Countrys History Textbooks

Patriotism … Such a proud and radiant floor. p. Dictionary SI Ozhegova – it's "dedication and love for his homeland, his people." But this feeling can not arise from nowhere, it should be brought up from childhood. In my opinion – Is the direct responsibility of the school subject as the history of Russia. In what other school subjects can be fully and completely explain to children why should love their country, inculcate in them a sense of patriotism. Rate of domestic History has traditionally been viewed as one of the main pillars of patriotic education.

As the leading objectives of history education as defined in the federal component of state standards in history, we see "promoting patriotism, respect for the history and traditions of our country, to human rights and freedoms, democratic principles of public life", "civic education, national identity, development philosophical beliefs of students based on their understanding of historical, cultural, religious, ethno-national traditions, moral and social attitudes, ideological doctrines …. Thus, textbooks history should form a sense of patriotism and civic outlook. After studying history textbooks to the students the task, "see themselves historically representative of civil, ethno-cultural, faith-based community, a citizen of Russia. " Only this is not always the modern textbooks and manuals on the history of Russian help to bring love for the motherland and the pride of her young generation. After read some books there is a distorted patriotism, which can be reborn in the future, and nationalism and chauvinism in, or just any emotion does not arise.