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Measurement can be a tricky thing! With regard to training basic math, according to the guidelines (MEN, 1998, 21-28) “the emphasis would be on enhancing mathematical thinking through the appropriation of content that are related to certain mathematical systems . Such contents are tools for developing, among others, numerical thinking, spatial, metric, and the variational random, of course, includes functional. Although the development of each type of thinking must be involved as a given system, the latter does not exhaust all possibilities. Other systems may contribute to expand and construct meaning in each type of thought. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is likely to agree. Thus, for example, find out the problem of equivalence or not of two volumes, in addition to understanding the magnitude of volume, the procedure to measure, the choice of the unit, these notions of metrics would be the knowledge of the numbers used, their relative size and geometric concepts involved in the situation, basic number systems and geometry, respectively. Regarding the impact of new technologies in the processes of learning and teaching of mathematics is good to know that before thinking about the introduction of calculators and computers in the classroom, it is essential to think first about both the mathematical knowledge from the discipline itself and from the transposition to it in order to become in teachable knowledge. It is clear that the calculator and the computer lighten and exceed the computing capacity of the human mind, hence their use in school leads to greater emphasis on understanding of mathematical processes before the mechanization of wasteful routines. . More info: Sean Rad.

Holistic Education

I learned a lot from them, especially that nobody is perfect and that all are one, and one of us all. With these studies, I discovered myself, my strengths and weaknesses, know me better, self-assessments, be more compassionate and merciful to myself, accept me and love me as I am and strive every day to be a better person in my life must transcend. I realized the wonders that got the whole world, that we must change the paradigm in education, first in Mexico and then in the world to try to live in a better world, full of peace, solidarity and unity. Through these studies also learned to do meditation, to keep calm, equanimity, with so many problems I have been presenting in my life. With these precious moments of meditation I practiced every day, I listen to my inner self, self-knowledge, learning to control myself, to be more tolerant of others, always seeking harmony of my being with others, with nature. If you would like to know more about Jorge Perez, then click here. Understand that if you do wrong to another person or nature, I am hurting myself. For I am the world and the world is ego.

All over the world are one family, we are brothers, each person is a mirror of my itself. If I'm hurting I'm doing it myself, and eventually, what you give you receive later. If you give love, receive love. "Studying holistic education is to leave the darkness and into the light" sentence of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, who is the founder of Holistic Education in Mexico.

Intermediate English

You never came to mind, why cover Murphy’s blue has the inscription “for students of secondary level, but the book itself contains material that can be used to pass the exam, even on the first level certificate from the anlgiyskogo language (FCE), which is studied in class for the advanced level? From here it turns out that starting from publishers and instructors, and ending with the teachers, all use different measuring levels of language. There is a common level scale of gradations of knowledge of foreign languages, which was established by the Association of linguists in Europe (ALTE). According to her, all students are divided into 6 levels: from the minimum basic to mastery (level of native speakers). By this scale, take exams, for example, in Cambridge. All publishers of dictionaries, collections of grammar, teaching aids and reference books from the UK also rely on this scale. If you take on the whole, then the scale used by all types publishers of textbooks for all except the largest group – the basic English courses. Oddly enough, the basic English language courses use their grading scale for their textbooks.

Here’s an example: Headway, True to Life and others, using a scale that divides the low level and covers only half way and learning from zero to perfect. The last base rate is approximately equal to the average Advanced level (level 3). This scale consists of: – Beginner – Elementary – Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate – Advanced This scale used by the majority of courses that use a communicative approach to language learning, in our case English.

Selfstudy Foreign Language

Is it possible to learn a foreign language on their own? Learn a foreign language alone is possible, and there are people so obsessed with one language a year and then semi-annually or even quarterly. Of course, these things does not mean that the such a short time they master them to perfection. Another question – can this be done in person you are. And it is not only in your abilities, in which we have no doubt. Do you have a strong will, patience, and a serious tune for language learning? The last condition may be crucial. It is no secret that many people have willpower, patience and perseverance, and as human beings are quite capable of successfully learn anything, are often abandoned independent language lessons. The reason – the lack of a serious motive. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. Best of all, if the motives are dictated by a necessity, such as: preparing to study, work or just living abroad, enrolling in college, renting international exam, work in the representation of western companies.

Or do you want to learn to read books and periodicals, or due to tour abroad. However, in the latter case, you need to do more effort to bring himself to do. But we can not proceed to an independent study of language, if you want 'just to learn the language' or 'do give us something useful' – with that mindset you stretch out on the strength of a month. Teacher and courses can accelerate your learning and make it more easy and interesting – but not replace individual work.

UK Education System

English education has its own traditions, conservatism and quality. The education system in England is a combination of several steps (by name coinciding with the Russian): – Elementary School – High School – Graduate School – Post-graduate education. Along with the day schools (when students go home after school) in England are widely distributed boarding school. Hostels in turn subdivided into closed (Enrolled children who live in the hostel) and open (taught by children living in a boarding house and the children returning home). Educational institutions are divided into public and private. Instruction in public schools free of charge to citizens and persons entitled to reside permanently in the uk.

Many private schools have a long tradition, which evolved more than one century. English schools are open to foreigners. However, prerequisite is the existence of a guardian in England. Secondary education in England is a must. Attend school kids start early enough – to five years.

The initial stage (primary school) education designed for children ages 5 – 11 years. In this period the teaching language, mathematics, natural sciences and etc. All items are divided into mandatory to study and optional (additional). Upon completion of the initial school to pass entrance exams to high school. The average level of education in England (High School) is decisive. Since it is at this stage, the selection of areas for further study. Students choose a few subjects (4-6) for detailed study. Often this discipline are the same profile: technical, humanitarian, etc. In recent years, there was a tendency of studying different disciplines orientation. Upon completion of such a focused study of subjects shall be the qualifying exams to obtain a certificate (secondary school final exams), which paves the way for higher education. Higher education is offered in colleges of higher education, universities and technical institutes. Admission to these institutions is carried out on obtained on completion of secondary school certificate.

Average Education

In Basic Ensino the identified difficulties more: delay in the acquisition of the abilities of the reading and the writing. Decifratria silbica reading. Level of reading below of waited for its series and age, spelling of words, suppression of letters (horse caalo), repetition of words and syllables, partial inversions or total of syllables or words, incorrect spalling (the boy plays ball omeninojo gabola), to plan, to organize and to obtain to finish the tasks inside it time, difficulty with enunciated of mathematical problems and geometric figures, difficulties with elaboration of written texts expression through the writing, difficulty of understanding of jokes, sayings and slangs. No longer Average Education the identified difficulties more: they can have difficulty in learning other languages, vagarosa reading and with many errors, permanence of the difficulty in spelling more complex words, difficulty in planning and making writings, difficulty stops to reproduce histories, difficulty in the memory abilities, difficulty to understand concepts abstract, difficulty to give to attention in details or, in contrast, attention exaggerated the small details, empobrecido vocabulary, creation of subterfuges to hide its Estill difficulty (2005) salient that she is necessary to have a special attention with the children who like to talk, are curious, understand and speak well, but they make look like disinterest in reading and writing. For more information see Albert Einstein College of Medicine . According to it, it would be interesting, in the case of reading children, to offer one same mathematical problem, verbal writing and, and to compare the answers, therefore, frequently we find different, correct answers in incorrect the verbal question and in the same written question. That is, the same child who seems not to know to decide a mathematical problem in writing, will be able to have a surprising performance when the same problem is presented to it verbally. This exemplifica situation as we can confuse the signals – the difficulty is not in learning of the mathematics, but in the reading. .

Educational Professors

In this situation, education professionals must know the curriculum and not only meet but to seek new methodologies to help students in their learning process. And considering the importance of health education, because what is at stake is personal fulfillment, balance, maturity of the individual, a group of professionals from the Institute. This equation has reflected on these issues and proposes various proposals action, proposals in this paper. Here, Albert Einstein College of Medicine expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We have endeavored to develop materials useful work, diverse and from all areas, introducing health issues mainstreamed in programming. n Before any learning, it is necessary to start from students’ prior knowledge, and therefore the objective of this research is to investigate and separate learn how to think, feel and act on health issues of students, reflecting on these issues and try to adapt health issues to the maturity of students and reflect in the syllabus and classroom activities.

This study was conducted using a questionnaire provided by the Concierge of Health of the Autonomous Community of Murcia as an instrument of data collection and the selected sample was a group of fourth, and two third of Secondary Education. The sample size is 70 students and 52% women and 48% men. The behaviors studied were classified for better understanding, but in the questionnaire completed by students did not provide this separation. We analyzed the following behaviors and beliefs and knowledge students’ knowledge in the following areas: Physical and perception that they themselves have on their health Snuff Food Alcohol Dental Hygiene Relationships Accidents and accident prevention Knowledge of health problems 10 .


Both the contextualization of education theories, curriculum theories and doctrines, the psychological theories of learning and models of curriculum items we offer educational, teaching and curriculum but in a segmented way, not interrelated; relations exist are very weak. For the reconciliation and integration of the elements existing segmented divorced must be designed to serve as a holistic curriculum integration. To use the holistic model of curriculum at any level of education is necessary in my personal opinion, training to teachers through workshops to design curricula for training under this approach, comprehensively considering all important aspects. Therefore, it is necessary now more than ever to train professionals of education in the new holistic integrative perspective for the use of the model is efficient, be effective and be productive in the formation of the individual with this new paradigm. After twelve years of the Venice Declaration our political leaders and rulers, social communicators and the group of scholars and teachers, the Ministry of Education, have begun to open their eyes on New Education proposals made there. Currently, efforts are being made by personalities as important as what is Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, founder of Holistic Education in Mexico where organizations have emerged as the "Holistic Education Foundation, who has organized national conferences or international conferences on the new paradigm in recent years in Guadalajara, Jal., and which have assisted holistic world-renowned educators and teachers from different educational levels. As a result, the new school will go to nature and the community to learn, not to transform the world into something else but to know the best way to live within the limits of nature that we inherited and which we are inextricably linked .

POETRY IN THE MASTERS IN HONOR A Holistic Education I am Patricia Mendez Ortiz, I am you, I am nature, I am the world, I am a spiritual being living a human experience, I am light, I love and life expectancy. I want to love and be loved, I want to give and receive. My mission now is to transcend and trace. I'm happy and I want to make others happy, I want to smile despite circumstances. I return good for evil. To love and forgive my enemies. I enjoy the present and past wounds healed, I will stop worrying about the future, I will love the nature and honor them forever, For in the end can die in peace. Holistic Master of Education Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava

David Hume

And before that we had to read and translate from English, which, incidentally, has become increasingly clear features international language. Why are only the names of languages in some of these “manuals”: British American, British English (the two already normal), English, technical, and even English international (!), something that is simple and accessible to all who have a dictionary, and for those who are already accustomed to translate by computer processor. Welcome to the era of computer technology! And here is simple. All of this tricky technique comes to us from Western countries, who themselves are forced to work with the English language, which, in turn, seems to be forever settled as a mother for programmers, developers, operating system, web designers and happy now? They were, of course, is rescued identity of domestic screenwriter and director. Related Group understood the implications. So how many remember? But “Rambo” and “Terminator” reviewed all more than once. Forbidden fruit has previously available, and such films in Hollywood was with the stock. Nasal translation into Russian was known by name, but listen to native English during the film it was always easier and more interesting.

That’s how, step by step, the English language firmly in the Russian reality. And nowhere on this will not go. Examples are numerous. None of the languages has not brought much new to the country over the past twenty years, as did the language no, perhaps, not Shakespeare, and David Hume, but Adam Smith and George Soros (an allusion is understandable, I think). Nir Barzilai, M.D. is often quoted as being for or against this. I will not write about how good or bad (though wonder why the spelling of article, which I now write checks and let Russified version, but still, the U.S. program). We are not having anything in common between our two countries, except for a few kilometers of borders with one of them, yes, perhaps, for centuries the history of sometimes very strange relationships are forced to speak English and learn it without exception.

Nothing can be done – the globalization of economies the world has not an empty word. One can endlessly argue about what language to choose for study. But for people a bit lazy conclusions are disappointing – you just need to know English if you want to achieve any results in his career, and then select any other: for there the interests of or in connection with the arising needs. The more that knowledge of one foreign language facilitates the process of learning a second. This is a scientific fact, and personal experience I can not contradict. In addition, English has now a well-deserved popularity among inhabitants of our country, including through access to learning, schools and an abundance of techniques and even the programs sponsored by Western countries. And what are information resources such agencies as the bbc or Voice of America? This, in my opinion, is a shade of information warfare, where the same U.S. is quite successful. Agree with me, because knowledge of the language – it’s not just your access to their information resources, but also their information to you! And it already means that some kind of uncle from there easier to explain to you my point of view, which may not coincide with yours or official. Their culture is closer to you, more interesting and understandable. And for this promotion is ready to put billions.

Communication Technologies

But it does not work well with respect to the use of ICT, paradoxically they have contributed to increasingly emphasize the digital divide is but the big difference between the minority of developed countries that have a technology deployment that is growing rapidly and most countries that sink in underdevelopment and kept fighting for the right to life. The use of information technology, the PC and the Internet in teaching and learning processes can not be interpreted as a technological medium, but rather as an agent of profound change throughout the system, which requires a good projection, planning and political will. Today, learning has gone beyond the classroom walls of the conventional university is a reality that students and teachers to participate in intellectual conversations ignoring geographic barriers. The ICT have created a global sociological change unprecedented and unimagined by defining the characteristics of current and future global society. The development of ICTs has made the reality exceeded all expectations and the explosion is becoming an obvious fact and unstoppable. 1 DEVELOPMENT 1.1 The Information Technologies and Communication Technologies can be called the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the set of processes and products derived from the new tools (hardware and software), information media and channels communication connected with the storage, processing and transmission of digitized information. 2 As an example of ICT have cable television, video discs, satellite, fax, computer networks, processing of information by computer, digital switches, fiber optics, lasers, reproduction electrostatic, big screen TV and high definition, mobile phones and new printing processes, whose foundations are telecommunications, computing and technology audiovisual.Las ICT is a phenomenon that has invaded all sectors of life, from work to leisure, teaching and learning processes that take place at different levels of education, the economy because it can generate wealth and network distance beyond geographical and political boundaries. ..