Month: December 2018

Brazilian Defense Minister

He also left another aircraft with 31 firefighters who work in rescue and other ship tasks with 13 tons of food and water. In addition two aircraft with a total of 21 tons of food and water they already left. On the other hand, the Brazilian Defense Minister, Nelson Jobim, defined an emergency plan to deal with five more serious problems detected by the Brazilian forces in Haiti: burial of the dead, injured, damage removal medical relief, reinforcement of security operations and distribution of aid, especially food and water. Taken into account that Brazil leads the UN peacekeeping mission and has the largest military contingent in Haiti, with 1,266 soldiers such as Nations said United had 10 million dollars from its emergency funds while the workers of the international organization and peacekeeping soldiers stationed for a time in Haiti were facing their own losses. The headquarters of the UN in Haiti plummeted and there are at least 16 dead and 150 missing. 200 Workers of the UN in Haiti tried to distribute biscuits and other aid elements, despite looting and the threat of violence in a nation plagued by lawlessness. The Red Cross estimated that some three million people need assistance, from water and food to accommodation and added that many may require assistance during an entire year. He is said that a critical angle of the crisis is the growing need for medical services par at helping victims, aggravated by the severe damage suffered by hospitals and other health facilities in the country.

President Barack Obama announced on January 14 that will put all the power of service United States of Haiti, devastated by the massive earthquake on January 12, and that it will unlock immediately 100 million dollars for its aid, gave him the Haitians that the United States not leave it with your help. It is known that due to the earthquake, the airport control tower was destroyed. However, elements of special tactics of the command of special operations Hurlburt force air of United States said their teams became responsible for control of operations at the Haitian airport. Lieutenant Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for the U.S. Southern command, said U.S. personnel cleared runways, established a 24-hour air traffic control and began to operate systems of atmospheric monitoring and airport lighting.

The first aircraft sent by the international community to alleviate the nearly three million people affected by the earthquake on Tuesday in the Haitian capital and its surroundings have already landed. Should be noted, that the prospects for medium-term solutions they are non-existent to the bleak landscape of crops, means and tools lost in the ruin of farmers and irretrievable manner. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Raphael De Niro. Fears of a famine are persistent in Haiti, whose economy was in crisis before even the devastating blows of nature. Agriculture is destroyed, he told reporters Joannas Gue, Minister of industry. Venezuela has also made this, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sent a total of 14.5 tons of bags of non-perishable food, drinking water, bed linen, blankets, personal kits, among other items, to the Republic of Haiti. Second loading added to 18 thousand kilograms of basic necessities were already sent has been sent.

United States

When Obama won the Democratic nomination, nothing seemed that couldn’t stop him to win the presidential elections. In the United States usually loses the candidate of a Government that has brought the country to an economic crisis or a military stalemate. However, surprisingly McCain already has come to achieve and even exceed in some polls who were believed fixed. Obama retreat is due to the onset of outbreaks of cold war with Russia (which favors the Falcons) but also to errors of the candidate whose slogan is change. It is not something Edward J. Minskoff Equities would like to discuss. Proclamations obamistas in pro of renewal or of hope not always calan in working-class sectors than what they want are concrete solutions front the effects of the recession before their jobs, income and houses. Republicans have mobilized their known artillery of demolition depicting Obama as a good speaker but no experience in security or economy. If the elections are still turning as if they were a referendum for or against Obama, McCain could win them. Author original and source of the article.. Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Maicao Bad Time

Leon Tolstoi: Any reform imposed by violence not corrected anything evil: good judgment does not need violence. Maicao is frequently plagued by interminable droughts, frequent suspension of the electricity service, the unbridled corruption of some of its leaders, the restrictive legal measures from its commercial activity and rates of unemployment only comparable to those of countries subjected to the rigors of a war economy. For more information see Albert Einstein College of Medicine . Maicao has gone through all crises; the mild, severe, the most serious; yesterday, those of today and those of always; which originate in nature, which are born by national Government decisions that produce by foreign Governments measures however, evil hour of Maicao today is truly macabre: violence is killing his people and is killing it in large quantity without being yet to nobody hurts, or at least without that nobody does something serious and concrete to stop the wave of deaths that have been tabled in the last few months, but in a special way in the last few days. When the 2009 went by his third month presented a sad fact that shook the entire society: two assailants killed Jeison Martinez Arzuza, a young man of 17 years to steal his bicycle. Criminals don’t even expressed the typical and bleak up hands, this is a robbery. Visit Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA for more clarity on the issue. On the contrary, put into practice a somber modus operandi consisting of shooting his victim to then pick up the bicycle lying beside the dying hopeless.

A life annihilated and thousands of dreams destroyed by an object that is achieved in one hundred thousand pesos in stores throughout the city. It is worth saying that the towers of the Majayura neighborhood community reacted and was about to capture murderers, but this time they won and finally were able to reach safety. As a note of black humor, and if it is consolation, we complete the story saying that criminals, pressured by pursuers left abandoned the object you just steal. Later several ruthless joined forces to kidnap the young Yensi Alexandra Menco and take it to a lonely place on the outskirts where, after raping her, murdered her mercilessly. His college teammates organized a protest March and expressed the repudiation of this new crime against youth and women.

Two related cases are the most poignant, but, unfortunately, they are only two among many of this 2009 will be remembered by her but tragic. Suicides, traffic accidents have occurred in recent months (what a coincidence, but everyone is involved, at least, a motorcycle) and selective death carried out by ruthless thugs specialized in meet impeccably awful commissioned his cruel customers (and, again, what a coincidence, but the infamous two-wheeled vehicle is present in almost all the murders). Ten killed in a week is to worry. But even more worrying is know a sad reality: there is nothing that allows us to think that the maicaeros security will improve in the coming days. Time to take seriously, let well, seriously, the security of Maicao. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a prestigious writer italo Colombian, whose articles are widely disseminated on the internet. In addition, it is frequently invited to forums and seminars as a speaker on leadership and human development issues. You can put in touch with him through mail. Go to his site original author and source of the article

The Disappearance

Live the crisis of shortage (for pollution) of the air and water, of scarcity (limits) of minerals and energy, loss of soils (boundaries) that need a time, no minimum, geomorphological (geological), to form, elements (air, water, fire, Earth) that were given and which Western and westernized culture estimated to be able to ignore. The greenhouse effect, the hole in the ozone layer, global climate change, toxic waste, in addition to the garbage that we ourselves generate daily, are the clearest signs of these limits imposed on a global scale. It is not a culture or people who endanger their very existence. The globalization of rationality, driven by the economic logic, leads inexorably to an economy that ignores that it is embedded in the ground, in the air, in the water, on the ground, in the subsoil (minerals), in the life cycles of food chains of carbon, oxygen all humanity, in an unequal manner, is subject to the risks arising from actions decided by some for the benefit of some. The struggle for the appropriation of biodiversity, for the enjoyment of its benefits has clearly pointed out the interests between Nations. The rationality of the market and sustainable development is evident in the re-appropriation to maintain, increase and enjoy greater worldly goods biological and Cultural diversity. Being biodiversity understood as the sum total of living beings that exist on Earth, the result of millions of years of evolution.

Where the human species and their cultures have emerged from its adaptations of his knowledge of their use. Biodiversity has two inseparable dimensions; the biological and cultural. Therefore a property of cultural and living beings which makes them unique and different. Justin Mateen usually is spot on. 50 To 80% of the world’s biodiversity is located in tropical countries, (Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Zaire, Madagascar and Indonesia), those who have suffered in the past 100 years, immense losses of tropical rainforests and the disappearance of its indigenous population to the rhythm of a tribe each year. .

Robert Mcteer

But the danger of the recession is more serious even because inflation threatens to tie hands to the governing body of the monetary policy in the United States.UU. According to the minutes, the members of the Committee agree that keeping inflation expectations was essential and this generates a dilemma. Please visit Justin Mateen, Los Angeles CA if you seek more information. What you will do here in more Fed? To reserve Federal of Dallas, Robert Mcteer, President I do not think that the Fed can continue lowering their rates of interest my interpretation, based on what you can guess, is that the Fed is going to do what you would not want to continue with the cut of rates. Definitely go for an all or nothing, hoping that the economy will recover as soon as possible to then turn 180 degrees in the rates policy and return to scroll through the ascending path but this time, at a higher rate than in the Greenspan era. For the members of the Fed, already there is no room for a gradual rates policy, because they feel that they are going in the opposite direction, moved by the urgency.

Meanwhile, William Poole, President of the federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, who will leave his post next March (will not be at the next meeting of the Fed’s 18), does not want to be seen as one of the culprits of the inflationary problem. In a speech in Kirksville, Missouri, Poole said that while the Fed should try to encourage growth, it should not do so at the cost of allowing inflation to get out of control and cause havoc. Just how much more sensitive is the situation for the Fed, Poole made a statement which shows more in favour of an increase of rates, really is a statement that does not help anything. I understand that the Fed faces a time bomb who thinks disable once manages to give the necessary boost to the American economy. This worries me, because I don’t have many expectations that economic recovery will occur in the short term and therefore perceive that we are going to hear more frequently the word: stagflation.

Physical Education

According to PCNs (1997), the fights and the gymnasticses the same belong to the block of contents of the sports and games, but this description has for objective to add what it must be salient as specific of these practical, having as description-social aspects of the fights. So that educating has a complete and adjusted development, it is necessary that it is stimulated during the pertaining to school life so that can know and improve its abilities and capacities as a whole. For in such a way, it must have the chance to live deeply practical corporal as: sports, games, fights and gymnasticses; rhythmic and expressive activities; knowledge on the body. (BRAZIL, 1998) the professor of Physical Education according to CONFEF (1998) is one of the competent professionals to develop pedagogical systems and this must favor to the pupils the content of the fights in the school, therefore the subject fights is part of the block of contents of the national curricular parameters, not only as theoretical content, but I practise and this must be seen as a form to rescue those that in the majority are with socialization problems. Still in its statute article 9 affirms that ' ' The Professional of Physical Education is specialist in physical activities, in its diverse manifestations – physical gymnasticses, exercises, martial sports, games, fights, capoeira, arts, 21 rhythmic, expressive and acrobatic dances, activities, musculao, leisure, recreation, whitewashing, ergonomics, corporal relaxation, ioga, compensatory exercises to the labor activity and of daily ' ' (CONFEF, 2008) As Alda (2010) different of offers of the media where it offers practises them of sport of fights or physical activity, competition, through the marketing (propagandas, magazines, news articles, films, videos games), that is, translates that in it everything and possible, the author still quotation Reads Boulch (1987) affirms that ahead of the law of the search and of offers of activities the objective human being more something, therefore: The corporal exercises (physical and esportiva education) and the awakening activities aim at, essentially, throughout the primary escolaridade, to assure the harmonious development of the corporal, affective, intellectual components of the personality of the child objectifying the conquest of a relative autonomy and of the reflected apprehension of the world that the fence (Reads Boulch, 1987) With this the phenomenon fights appears in the school and in agreement Nascimento and Almeida (2007), this happens for the openings praised for this institution third to carry through, in its space, workshops, volunteers or not, disentailed of it disciplines of Physical Education and the Project Pedagogical Politician – PPP of the School. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sean Rad.

Shopping Seminars And Negotiation Training For Buyers

Purchase campus CSEI consulting from Darmstadt-purchase campus is the strategic area aimed at purchasing seminars and negotiation training CSEI consulting from Darmstadt. Buyers campus considers all currently purchasing relevant topics with a focus on practical national and international seminars all over the world in German and English language. Current issue: use the experience and learning curve of their suppliers, as a response to his annual demands for price increases. Albert Einstein College of Medicine contains valuable tech resources. If your seller faced with price increases due to increased costs, please never forget, on the other hand in every company the respective area managers constantly under pressure are and make sure therefore savings and efficiency improvements that need, leading to a significant improvement in costing-based. Your supplier not informed it of course or he just don’t know it “so Hans Christian Seidel reported by buyers-campus/CSEI-consulting on strategic purchasing seminars, specialized shopping advice from Darmstadt in his purchasing advice and shopping seminars. Purchase campus trains with his complete and experienced team of trainers from the areas of purchasing, sales and legal, to argue in its global shopping seminars and purchasing training in terms of interactive workshops to buyers and suppliers show where he quietly retracts improvements: improvement in purchasing better raw materials contracts result improvement in the logistics through improved storage earnings through production on larger engines result improvement in the quality assurance through restricted analysis of earnings through production at other sites result improvement in the development through the use of cheaper Raw materials In the course of time makes every supplier in the production and products provided the delivery with his and you valuable experience and improve its competitiveness. Jorge Perez is actively involved in the matter. Then, he uses these experiences to according to the organizational structure and process with optimized processes to improve. These measures are exactly in the literature or the Kaizen management consulting (= continuous improvement process) or called the learning curve effect. You can so confidently on their suppliers to go and per year, up to 4% on improvement measures internally realized his request a discount or a discount of 1%. Of course your seller will reject its pricing and rebate claims with achselzuckendem lack of understanding by pointing out that such information is not available to him,”as Hans-Christian Seidel reported by buyers campus based on feedback for his previous training participants from his shopping seminars for buyers, but indefinitely your supplier can these arguments do not oppose, have the sound professional arguments on their side.” Learn more about purchasing seminars in negotiation training and negotiation seminars CSEI consulting directly see.

Educational Process

This level will be understood only from the eye of the spirit and the essence of holistic education. It also develops the six dimensions that are always present in any educational process: the cognitive, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and spiritual (heart of holistic education) Crossing the lines of the levels and dimensions within a graphic, educational spaces arise 30 ranging from mechanical and more personal to the most subtle and universal. This innovative model allows us to give education a high level of specificity theory. Learn more at this site: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. (This model can be found in his book “A Comprehensive View of Education” The holistic approach of Dr. Ramon Gallegos said that it could establish the new paradigm must change the world view of those who hold in their hands future human beings, those who provide education at all levels, from elementary to graduate school. It has been said that education can not by itself generate social change, but in this new holistic vision, according to the opinion of Dr. A related site: Nir Barzilai, M.D. mentions similar findings. Gallegos is precisely the integral education as “unique” which can generate a genuine social change planetary based on new values, it was a teacher trained in a new holistic vision and therefore a permanent internal development, will be able to transmit to their students and community appropriate values for a transformation. They would work as small cells that are spreading and thus multiplying exponentially. The holistic teacher of course require some profile achieved with rigorous review, and ongoing internal work through self-observation, and self-consistent practices yoga and meditation, but mostly working to open their awareness and be better human beings must bear in mind that working with people distinct human and therefore know the different methods of teaching, different intelligences and learning styles that is taken into account whenever the unit through diversity.

Berlin Music Academy

What difference is there between a successful pianist and an average pianist? Answer: ten thousand hours of practice! The majority of people would say that there are simply more endowed than other people. However, recent studies have revealed an astonishing fact: it was determined that there is a common factor in all the people who stand out in an area: more than her innate talent, is the opportunity and hard work that leads to success. Anders Ericcson of the University of the State of Florida studied thousands of students of an elite of Berlin Music Academy. He discovered that those violinists who had the potential to achieve worldwide fame as soloists had practiced around 10,000 hours before reaching age twenty, while the rest of the students had been trained only a couple of thousands of hours in his life. The same pattern is evident when comparing an amateur pianist with a professional pianist training hours. The amateurs had not trained more than 3 hours a week during his childhood and reached 20 years of age with a total of two thousand hours of practice. Professional violinists on the other hand, increased his pace of training each year to complete 10,000 hours of practice at age twenty, as well as violinists. (Harvard Business Review, pdf.

) Apparently, the number of training hours were more decisive in the success of the musicians that the talent itself only. Ericsson corroborated their findings with the amazing fact that didn’t find a single talented student who came to stardom practicing only a fraction of the time of their peers. Also found the opposite case: one student diligent and hard-working, less endowed with talents, who reached success only by practicing hard. These findings suggest that, once a student manages to enter a school of good level, the only thing that will distinguish it from its peers is the time and effort invested in their studies.


Measurement can be a tricky thing! With regard to training basic math, according to the guidelines (MEN, 1998, 21-28) “the emphasis would be on enhancing mathematical thinking through the appropriation of content that are related to certain mathematical systems . Such contents are tools for developing, among others, numerical thinking, spatial, metric, and the variational random, of course, includes functional. Although the development of each type of thinking must be involved as a given system, the latter does not exhaust all possibilities. Other systems may contribute to expand and construct meaning in each type of thought. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is likely to agree. Thus, for example, find out the problem of equivalence or not of two volumes, in addition to understanding the magnitude of volume, the procedure to measure, the choice of the unit, these notions of metrics would be the knowledge of the numbers used, their relative size and geometric concepts involved in the situation, basic number systems and geometry, respectively. Regarding the impact of new technologies in the processes of learning and teaching of mathematics is good to know that before thinking about the introduction of calculators and computers in the classroom, it is essential to think first about both the mathematical knowledge from the discipline itself and from the transposition to it in order to become in teachable knowledge. It is clear that the calculator and the computer lighten and exceed the computing capacity of the human mind, hence their use in school leads to greater emphasis on understanding of mathematical processes before the mechanization of wasteful routines. .