Throughout the history of United States no President has had a so strong decrease in its popularity as its current President. Discrediting Bush emphasizes why not beat achieved in Afghanistan and, above all, in as you are doing enter your country in the worst economic crisis in the last two thirds of a century. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Raphael De Niro. In these circumstances it is very difficult for the governing party win presidential elections. John McCain is the best candidate that Republicans have had: has much personal prestige and certain independence that makes him attractive. However, he has voted in favour of the vast majority of the proposals of Bush and represents its continuity. McCain succeeded in approaching Obama sometime. The choice of Sarah Palin, although could have provided you an initial push (given their status as Lady and provincial), to the dessert had weakened you because it has pushed his preaching further away from the Center and closer to the hard right.

McCain has begun to fall even in key States. To recover, he tries to demolish Obama from one perspective ultra-patriota and anti-liberal. However, this, rather, may be working for his opponent to alienate large segments of the population who want a change to Iraq, the economy and moral conservatism. Original author and source of the article.