Month: July 2016


Students who claim by high tariffs and the implementation of academic and administrative measures, have been this week the reason of great unrest, rows and stops at several universities in the country.While at the Santiago de Cali University students protesting for three days by the resignation of the members of the Superior Council of the University and call for a Truth Commission that would be responsible to investigate the economic situation of the Centre of superior studies, in the Bogota national, a group of masked men starred in this Wednesday a protest by more than two hours that caused the closure of two Transmilenio stations and an important stretch of the carrera 30, North-South direction. Covering their clothes and shoes with garbage bags, to avoid being identified, and wearing balaclavas, gloves and dark glasses, demonstrators began from early hours of the morning meeting on the University campus. Were the Che Guevara square, in the heart of the alma mater, admonished against 230 security cameras installed and the vigilanets in the educational institution.All the repression, decomposition, shock, signs, are to silence students, and be able to fairs the University which auction public, to the best bidders, pointed out one of the press releases disseminated by the masked men.For its part, Moises Wasserman, rector of the national, ensures that you don’t see in the higher education reform project an attempt to privatize the public University and that, ultimately, the great fear should not be the privatization of universities but of the educational quality. (see page 38).The situation at the Universidad Santiago de Cali is also critical. In addition to the protests of students, and of disorders caused by a group of masked men who burned multiple files block of professors in the Office of the Disciplinary Tribunal, the directives confirmed that there are no resources to pay for the last fortnight to teachers of the institution. Although they have pointed out that the University is in a financial improvement plan, several teachers and students are planning a general Assembly to analyze the possible work stoppage. The protesters say they will not lifted the blockade because there is no guarantee for students, and many of them have been physically assaulted.Cases of Cali and Bogota joined also the of the University of Caldas, where a large number of students and teachers decided to interrupt the schedule of classes to protest decisions of the directives of the educational center.A problem that started in August last year, when the High Council met to rethink the enrollment table. After four months of discussions and analysis, the decision to change the requirements to students to calculate the payment of tuition, measure affecting 70% who were formerly exempt from paying.The proposal, approved by the Council, do not fell very well among the students, who were organized in a move to protest and ask for the repeal of the visit of the Deputy Minister of education, Javier Botero, medidTras campus to dialogue with different sectors of the University, was raised not to affect strata 1 and 2 of the Sisben with measures and continue subsidizing these students.On Friday carried out another meeting between the directives and the students, hoping to make progress in the discussion and avoid that the University remains locked..

UK Education System

English education has its own traditions, conservatism and quality. The education system in England is a combination of several steps (by name coinciding with the Russian): – Elementary School – High School – Graduate School – Post-graduate education. Along with the day schools (when students go home after school) in England are widely distributed boarding school. Hostels in turn subdivided into closed (Enrolled children who live in the hostel) and open (taught by children living in a boarding house and the children returning home). Educational institutions are divided into public and private. Instruction in public schools free of charge to citizens and persons entitled to reside permanently in the uk.

Many private schools have a long tradition, which evolved more than one century. English schools are open to foreigners. However, prerequisite is the existence of a guardian in England. Secondary education in England is a must. Attend school kids start early enough – to five years.

The initial stage (primary school) education designed for children ages 5 – 11 years. In this period the teaching language, mathematics, natural sciences and etc. All items are divided into mandatory to study and optional (additional). Upon completion of the initial school to pass entrance exams to high school. The average level of education in England (High School) is decisive. Since it is at this stage, the selection of areas for further study. Students choose a few subjects (4-6) for detailed study. Often this discipline are the same profile: technical, humanitarian, etc. In recent years, there was a tendency of studying different disciplines orientation. Upon completion of such a focused study of subjects shall be the qualifying exams to obtain a certificate (secondary school final exams), which paves the way for higher education. Higher education is offered in colleges of higher education, universities and technical institutes. Admission to these institutions is carried out on obtained on completion of secondary school certificate.

Average Education

In Basic Ensino the identified difficulties more: delay in the acquisition of the abilities of the reading and the writing. Decifratria silbica reading. Level of reading below of waited for its series and age, spelling of words, suppression of letters (horse caalo), repetition of words and syllables, partial inversions or total of syllables or words, incorrect spalling (the boy plays ball omeninojo gabola), to plan, to organize and to obtain to finish the tasks inside it time, difficulty with enunciated of mathematical problems and geometric figures, difficulties with elaboration of written texts expression through the writing, difficulty of understanding of jokes, sayings and slangs. No longer Average Education the identified difficulties more: they can have difficulty in learning other languages, vagarosa reading and with many errors, permanence of the difficulty in spelling more complex words, difficulty in planning and making writings, difficulty stops to reproduce histories, difficulty in the memory abilities, difficulty to understand concepts abstract, difficulty to give to attention in details or, in contrast, attention exaggerated the small details, empobrecido vocabulary, creation of subterfuges to hide its Estill difficulty (2005) salient that she is necessary to have a special attention with the children who like to talk, are curious, understand and speak well, but they make look like disinterest in reading and writing. For more information see Albert Einstein College of Medicine . According to it, it would be interesting, in the case of reading children, to offer one same mathematical problem, verbal writing and, and to compare the answers, therefore, frequently we find different, correct answers in incorrect the verbal question and in the same written question. That is, the same child who seems not to know to decide a mathematical problem in writing, will be able to have a surprising performance when the same problem is presented to it verbally. This exemplifica situation as we can confuse the signals – the difficulty is not in learning of the mathematics, but in the reading. .


Everything what I will speak in this text does not pass of an individual interpretation mine for what I believe to be the truth on the origin of the Evil, but, with it said, it is what I believe and not it undisputed Truth, a time that does not have a Biblical verse that it proves what I go to write. However, what I go to write, in way some enters in disharmony with the Biblical writings. Therefore, it does not include this text in the study ' ' The Satan Never He was Lucifer: The Truth On the Origin of the Mal' ' , because it brings one high degree of interpretativo subjetivismo, caused for the Biblical citation absence confirms that it. The evil, as it said, appeared with intention to characterize the good, that is, it is by means of the evil that I know that the good is good. It is not possible to characterize something as good without it has something bad it bases that it. It does not have doubts of that God is the creator of the Evil: ' ' Perhaps, it does not proceed in such a way from Highest the evil as the good? ' ' (Lamentations 3:37) ' ' I am you, and he does not have another one. I form the light and create the darknesses; I make the peace and I create the evil; I, Mr., make all these coisas.' ' (Isaiah 45:6 – 7) But, doubts have when the reason of the creation of the evil is questioned. Mainly in relation to the consequences that we suffer because of its existence: pain, the illness, the violence, the death, etc. Why God in gave the life to them to pass for all these ackward things? Why he is of the will of Gods who pass for all these tribulaes? Which the intention of creating the evil if the proper God of it is not pleased? In the previous paragraph the main consequences had been presented that we suffer because of the existence of the evil.