Month: May 2014

Failure of Bilingual Education

Galeano Olivera the Minister of education of the Paraguay, said a few days ago. In fact, us, the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI – as well as other specialists and other institutions – have been saying it since 10 years ago, most specifically in the segment that affects us: bilingual education (Guarani-Castilian), only that no one made us case. Definitely: it failed reform educational and therefore the model of bilingual education, particularly in what makes the component Guarani. But agree that model of Guarani or pseudo taught Guarani, failed because Blanca Ovelar reform promoted the teaching of the Jopara (mixed), in substitution of the Guarani.

Indeed, the educational reform of Blanca Ovelar shattered the teaching of Guarani, substituting the Guarani assumption of the street or the Guarani-speaking people or Jopara or Paraguayan Guarani. All the school texts published since 1999 are riddled with the dangerous and unnecessary jopara. Specifically, the MEC of Blanca Ovelar promoted the teaching of Castilian and the jopara but never promoted the teaching of Guarani. During these ten years the people learned to hate that Guarani of the MEC. However, since the assumption of President Fernando Lugo and lately as Minister of education Dr. Luis Riart, it seemed rare, very rare, that the Ministry of education to change bid when the continuity; i.e., the entire structure assembled by the Minister Blanca Ovelar continued as if it were nothing. What’s more, it hurt us in the soul see the millionaire reissue, in this year 2009, from same school textbooks that cause of the failure. Up to a week ago yet we wondered what change could occur with the same people who caused so much damage to education and in particular to the Guarani language?. Until, finally!, the Minister of education He gave the inevitable but awaited word: failure.

Colombian Education

They do so achieving that children learn at their own pace, will collectively build knowledge with other infants through collaborative learning, and where the teacher exercised a role as coach and facilitator, not only as a transmitter of information.In a country where we ate the tale that we cannot work in team, new school shows us that Yes we can do it, and we can learn it. We are also told that the important thing is to put computers in all sides. Luis Osin, former director of the center of technology of Israel, says: introduce computers into the classroom without changing the pedagogical model is to perpetuate a traditional technique at a higher cost.University of London published a study – new school s Impact on the Peaceful Social Interaction of Children in Colombia-, which shows that, indeed, this peaceful coexistence is Yes achieved through their methodologies.New school has impacted more than 5? 000.000 children in 16 countries working with Governments. He managed this educational innovation to become in a public policy. There are multiple International recognitions.

The first version of the Global Prize to citizenship, Global Citizen Award, Bill Clinton, Vicky greeted him with other award-winning 3. Social entrepreneurship is of Ashoka, the Fundacion Skoll and the Schwab Foundation, created by the President of the World Economic Forum. The Qatar Foundation awarded within the World Summit on educational innovation (WISE, World Innovation Summit on Education in 2009.) Also just won the Kravis Prize of Liderazgo.Colbert is a sociologist at the University Javeriana, with 2 master’s degrees in Sociology of education, and international education of the University of Stamford. Philosophy is not new, she admits. What’s new with new school is that we look at many different problems of education and think systemically and managed to operationalizing the principles of active and personalized education, so that any teacher can apply in your classroom and achieve a transformative pedagogy and have results, Vicky says. We integrate curricular aspects of teacher training, community and administrative aspects and managed to unite and integrate three elements that many times are separated: materials, training and methodology. The greatest impact, besides good results from learning, is that it improves the self-esteem and the peaceful coexistence of the children.

The essence is the cooperative learning and the construction of knowledge in computer. Learning occurs through dialogue and interaction.10 Years ago, when Unesco did its first survey comparing the quality of education in 11 countries in Latin America, rural and urban, Colombia appeared as the only country where rural schools exceeded the urban, except of the mega cities. Why? By the impact of new school in the improvement of the quality of rural schools in our country.Today, Colombia exports its know-how through the new school Foundation. Since East Timor up to in Viet Nam, India, through 16 countries already use this Colombian educational technology.Thinking systemically, working with care and good lyrics, innovating, taking risks and landing ideas, Vicky Colbert and his people in new school is another reason to believe in Colombia.


If we are talking about clothes for riding, I will say a few words about this gift. Of course, you can ride in the most ordinary sports clothes, but it's inconvenient. For example, jodhpurs – Breeches – sewn so that the inner side of legs do not have any seam that might rub the foot, and knees are special badges that had no time to wipe breeches of the seat. Jacket or vest tailored so as not to interfere with movement and at the same time, tight-fitting shape, giving the coach the ability to control posture rider. No doubt, and convenient, and a good gift.

But it is better not to choose "By eye" and, together with those to whom it was intended. Knowledge of the size there is not enough: the clothes should be very precise to sit on the figure. Of course, which came not by the size clothes in any store without a problem to exchange, but it is – extra trouble, you agree? But the most useful items of clothing a rider – a protective helmet. And ignore them in a mass roughly the same way as motorists – safety belts. A person who is engaged in sports (especially jumping) the helmet is likely to have: without it, the competition was not allowed. In many educational groups are now without a helmet on a horse, too, do not put a (hopefully soon so will be everywhere), and those who do not have their own, are available for hire. Convenient option, but not the most hygienic. So the hat – a great gift horsemen! And without trying to buy is simpler: the commercially available models of adjustable size.

Such a gift without the words will show your attention and care about the person. Well, now it's thing: where did all this take? Indeed, in pet stores are no products for horses, and in sports shops – for the riders. Equestrian sporting goods (and for a man and his four-legged friend) usually sold only in specialty stores that are now in almost all cities. Well, if the range does not suit you, there are Internet resources where you can order goods from the vending delivery almost anywhere in the world. By the way, if You need not "big" gift and souvenir – for example, co-worker on March 8, – in every shop has a large selection of "horse" gifts. We just have to figure out how to teach. Well, the last one. Do not be surprised if, after such gift you will begin to actively tout the stable and offer a ride on horseback! 🙂

The Secretariat

1,0 Brazilian system of Education and Superdotados (Carrying of High Abilities) the Brazilian system of education passed if to interest in the development of the education for superendowed in 1970 middle, where some research had after become necessary transformations in the educational system to take care of this group. In this same time seminary was carried through 1 on superendowed detaching some basic necessities: ) A precocious diagnosis of the superendowed one. b) Organization of a system of education for the superendowed one. c) Preparation of specialized staff pra to adequately take care of the necessities of this group. d) The donation of an superendowed operative concept of. Helena Antipoff was ones of the specialists who if detached in seminary for its carried through works related to intelligence in France and Switzerland, and Brazil called attention for the necessities a precocious identification of the superendowed one and educational services for the pupils who if detached for abilities and talentos special. Some works carried through for the specialist deserve prominence, therefore it stimulated improvements in the education, as well as programs of attendance to the pupil with abilities special in such a way of the agricultural zone how much of the urban periphery.

In 1973, was created the National Center of Special Education? CENESP that supported meeting of specialists as well as seminaries aiming at to complement the initiatives of the Brazilian system of education. Later the Brazilian Association for Superdotados (1978), this sponsored other seminaries since then and seminaries, lectures, courses and workshops related to the creativity and talentos of the superendowed ones. The Secretariat of Special Education of the Ministry of the Education published documents to the federal level for the attendance of superendowed, introducing another terminology for this group: ' ' high habilidades' '. Politics and lines of direction had been elaborated in all the states having as objective to program programs special, different models of attendance, promoting conditions favorable to these talentos. .

Volunteers Valley Development

Ahead of this perception, some actions directed to the improvement daeducao, culture social, economic and ambient development municpioforam of it carried through, beyond programs of local formation of man power and action deintegrao with the community. In its projects the Valley searchs, by means of iniciativaspioneiras, to develop potentialities of the localities where it acts. For this, it creates partnerships with agencies of the city and the proper community, the end to depromover actions that take care of to the demands of the city. They are eight projects of in progress Valley in Baron of Cocais, amaioria of them directed to the education of all the etrias bands, of young aidosos, that have the objective to reduce the illiteracy, to rescue the citizenship, to guarantee the digital inclusion, to promote social and personal the development. Almdos pupils, also the professionals of education (professors, directors esupervisores) of the public net of the city are taken care of, for half daqualificao and continued formation. Benefit that comes to provide to umaeducao of quality for all the pupils of the municipal net. Beyond the education, also the culture is a strong point dosprojetos and action implemented for the Valley in Baron of Cocais, either for half proper deprojetos or partnerships. Through the Program Culture in Net, umainiciativa of the company with objective to contribute for the social development humanoe, some cultural activities are carried through, taking theater, cinema, artesanato and derivatives, gratuitously, for all the community. In its action, the Valley counts on the Volunteers Valley, umprograma that it searchs to stimulate the culture of the voluntariado one between its employees, fortifying the social dialogue, contributing for the development daslocalidades where it acts and spreading the spirit of coopera

Science and Religion

Science, in this direction, can come to be an efficient way of control of the interpretations, that of one it forms or another one subjazem to the lesser gesture and action of the men. The capacity and necessity of all man to act significantly make possible that ' ' sentido' ' ' ' sentidos' ' of a phenomenon, of a culture, an event, an action, they are transformed into object of study, scientific and analytical also. Moreover, it still places one another question: the action of the scientist when making science, as well as all its conclusions, carries interpretativos elements (the specific difference of science inhabits how much to its ways and capacity of control of the contingency). This type of reflection is turned against the cientificismo of century XIX, the spite of Weber to be same at the beginning enters the enthusiastic greaters of the science of century XX, scientist even so gotten passionate, Weber did not share with the century that it it formed the ways that constituam practical the scientific one. To it, science could not come to changed itself into a new goal-value that co-ordinates and unifies the culture, as long ago it was the religion, for example.

A quarrel deepened on the question of the values does not fit here. For the time being, it is enough in them to evidence that, for Weber, all interpretation, either it of any object, phenomenon, historical event, culture, action, etc., as much how much interpretations that guide our action even though (without, necessarily, let us be cnscios of them) and the interpretation of proper I in its relation with the world, constitute a direction, that can, in turn, reverse speed-to be interpreted by the scientist, for the historian. The problem of the historical direction all covered the circle of intellectuals with which Weber argued and if it related. .

The Aztecs

Therefore we can say that Daath is a place where there is no hope, where there is no tomorrow. This pseudo-Sefira is the point of revolution of consciousness that so well reflects the noose hung in taro. This property connects Sefira with Libra and, among other things, Daath sometimes identified with Janus, god of doorways. The colors correspond to Daath transparent or gray, because the color is very discreet, he lost among the others. There is a belief that you can not stand "in the doorway, the threshold did not pass, it all echoes of the human fear of the unknown, which is beyond Daath as the portal to infinity. Daath – the balance point between Chokmah and Bina-left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this as Daath is the cerebellum. The Aztecs cerebellum was considered a magical zone, the concentration on the basis of the skull allowed Aztec magicians travel to the fiery caves quite comparable with the tunnel Seta, .

Travel on these caves began to dream and here it is worth noting that Drimhakery found in their studies of sleep a funnel located in the northwest dream card. This education could transported in a deep plane of the second attention and report the state of gnosis. Itself suggests a parallel-Grant said that Daath strange way associated with Yesod-Sephirah dreams, out of body experience and the trans- "Abyss of Daath and very in tune, because the Abyss is a limit to what can be 'apprehended' under it, and Daath is a funnel, into which we fall into when trying to explore beyond.

IT Careers – Always At The Maximum

To give 110 percent every day not enough… Everything starts that we sit at a table with another person. In the classroom, you usually always twosome seated at a table, hitting the same books, edited the same tasks, and writes the same exams. It engages only rarely about specific topics, because the new console game or the new comic book are simply more interesting and “cool” as vectors, or variables. Any thoughts on whether the geek very front at some point a highly decorated, paid over marketing manager or the table neighbor will be a Managing Director of a 500-man strong company is. At this time, only girls, alcohol, parties, and computer games are important. Of course there are exceptions, which determine Yes known to be the rule. Preparations for the hard and complex way in IT be determined in any way.

No matter what industry it is, none experienced a such quick and enormous transformation as it happens in IT. There are really only three types some pressure during the school years: the pressure itself does and goes as best in class through the school year the pressure from parents who have booked the place at an elite University at birth no pressure at all, the is-me no matter setting myself was a clear friend of the last enumeration. After the school bell has rung, all issues were that had to do more or less non-existent with the school for me. While teaching I took sufficient information, which to me then but at least good to mediocre students have made. Now what has to do school with a potential career in the IT? Honestly, my opinion purely cooking anything. We consider together what kind of pressure there is in IT in the role of traditional “consultant” or “Administrator”: pressure from the boss, as well as available to his pressure every day to give constantly at least 100% pressure by the head of the Department, to carry out a proper and relevant working pressure by the customers, always ready to use colleagues, to behave correctly in any situation near pressure from home, in addition to a 9-12 hours day also still privately to stand etc.

Taiwan’s Ministry Of Economic Affairs

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering a program development of the tertiary sector, which combined additional loosening of regulatory and institutional innovation, will be covered by the Taiwanese Ministry of education as part of efforts to strengthen Taiwan’s tertiary sector. Educational innovation is important for the strategic promotion in accordance with the free trade initiative of zones of pilot and stands as a central pillar of Taiwan’s development for the year 2014 and beyond dar. “We want to achieve this goal through the promotion of cooperation between local and foreign institutions,” Director-General Huang said Wen-ling. “Because these deals involve no changes of the relevant laws, we hope to see concrete results by the end of the year”. According to Huang only qualified institutions for the program be approved and, as is the initiative mainly to foreign students, recruiting at local universities will not affect. Although the program under the auspices of the FEPZ project is course offerings on every campus in the whole Taiwan can take place. The Taipei City-based National Chengchi University organized a forum on behalf of Ministry of Economic Affairs, to collect data from all relevant parties.

STANDARD Scholarship

General management MBA at the Technuischen University of Vienna daily newspaper the STANDARD awards a scholarship in the amount of EUR 18.900 with an excess of EUR 2,000 for participation in the postgraduate course in general management MBA – a cooperation programme of the Technical University Vienna and the Danube University Krems. THE STANDARD would attract especially those academics with at least two years of professional experience with this scholarship, striving for an economic education for future management and leadership tasks, which can increase their chances on the labour market with this training whose current working and/or living conditions (E.g. career break situation, single parents, integration (2nd generation) funding the training makes it difficult. Send the completed application form including photo (otherwise please attach in annex) CV (maximum 2 pages) a letter of motivation (max. 1 page) a detailed statement of points, why you need the scholarship in financial terms (max. 1 page) matriculation examination certificate (Copy, certified English or German translation in non-German speaking notes) Previous certificates and certificates of academic degrees (copies, certified English or German translation in non-German speaking notes) ask that no later than May 26, 2010 under fill out the online application, print out, sign, scan a photo and send to. The legal action is excluded. In the course of the selection process of candidates is a ranking, from the Erstgereihten to a final hearing will be invited. Equivalent bids, the starting order is made upon the receipt of the documents. The scholarship will be awarded after the hearing directly on site by the STANDARD summarised. For more information, see gm-mba.tuwien.