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Kevin Ozan Management

Johanna Hentrich and Kevin Ozan reddish began their education versatility and ones that promise from the profession of a real estate agent or the real estate merchant reddish Johanna Hentrich and Kevin Ozan and the reason for this variety are why the two for a training at the Gottinger house management have decided. We look forward to three comfortable and of course educational years and are curious how our budding real estate merchants will develop in the course of their training,”says Thomas Gunther, leading accompanied the trainees as head of education over the next three years. Here, communicative skill is in demand with his company the GoHv Managing Director Christian Rathei is increasingly on their own offspring and offers young people the opportunity to undergo training in the field of Office communication as well as in the commercial real estate sector. The 19 year-old Johanna Hentrich and the also 19-year-old Kevin Ozan reddish forward particularly to their Use in the areas of customer contact, back office as well as on exciting outdoor dates fields of activity, where it’s particularly communicative skill. As a company specializing in the management, sale and rental of real estate, the commercial real estate sector is of course in a sense our hobby.

Here we attach very great importance, that our employees assist our customers professional advice in all questions concerning land, real estate and apartment to accompany successful construction projects”, commented Rathei, which as responsible for the areas of customer acquisition, commercial real estate management and key account management knows what he speaks. Versatile apprenticeships training to the / r is not the only training that is offered annually by the Gottingen property management real estate clerk. The company makes the real estate manager in the area of Office communication from a wide field of activity, in which the applicants and applicants in diverse areas such as support for the Organization, the expediting or also in accounting.. Jorge Perez is full of insight into the issues.

IT Careers – Always At The Maximum

To give 110 percent every day not enough… Everything starts that we sit at a table with another person. In the classroom, you usually always twosome seated at a table, hitting the same books, edited the same tasks, and writes the same exams. It engages only rarely about specific topics, because the new console game or the new comic book are simply more interesting and “cool” as vectors, or variables. Any thoughts on whether the geek very front at some point a highly decorated, paid over marketing manager or the table neighbor will be a Managing Director of a 500-man strong company is. At this time, only girls, alcohol, parties, and computer games are important. Of course there are exceptions, which determine Yes known to be the rule. Preparations for the hard and complex way in IT be determined in any way.

No matter what industry it is, none experienced a such quick and enormous transformation as it happens in IT. There are really only three types some pressure during the school years: the pressure itself does and goes as best in class through the school year the pressure from parents who have booked the place at an elite University at birth no pressure at all, the is-me no matter setting myself was a clear friend of the last enumeration. After the school bell has rung, all issues were that had to do more or less non-existent with the school for me. While teaching I took sufficient information, which to me then but at least good to mediocre students have made. Now what has to do school with a potential career in the IT? Honestly, my opinion purely cooking anything. We consider together what kind of pressure there is in IT in the role of traditional “consultant” or “Administrator”: pressure from the boss, as well as available to his pressure every day to give constantly at least 100% pressure by the head of the Department, to carry out a proper and relevant working pressure by the customers, always ready to use colleagues, to behave correctly in any situation near pressure from home, in addition to a 9-12 hours day also still privately to stand etc.

STANDARD Scholarship

General management MBA at the Technuischen University of Vienna daily newspaper the STANDARD awards a scholarship in the amount of EUR 18.900 with an excess of EUR 2,000 for participation in the postgraduate course in general management MBA – a cooperation programme of the Technical University Vienna and the Danube University Krems. THE STANDARD would attract especially those academics with at least two years of professional experience with this scholarship, striving for an economic education for future management and leadership tasks, which can increase their chances on the labour market with this training whose current working and/or living conditions (E.g. career break situation, single parents, integration (2nd generation) funding the training makes it difficult. Send the completed application form including photo (otherwise please attach in annex) CV (maximum 2 pages) a letter of motivation (max. 1 page) a detailed statement of points, why you need the scholarship in financial terms (max. 1 page) matriculation examination certificate (Copy, certified English or German translation in non-German speaking notes) Previous certificates and certificates of academic degrees (copies, certified English or German translation in non-German speaking notes) ask that no later than May 26, 2010 under derstandard.at/events fill out the online application, print out, sign, scan a photo and send to. The legal action is excluded. In the course of the selection process of candidates is a ranking, from the Erstgereihten to a final hearing will be invited. Equivalent bids, the starting order is made upon the receipt of the documents. The scholarship will be awarded after the hearing directly on site by the STANDARD summarised. For more information, see gm-mba.tuwien.

Inverters For Wind Farms

House of technology seminar at the 23.2.2014 in Essen inverter are crucial to the transmission of mechanical energy into electrical energy and also for the net impact of the wind turbine. The losses will be in as low as possible and the reliability is very high. “The seminar inverter for wind turbines” at the 23.2.2014 in Essen provide knowledge about the various concepts of inverter for wind turbines. The properties and differences are made clear. The Director of the seminar is Prof.

Dr.-ing. Axel Mertens of the propulsion systems and power electronics of the Leibnitz Institute University of Hannover. The many concepts for wind turbines, as well as the inverter in a wind turbine requirements derived therefrom are considered. Based on discusses the main inverter concepts and their properties in detail. The repercussions on the overall system are essential to the design decisions and are considered in an own block.

An Outlook on future developments completes the seminar. The seminar addressed to engineers in the field of wind energy and power electronics engineers from other industries who want to learn more about the technology and features of converters for wind turbines. Assumes basic knowledge of electrical engineering and electrical machines/generators. In addition, it is offered plenty of space for the questions from the participants.

ISIC Association

International networking by a student identity card all over the world a special financial status is granted students, so that they freely can focus on their studies. Especially in the area of life support and travel costs are now many State institutions (museums, libraries), service providers (Alamo, Microsoft, LensWay u.v.m.) and publishers to transferred students to discounts up to 60%. The use of such services is bound to show an ID which the person certifies that she is a student. However, especially students in smaller schools in the German speaking countries have mostly the problem that the national certificate/card will not be recognized. Also students from exotic countries again have difficulties so that the card system recognised by UNESCO was introduced for the first time in 1968 by the ISIC Association. The card this not-for profit organization, the international student identity card, is in more than 100 countries worldwide valid at the time and is over 4 million Students and pupils.

The current permit is valid from September 2010 to December 2011 and the application requires a valid passport, a certificate of registration and a passport photo. Like almost any card today is the ISIC in the EC-card format and has the particularity to make all information in three languages. A proof of the respective status in connection with the recent studies certificate is sufficient for academics who complete a multiphase training. For example Refrendare in the area of teaching or law or doctors can be in their practical year. If it has then completed the second State examination for teachers the additional possibility a teacher card to request that access to appropriate benefits and professional services as well as the ISIC. Round off the range of mobility cards with the youth card, which independently awarded by the status of the card holder up to the age of 26 years. This network aims at the increase of the international Understanding through exchanges on travel and the accompanying combination of private, academic and professional contacts.

Federal Government

Because the flexible study system comport with distance learning and compact presence phases better with training and competition times as a Full time study with daily attendance mandatory. “Against this background employed the opening lecture succeed themselves, remain successful” the Congress Saturday with the question of how successful it, findings from the elite level in professional life to adopt in order to be successful in the long term or to stay? ” In the subsequent discussion, the sportswoman Christina Obergfoll, including silver medal in Javelin throw at the Olympic Games reported 2012 and new world champion in 2013, as well as the DHfPG graduate Benny Auer, professional footballers and studio owner, about their own experiences with this topic. Like every year, the expert forums were extremely popular on the second day of the Congress the Congress visitors informed about current developments in the industry. In the Forum movement ended it this time to the topic new trends and research findings in fitness training – new audiences through innovative and evidence-based training”. Ideas for new and innovative training programs have been based on selected training-scientific aspects as here initiated E.g.

athletic training or new target groups. The Forum dealt with the increase in the company’s success through peak experiences”management. Not only was the importance of a team for excellence, but also leadership skills and the optimization of the Organization in a company. Digital communication of nutrition – blessing or curse? “: thus diet, that showed chances and limits of digital communication of nutrition the Forum dealt.” In what new fields of activity resulting E.g. from digital tools such as apps and how to successfully use these showed inter alia, to support E.g. an individual nutrition consultation by professionals. The Federal Government estimates the loss of production caused by mental illness on 26 billion euro per year. A variety of explanations and guidelines argue therefore, to prevent mental illness and to improve the psychosocial health of workers.

Health Department

Hypnosis – and practitioner training in Cologne Institute restructures website training in hypnosis and energetic healing, as well as the training to become a psychological consultant or the preparatory course to the naturopath psychotherapy were always a major focus at Gabriele of D’Souza. The whole of education, also on the Web is of greater importance now. On the new page of hypnosis training danners.de, there is now more concentrated and easier to read as previously all information and current events on the subject of training at Gabriele Danners. All, a sound, professional training or continuing education in the field of hypnosis and many other associated mental techniques look and maybe a compact training in the energetic healing, are found on the new website. The TV and media known from Gabriele D’Souza is engaged in its practice in Cologne not only as a Naturopath, certified Hypnotiseurin, Hypnoanalytikerin and coach psychotherapy, but offers effective and unique training concepts with many years of experience.

Learn hypnosis from A Z learn hypnosis and hypnosis experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The concept of hypnosis training is designed to communicated in very specific to certain problem areas of hypnosis techniques. Participants learn how building successful hypnosis sessions for coaching and therapy (therapy, if the therapist, physician or naturopath). At the same time, there is plenty of room for an intense experience of the self. Therapist psychotherapy preparation course this course is a preparation to be checking at the Health Department under the health practitioners act by the 17.2.1939 (may I S.

251). The target is also known as small practitioner so, obtaining the permission to the practice of medicine without appointment exclusively in the field of psychotherapy “). The course can be used by people without any previous knowledge of coaches, NLP practitioners, hypnotists, life or health consultants. Very profitably, he is in a different educational, psychosocial, also for persons, medical, therapeutic or psychological professional work.

Education Agent Abroad

Education Summit, education offensive nothing more Dresden without education agents, 26.04.2011 – many international studies show that investment in education around the world achieve the highest returns. By the emergency of public finances, to save, even when the education, private investment in the own or the education of the children and/or grandchildren are increasingly gaining importance. The education agents can only confirm this development, also on the basis of its consultations for individuals. Just the demands have continuously increased after training stays abroad during his school and college days, or training. Now, the advice on training stays abroad constitutes a large part of its consulting services. The reasons why abroad have become a focus, are complex.

More and more companies would employ their staff internationally and record therefore abroad in their profiles in occupations of new jobs with education stays. Stays abroad are now for many workers, and HR to a perfect resume. A good degree or extensive training not necessarily sufficient in the present, to arrive at work. In addition to such criteria as initial funds, studies and internship companies applying also to make sure whether the candidate has completed a training period abroad and as a result, in addition to the personal ‘horizon’, in-depth knowledge of foreign languages has. For many who have experience abroad, all with a student course or a High School Year began. Many Auslandshungrige’ fail but still on the funding, although the funding pots of federal and EU were never so filled to the financing of training stays abroad as it is today.

The education agencies informed in his consultation, in addition to the presentation of foreign programs, about the funding programmes and checks the eligible to receive funding. Except the many promotions, there are also a lot of other Reasons to implement an education abroad. No matter whether in the business world, for career or personal interest – abroad to learn are always recommended. Questions & answers and practical know-how to an education Broker: BildungsMakler24 builds nationwide an education broker network since March, 2011, as the demands of citizens for independent education advice have increased rapidly. Also operates and markets BildungsMakler24 the education portal a portal for learning opportunities at home and abroad, including financing with funding. The info portal gives you expert guidance in a compact form as well as many helpful tips and hints. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended.

Vocational Education

Educational partnership between Constantin Medien AG, DIDACT and the Bavarian Academy for foreign trade e.V. last week Wednesday, the 15.03. it was together with two renowned Munich-based educational institutions, the DIDACT professional education company, economically oriented and the BAA, which joined the human resources Department of the television channel Sport1 and Constantin sport Medien GmbH, both subsidiaries of media giant Constantin Medien AG, Bavarian Academy for foreign trade e.V. a promising education partnership. Promising opportunities for professional being and upgraders since its inception 30 years ago give the two Munich-based educational institution each year successfully several hundred participants in qualifying measures of trainee and permanent employment relations. DIDACT and BAA put in their mediation efforts from the outset on long-term, trust-based partnerships with as dedicated as renowned companies in different sectors of the economy.

In addition to BMW, Audi, VW, Webasto, EADS, etc. location-middle business leaders, which were already over several years with DIDACT and BAA insert for the education and training an ambitious professional being and upgraders, is now also the Constantin Medien AG and its subsidiaries. A resounding success for all participating Super, a great success for all involved! “So DIDACT commented Managing Director and BAA Vostandsvorsitzende wife Hildegard Braun, last week the new education partnership with the broadcaster sport 1 and the Constantin Medien GmbH.” In fact only a few other educational institutions have in and around Munich a such strong and well-functioning network of partners. One according to many years of experience in the targeted selection and placement of trainees and BerufsumsteigerInnen, two Munich-based education and continuing education institutions meet with, especially in times of shortage emerging in more and more fully in the black. Expectations and goals on our question, what expectations and targets the two schools with the newly gained education partner connect, gave us Lord best, the following continuing education Director of the DIDACT GmbH statement: now we of course very pleased that we were able to gain a further, strong partners like the Constantin Medien AG for the practical training and our participants.

First positive mediation efforts we have also already made, and we are sure that we can convey our new partner in the future ambitious trainees and qualified graduates for the various divisions and management levels. u0085Of course, our participants that during their training, retraining or further training to gain practical experience as well as in addition at corresponding commitment overlook a defrayal in a permanent employment relationship benefit first and foremost.