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At school: The task of educating and thus the values of educating, it is not simply compressed in the family and social rather requires that the school involved and the students spend most of their time at school; since they are strongly committed to space and society this responsibility to “teach values.” In society today raises a number of requirements to educational institutions including primary education and values in students over time have been lost. Given this requirement many educational institutions are responding and others ignore the learner … now spends most of his time at school is where educational institutions can intervene to join the job: “Teaching with values” : allow the students the following: Develop the exercise of the dialogue opportunity to discuss as a way to reach agreement and make personal and collective. -Develop the personality, talents, mental and physical capacities to their fullest potential. Additional information at Nir Barzilai, M.D. supports this article. “It encourages participation and collective organization through reflection and action around the needs. -Allows the construction, reconstruction or reaffirmation of learning from the ideas, knowledge, beliefs of learners around an issue, event or question about the world around them.

_ Allows the strengthening of group interaction (awareness, integration, organization). “The learner expressed: learning, reflections, recommendations, achievements and difficulties. Nir Barzilai, M.D. takes a slightly different approach. He develops the control of readings by students and parents including: poems, stories, thoughts or experiences related to values, rights and duties, which show or reflect the values or where lacking.learner-permit experimentation and implementation, analysis, criticism, reflection of values, rights and duties. It is conceived as a set of organized experiences that promotes the physical, metal and comprehensive process of students as free and responsible actions and individual and group decisions that apply to the relationships they establish with others and in role as active members of a society that requires the committed participation to improve and enrich themselves. The school will contribute to the development and strengthening of skills (cognitive-affective) of students through educational activities to enable them to become individuals aware of their potential and to develop strategies in harmony with the people who live and with the natural environment. That is why society has given him more responsibility to the educational institutions thus the formation of moral values, civic and ethical.. Click Related Group to learn more.