Geographical Education

The cartography can be considered a language, therefore it states, through symbols, a thought and a necessity to communicate itself. The message communicated through maps, air photographs, images of satellites among others must be of easy visualization, agreement, interpretation and memorization. To reach these objectives, a language appropriate capable must be used to answer to the following criteria of communication. Words – key: Society; Cartography; Maps. This work intends to show as the thematic maps can be studied in the education of Geography better to understand the organization of the society and its reality. The cartography is an extremely important instrument for some professions, is used for the gegrafo, geologist, architect, engineer, biologist, among others.

Cartography disciplines is it that through elaborated studies, they make cartographic representations (maps, letters, plants etc.), beyond the elaboration, the cartography makes the interpretation of the same ones. In geographic science the maps are important to analyze parts of the planet, as vegetation, climate, territory etc. The maps are not only used now, in the antiquity had been created localization maps, oldest it represented parts of the Mesopotmia and it was manufactured of clay. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gavin Baker, New York City by clicking through. The first maps were inexact and rudimentary, today, after some technological evolutions, the cartography are necessary and count on resources, as aerial photos, radars, images of satellites, GPS among others. The cartography is very used in the present time and the three last decades as half of military strategy, therefore the maps and its legends inform natural conditions (vegetation, relief, climate) that they are item important to know the difficulties to be faced and also, preliminarily, to study as to surpass them.