Month: May 2016

At The Very Least Be A Designer

You woke up one morning and decided – all will be the designer! And the truth is, the worse I have the million people claim to that title. Like someone said I was a good draw childhood, but in general can be a webmaster, there you can do without arts education. Or maybe you just offered a good job at the firm relative / friend, yes, or just want to do close affair which interests you have for a long time. Then this article should help. Of course, the one who considers himself dokoy in graphic design, and ate more than one dog at the same time, this manuscript can and have fun, but man, the first time departing surf boundless expanses of clip art, design resources and their own imagination, all this is useful. I laughingly recall a time when they told me – Well, you'll now designer. Here's your computer, sit down and we worked this and that then – and I do not even know how to properly turn on and off the computer, not to mention that would write a file to a floppy disk or to prepare a calendar to print.

At that time there was the normal course of design in our city, and even cell phones were in One unit, and the owners of computers seemed to be general inhabitants of heaven. Now everything is much simpler – gone to the Internet, read what you need and go for the job. I had to learn by trial and error, and no end to ask, ask people knowledgeable in the design a little.

David Hume

And before that we had to read and translate from English, which, incidentally, has become increasingly clear features international language. Why are only the names of languages in some of these “manuals”: British American, British English (the two already normal), English, technical, and even English international (!), something that is simple and accessible to all who have a dictionary, and for those who are already accustomed to translate by computer processor. Welcome to the era of computer technology! And here is simple. All of this tricky technique comes to us from Western countries, who themselves are forced to work with the English language, which, in turn, seems to be forever settled as a mother for programmers, developers, operating system, web designers and happy now? They were, of course, is rescued identity of domestic screenwriter and director. Related Group understood the implications. So how many remember? But “Rambo” and “Terminator” reviewed all more than once. Forbidden fruit has previously available, and such films in Hollywood was with the stock. Nasal translation into Russian was known by name, but listen to native English during the film it was always easier and more interesting.

That’s how, step by step, the English language firmly in the Russian reality. And nowhere on this will not go. Examples are numerous. None of the languages has not brought much new to the country over the past twenty years, as did the language no, perhaps, not Shakespeare, and David Hume, but Adam Smith and George Soros (an allusion is understandable, I think). Nir Barzilai, M.D. is often quoted as being for or against this. I will not write about how good or bad (though wonder why the spelling of article, which I now write checks and let Russified version, but still, the U.S. program). We are not having anything in common between our two countries, except for a few kilometers of borders with one of them, yes, perhaps, for centuries the history of sometimes very strange relationships are forced to speak English and learn it without exception.

Nothing can be done – the globalization of economies the world has not an empty word. One can endlessly argue about what language to choose for study. But for people a bit lazy conclusions are disappointing – you just need to know English if you want to achieve any results in his career, and then select any other: for there the interests of or in connection with the arising needs. The more that knowledge of one foreign language facilitates the process of learning a second. This is a scientific fact, and personal experience I can not contradict. In addition, English has now a well-deserved popularity among inhabitants of our country, including through access to learning, schools and an abundance of techniques and even the programs sponsored by Western countries. And what are information resources such agencies as the bbc or Voice of America? This, in my opinion, is a shade of information warfare, where the same U.S. is quite successful. Agree with me, because knowledge of the language – it’s not just your access to their information resources, but also their information to you! And it already means that some kind of uncle from there easier to explain to you my point of view, which may not coincide with yours or official. Their culture is closer to you, more interesting and understandable. And for this promotion is ready to put billions.

The Choice Of Firms Servicing Computers

Now, for many professions just need a pc, the pc has become quite commonplace. Computer controlled versatile technique, it greatly simplifies the work of accountants and people of other professions, related calculations or computations. That is why it is so important to the computer all the time in working condition. That is why it is so important ongoing computer maintenance. Now many companies involved in servicing computers. But how do you determine how professional do their job some experts? Be careful when choosing a company servicing computers and carefully study the conditions maintenance of computers of a company, a list of services provided by the company, as well as to know the opinion about the company from people who use their services. Reliable company can provide you with relevant certificates and documents about the education of their specialists.

Specialists will find out the cause of failure or unstable computer that will offer their versions of repair, replacement computer, and you will only choose the most suitable Variant. With such firms will not have problems, and your computer will operate stably for a long period of time. If you make a mistake with the choice of the firm, and you caught the so-called 'cottage', the results of repairs of such firms completely unpredictable and can lead to fatal errors. A guaranteed way to find a reliable company engaged in repair and maintenance of computers – to seek the World Wide Web. Trusted Company have their own personal page, where detailed written list of services, contact information, certifications. With this option, the risk of running into a 'cottage' firm is zero, because vryatli such firms would be spent on placement of pages on the Internet. Use the services of reliable companies, and your computer will always be 'on alert'!

Sophocles City

Something is different from what are now the cities facing globalization of the economy. Cities with disproportionate sizes and densities, for beyond human scale, fully penetrated by these unexpected mutants of our time: televisions, computers and other devices that make us believe we interact in a communicative manner in the globalized world like a village. Cities, in short, in which begins to lose the most wonderful good that they are endowed with humans: communication. The problem of the city is not only a political problem is a cultural and philosophical problem as it concerns the meaning of human life. That is the challenge, think the construction of the contemporary city as a mechanism for the construction of the new citizen, the same being who understands that economic democracy is the component of political democracy, in short, a city to search for the purpose of the city is brilliantly summarized by Sophocles: the city is people.

Earthquakes and their aftermath have formed over time, serious facts that affect the population from the socioeconomic point of view. Although natural phenomena because it is impossible to avoid, the knowledge of the physical factors that produce help to prevent risks and their best care, minimizing the loss of lives and economic resources. “The physical vulnerability, especially concerning the location of human settlements in risk areas and differences in their structures to absorb the effects of these risks “(WILCHES: 1989: 21). This thesis has direct relationships and other areas of knowledge and its incidence is expected in matters educational, scientific, theoretical, practical, political, social and economic.