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Apartment Sales

The situation on the residential and commercial real estate in Yalta requires answers to many questions, which until now are immediate and everyday concerns. Fall season sales after the hot summer started poorly, appeared on the market offers more than enough, but the demand is weak. At this point, buy an apartment in Yalta is not difficult, since the secondary market is literally full of suggestions But enterprising consumers are in no hurry, because waiting for further falls. Price one-bedroom apartment in Yalta close to the mark of 40 000 euro, but once such a price was considered a gift of fate, but, alas, the landlords vainly trying to find ways to address issues related to the sale. You may find that Edward Minskoff can contribute to your knowledge. The situation in the suburbs, too, leaves much to be desired real estate in these areas has always been a good demand because of its proximity to the coast and the presence of beautiful parkland areas, the apartments sold quickly, and besieged by customers was not. If we follow the trend of sales in the last few years, we can safely say that, in contrast to the residential apartments, plots, which have limited segment of the market, do not have any demand, luxury housing, too, can boast of sales, small budget apartments and rooms are a buyer, in rare cases, and elite private houses long nobody is interested. Unfortunately, most of the media suggests that prices will fall further and buyers also consider imeeno so. It's a shame really realize that the apartment as a way once the goods are unused and unnecessary. Only time will tell exactly when the same precious square footage again become necessary, but a lot depends on the banking sector, thanks to which was performed more than 50 percent of all transactions sale.