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Holistic Educator

In this work shows its multidimensionality where multilevel model and provides five levels of all in education (individual, social, community, planetarium and Kosmic) and links to the dimensions of being (cognitive, social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual body) and This explains the integral vision for formation of humans with academic knowledge but conscious of being in all its dimensions, an education for life, which comprehensively addresses the development of the new man in the XXI Century. Since the beginning of my training as a Holistic Educator, when I discovered this differentiation, it marked a watershed, these concepts are the most I have put my efforts to disseminate to fellow teachers understand that the student deserves attend, be respected, you will listen carefully to modify the results, often heard colleagues mention that now treat their students as human beings, and my question was, so how do they treated?. This is one of my favorite books because it opens our eyes to the way to holistic education, involves the interdependence between what is integral Society and the evolution of consciousness through Holistic educator and practice of holistic education. For more specific information, check out Jorge Perez. In the book Education and Spirituality Dr. Gallegos Nava speaks about the importance of make clear that holistic education there is a need to develop spirituality in students, and this term has caused controversy in the field of educators who know the principles, philosophy, deep vision of holism as it generates confusion between religion and spirituality , Holistic Educator should be clear that spirituality is experiencing secular, religion is belief, spirituality, self and makes us aware, religion makes us dependent and unconscious. .