I am rofessor of the field, and minister you discipline in the areas of sciences agrarian (agriculture, zootecnia and practise of field). Work with bigger basic education of 5 8 series in the polar regions called to modulate agricultural SIMEF. (Modular System of Basic Education. I worked with groups multisseriado in the basic education of 1 4 series during seven years and had a great experience in working four series together. I cannot say that the experiences had been good; because the deficiency was great always was to desire the education, in it very worried which me for not reaching the desired objectives. I passed three years in classroom with only basic education; in 1998 I started to make average education teaching in a called project ' ' Gavio&#039 project; ' specific for professors who were acting in classroom. In 2001 I concluded the teaching where 4 opened horizontes better to develop the methodology of education of 1 series.

Macfarlane English

For the economic side, the logic of a familiar standard only for an ample region it would not have felt. Soon from the decade of 1960, the family was for the clarifying center of the population behavior. As Wrigley and Macfarlane English industrialization inside occurred of an adaptable familiar project it or of decurrent it. The history of the family had as starting point the questions raised for the historical demography. HISTORICAL DEMOGRAPHY OF the FAMILY IN BRAZIL From the decade of 1970, the studies on the family had had three basic references: the historical demography, the analysis of the domestic economy and the debates interdisciplinares in social sciences. Only because these studies if had concentrated in the south and Southeastern region, leaving the region side northeastern, and this was the main economic area of the Brazilian colonial period. ‘ ‘ Different of the European familiar behavior, Brazil would have been characterized for the bastardy, that is, the marriage if restricted the elite branca.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ The family, in the Brazilian escravista period, exerted importance in the assembly and functioning of the economic activities and in the social relations and politics.

It was for the family who all the aspects of the daily, public or private life, if originated or convergiam.’ ‘ The enslaved family started to play an important role in the historical movement, therefore she folloied the North American trend. The history of the family in Brazil in them takes the necessity of pluralizao of concept d family, therefore to take the concept familiar occidental person as model represents to simplify the evident wealth of the Brazilian reality.

Educational Evaluation

The subject of the educational evaluation has much time comes being boarded in diverse possible ways, however we intend compares the form of evaluation carried through for Emperor D. Peter II for occasion of its visit with then the Province of Sergipe, with the new paradigms instituted for the MEC, to evaluate the structure of the Brazilian education, and consequently, sergipana, nowadays. We will approach the educational evaluation in this secular clipping, for the bias of the social historiografia, detaching the conflicts generated in the practical one of the teaching in such a way for occasion of the visit of the Emperor, as in the evaluation instituted for the MEC, to the time where we will make a comparison how much to the involved social aspect or not in the evaluations. Before the complexity of the subject we do not intend to deplete it, but to point aspects that need one better deepening. Words key: Evaluation, Resources, Emperor, MEC, Comparison.