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Harvard University

Stands a uniform color and soft among those people without problems, with zest for life, enthusiastic and optimistic therefore. The unfortunate thing, found in another group that namely is extremely higher than the first. Colors that have photographed these patients leave much to be desired. There is a strong mix of colors that are they move and which denote that something is wrong. According to the Dr.

Suzuki of Harvard University, one of the men most experts in this subject, makes us see that chemistry is responsible for direct from our emotions. Testosterone, dopamine and pheromones, serve as the brain by somehow say lubricant and assuage our cravings. These same help to generate bonds of union between a mother and her fetus, a man and a woman or between other human beings. What to do to increase these cells in our body, can we achieve our anguish detracting enough as to be able to live a little better, how much effort our cost us remedy our sorrow. These are all questions of which there are replies. According to Dr. Suzuki the Prosac (antidepressant) drug makes that the increase cells in almost all our needs quickly.

But nothing should justify this article but we could contribute something himself. And it is also my grandmother system works. You have to laugh, the therapy of laughter is the best method, is that keeps our body with the necessary antibodies, it is the most comprehensive pharmaceutical industry with which our body can produce at a low cost chemists required down our way of being, violence and move to the sidewalk for those who love knowing what they do, those who love because it feel, of which soon forget grudges and serve as guinea pigs for India to make our world better.

Educational Orientation

These knowledge if articulate and establish new abilities, innovations, to know that they are become into the life of each individual and, with this, the necessary school to think and to argue collectively on the necessary changes. Thus, the different segments of the school, need to be conscientious of its commitments in the contribution and functional cooperation ahead of this new reality. In this walked a net to know it goes being weaveeed/constructed, evidencing the possibilities of the educandos, its virtues, its difficulties, its deficiencies and its aspirations. It is with this taking of conscience that we recognize the importance of the advent of the Educational Orientation, in view of to guide/to follow educating in all its aspects, from its bio-psico-social reality. The related work presents a bibliographical study carried through in Disciplina ‘ ‘ Educational orientation in the Bsica’ Education; ‘ , integrant of the Course of Specialization in Orientation and Pertaining to school Supervision, of the University Foundation of Support to Ensino, Research and Extension FURNE, when we search to investigate the paper of the Educational Orientation in the Basic Education. We define as objective of our study: To reflect on the paper of the Educational Orientation in the Basic Education, evidencing its contributions to the process teach-learning. Our theoretical referencial is based on Schmidt and Pereira (1975), Nrici (1976), Ferretti (1988), Lck (1986, 1994), Grinspun (2003) and Libneo; Oliveira and Toshi (2007) that in them they had better presented theoretical subsidies for one and ampler understanding of the subject. We focus in this work referring aspects to the origin of Educational orientation, its concepts, principles, objectives and functions, beyond the relationship of the OE with the different segments of the school..

The Ambient Education

Same having these blacks, protected its customs; the intervention of the State in the direction becomes necessary to elaborate public Laws and politics to restore and to spread its roots. A form found for intervention in the condition of exclusion of the black population is Law 10. 639/03, that she institutes the education of history afro-Brazilian and African in the schools. One of objectives of this Law are to favor the valuation and the recognition of the roots afro, but subsequent to this the Law, the inclusion politics aims at the formation of a new culture and the transformation of concepts. The same it happens with the education for the ambient preservation; that it lacks of special attention on the part of the public politics desconstruir rules and infusing new values in the society. Characterizing the school as privileged space for the changes regarding the conservation of the environment. In this Gonalves direction (2009, P.

01) assevera that: The Ambient Education, is a facilitadora tool for the quarrels in the development of the understanding, perception and connection of the man with the environment. Inserted in the pertaining to school context the Ambient Education must boarded and be explored of form to interdisciplinar, The studies of the perception in the educational processes can be facilitated by the stories of the memory of the peoples quilombolas, considering itself affirmative of BUENO (2008, P. 03) ' ' the black culture grasps it the memory and to the familiar orality, not to leave to die what it he is proper. Being culture social inheritance educativo.&#039 fits us then the transmitiz commitment it (…) through the process; ' Underlining it memory as uneven tool to work the question of the perception for the environment in the school. What it is perception? Perception in accordance with the minidictionary Luft (2001. P. 513), is ' ' Action, effect or college of perceber' '.

Basic Education

In compliance with the situations above displayed she disciplines, it assumes as central approach the creation of moments where the use of the reading and the writing is reflected in order to awake in the trainees, who to read and to write are practical inherent to the success or not of the personal life, professional and academic, inside of a reasoning line where they perceive the importance of the act to write in the university as one of the requirements central offices of this level of education, act this that culminates in such a way with extreme relevance for the evaluation of the institution as for the proper instituinte, in order to understand that the exercise of grafar in the paper the ideas absorbed in the world where it lives, it demands a familiarity with texts of diverse levels and styles, under the specific end of providing the knowledge with the possibilities ofthe language. In this direction, of – the development of a Plan of Work that if it organizes from the following objectives: To create education situations that can contribute in the nimbleness of the field of the reading, interpretation and writing of texts (scientific reports, articles, pedagogical projects), with ends to the acquisition of the domain practical technician and of academic communication. To apply dynamic techniques that favor the trainee if to make familiar to terms and levels of readings demanded in superior education, in order to supply certain necessities accumulated throughout the Basic Education; To present and to work with complex texts, under previous of that the level of the texts appreciated you discipline in them that they form the curricular structure of the course them are not queerness object, I discourage and inhibitions in the correct use of the said language and writing; To consider dynamic activities that generate the exercise of the verbal language and writing. .

Superior Education

Leaving of the beginning of that the leader is a formador and the basic function of the professor is to form people, leadership and docncia can walk together. In this article we search to portray the importance of the leadership in classroom. The objective of this work is to define important factors for the process of formation of the teaching leader, in the half college student, as knowledge of theoretical processes on leadership that applied to the practical one leads to the transformation of the professional performance of the university professor; agreement of the concept of leadership from the study of literature specialized on the subject; understanding of the meaning of the leadership abilities and identification of its importance in the process of work of the professor of the superior education of nursing. For in such a way a research of field with questionnaires was promoted, having the university professors in graduation in nursing as searched citizens of a private college in the interior of the state of So Paulo. We finish the research with verification and analyzes of the reached results. Given the importance of the practical professor in the formation of academics, it is looked to reflect practical the pedagogical one of superior education. The study on the development of the abilities of leadership for the practical professor it will contribute for the qualification of the professor in leadership. WORDS KEY: leadership, professor, abilities.


Already with the liberating directive educator, the soconvidados educandos to think, to make a new reading of its reality, where sepretende to educate to humanizar and for the freedom. The man is a being with very peculiar characteristics. Sele can reflect on definitive thing, if distanciar to contemplate it. Sa species human being can act conscientiously, endowing its action with feelings. Differently of the animals the man is a being that thinks about quefazer, it transforms the world through the work. Then all practical its aescomo need a north to become fullfilled, being semprecondicionadas the simplista reflection despite.

' ' But, if the men are beings to doquefazer this is precisely why its to make is action and reflection. It is prxis. transformao of the world … ' '. (FREIRE, 1987, p.121) At the moment of approach with the reality, the man noconsegue to enxergar it as something cognoscvel its conscience criticizes, that is, manifest it not if of understandable form, is only one approach ingnuaque if this realidadevisvel initiates through the espontaneidade human being when knowing. This taking of conscience is not still the awareness, because this consists of the critical development of the conscience taking. Aconscientizao implies, therefore, that let us exceed the spontaneous sphere deapreenso of the reality, to arrive at a critical sphere in which realidadese of as cognoscvel object and in which the man assumes a posioepistemolgica (FREIRE, 2005, P.

30). Therefore the awareness is more than pure and a simplescontato with the reality. As Freire says: ' ' … does not consist of being front realidade assuming an intellectual position falsely … ' ' (FREIRE, 2005, p.30), therefore ' ' … the more awareness, more if DES-candle the reality, more penetrates in the fenomnica essence of the object … ' ' (FREIRE 2005, P. 30), oqual we are to observe, passing to an analysis process.

How To Use RSS Correctly

There is no doubt in my mind that RSS is here to stay. RSS is a simple and effective way to communicate your message to your visitors without invading their privacy or spamming them. It has many advantages by email and there have been many reports of the death of email due to continuous increase in spam and mass distribution due to spam filters. No way is email dead, is still the best personal communication method, in addition to picking up the phone. It’s just that RSS does some things much better than email. I have been informing and educating webmasters about RSS since discovering the potential of this medium. A whole industry has grown up around RSS and now there are specialized journals and RSS feeds to help you create RSS feeds. Everyone seems to be jumping in the car and everyone seems to have its own views on how to use RSS.

Even Google has teamed up to offer AdSense in RSS feeds. The problem I see is that RSS RSS misuse can send e-mail form mail. It now appears that if you publish an RSS feed feed content appear to be considered public domain. The reasons for this, I think, to do with how content is packaged in RSS, this makes the content easy to distribute. It’s not so difficult to create a script or desktop application to remove content from RSS feeds and publish them on some other website. There are even some applications are sold for this purpose. This has led to what I consider a misuse of the RSS feeds to spam search engines, this seems to be directed especially to those of Google.

Although not yet widespread are still many webmasters cottoning on the fact that they can easily get content on their sites without investing much effort. Although the hand of this does not seem to be harmful to you, consider the long-term consequences. The copying feed hundreds if not thousands of times and no links to your site as links have been removed. What if Google decides to penalize for duplicate content the consequences could be that your site is dropped from the lists Glasses. After considering a scenario that I have come up with some suggestions. First post just a paragraph in their demand for food which refers to the main article. Although some may disagree with me, preferring the full article in the feed, I sincerely believe RSS is more appropriate to write notification messages. Secondly you could post some of the terms of their feed, which provides that the content is for personal use only and you should be contacted for the rights to organize. While this will not stop those determined to copy the content of your RSS feed that will help create awareness of the issue. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters.

Mexican Revolution

The Mexican cinema is the cinema of Mexico itself, developed since the time of the Mexican Revolution. The first talkie was Santa, the writer in 1931. The golden age With U.S. support of the postwar era, there was an unprecedented boom in cinema.Major movie studios so all Americans supported the development of national cinema, for strategic issues and to maintain control over Mexico, as it was a time when the communist influence of the Soviet Union loomed over Mexico’s strategic position and influence around the Latin American hemisphere, which resulted in a strategy “mass media” on the sparsely educated and influential Mexican population. In the forties, both sexes take turns to delight the audience spectator comico cinema and film melodrama. In the first category, the first tests are with the filmmaker Arcady Boyle, who staged two interact like comic talents: Cantinflas, Manuel Medel.The other side of the coin would be used as urban melodramas scenery neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods of cities virtually lost, locked in the great metropolis.