Health Department

Hypnosis – and practitioner training in Cologne Institute restructures website training in hypnosis and energetic healing, as well as the training to become a psychological consultant or the preparatory course to the naturopath psychotherapy were always a major focus at Gabriele of D’Souza. The whole of education, also on the Web is of greater importance now. On the new page of hypnosis training, there is now more concentrated and easier to read as previously all information and current events on the subject of training at Gabriele Danners. All, a sound, professional training or continuing education in the field of hypnosis and many other associated mental techniques look and maybe a compact training in the energetic healing, are found on the new website. The TV and media known from Gabriele D’Souza is engaged in its practice in Cologne not only as a Naturopath, certified Hypnotiseurin, Hypnoanalytikerin and coach psychotherapy, but offers effective and unique training concepts with many years of experience.

Learn hypnosis from A Z learn hypnosis and hypnosis experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The concept of hypnosis training is designed to communicated in very specific to certain problem areas of hypnosis techniques. Participants learn how building successful hypnosis sessions for coaching and therapy (therapy, if the therapist, physician or naturopath). At the same time, there is plenty of room for an intense experience of the self. Therapist psychotherapy preparation course this course is a preparation to be checking at the Health Department under the health practitioners act by the 17.2.1939 (may I S.

251). The target is also known as small practitioner so, obtaining the permission to the practice of medicine without appointment exclusively in the field of psychotherapy “). The course can be used by people without any previous knowledge of coaches, NLP practitioners, hypnotists, life or health consultants. Very profitably, he is in a different educational, psychosocial, also for persons, medical, therapeutic or psychological professional work.