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Chile Students

Our quandary if imposes: or of the chaos we make to shine new routes creating cosmo, or dive in the hell, of which already we are in the door. the first ones to wave for ‘ ‘ star danante’ ‘ desirous of being born, they can be the students, or other workers who take serious its syndical organization or of category. Let us notice that recently, in Chile, students had mobilized the opinions, in Rondnia, had been more than two months of strike, in the federal university of Rondnia and several other examples could be mentioned the students had called the attention for the installed chaos. But the owners of the hell teimam in not allowing that the rejuvenecedora light of ‘ ‘ star danante’ ‘ if it propagates. However the estudantil movement assassinated in tenebrous times of dictatorship starts to renascer, done Fenix; still half capenga, but socode leached ashes It is for that it serves the philosophy. It does not stop feeding the ranos of the repetitions in repetitive, laudatrios texts to the great icons of the thought, but to place the daily one in discuso.

It does not stop if closing in the academy, speaking to the walls, in a dialogue of deaf people, but if for in the streets by the way as in the times of its origins considering the doubt, or placing in xeque the establecido power. But it is good for not forgetting that this has a price: those that they desire to keep its privileges sucking the blood of the new things, is the same one that they desire to hinder that the new man retese the ropes of its arc; in the same way that they had killed Socrates tantam to disqualify everything that is new, as the new faces of the estudantil movement and to desestabilizar the union of organized workers as they would have to be the professors. The fact is that as much the chaos, nietzscheano, as critical, the marxist one, they have one same intention: to make to sprout the new with the explosion of ranozo. Exactly that the newness is frightful for that they had installed the chaos. In these heights it is not excessively to remember that it only has fear of the newness who has privilgios to lose!

Mona Lisa

Oh, do not amuse Florentines! Those who grew up in the "Decameron." It is easy to pour oil into a story about us. leonardo. Gossip? mona lisa. Yes, but my husband just laughs. He knows you, me, and right, of course. He says, I've become like You, both husband and wife characteristics are similar, Living with each other in the world for many years.

You leave tomorrow? leonardo. No, now. mona lisa (smiling). And I'll leave soon, while, at as much as you say, too. leonardo. Yes, for three months, until the autumn.

mona lisa. I begged her husband to take me with him to Calabria, where he goes, is known for. leonardo. You persuaded? mona lisa. So as not to miss in Florence without you and without your work on the portrait, in what I take part too, well, moderately modest forces my course. leonardo. Yes to you-all and force the Mona Lisa! A landscape for you – the whole world! And you, as the entire universe and character. mona lisa. You never end portrait when your vision is such that everyone is growing – up to a symbol of the universe. (Rising to his feet.) Not enough of my years, and your strength. leonardo. And do not you come here? mona lisa. But, maybe, three months later, I'll be really different, not toyu that there staring at us, we are alive. Anyone used one of us would not want to admit, Equally big loss to us all at risk. Since Leonardo is slow, she stretches out her hand, and he silently kissed her hand, she bent over, his lips As his hair. Bon voyage! leonardo. Farewell, Liza! Erect, Leonardo finds himself in the yard, where there are no chairs, no carpet, no portrait of the Mona Lisa. Lan fearfully runs away into the bushes. Includes one of the students. Student. You came back, teacher! leonardo. You're not happy. Student. I am a happy, yes you grief. leonardo. I grief? What? Student. Thought so. Does not know. No Mona Lisa. leonardo. How not? Student. She died somewhere en route. leonardo. "No, no, she's here. Pupil quickly render a chair and seats Leonardo, then makes the stands with a portrait, removes linen veil, and the Mona Lisa looks at him with a smile eaten in secret caresses, and her yard landscape extends to the boundless expanses of space and time. Portrait after the sudden death of his wife was supposed to pick up my husband, because the order could create and place him in the royal treasury. Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa was glorified as Dante's Beatrice or Petrarch Laura, for her confidence in him and to painting, for her patience, which stood out love, and unspoken them, it's the mystery of the Mona Lisa smile, if anything, the mystery of the sacred feminine.

Education: Home and School

The school has looked for to make an inquiry in what if it says respect to the linguistic experiences of the children in the home and the classroom, where if is placed the guilt on the pupil when not if to a good performance, being able to be attributed with a deficient pupil whom it needs one special attention. On the other hand this lack of performance or motivation come of the school can be considered. According to Halliday (1978) ‘ ‘ Everything what happens in classroom and what failure is pertaining to school is not a linguistic problem, but semitico. The schools must be reprehended by its lack of understanding of the relations language society and the semiticos conflicts between pupils and professors: this the two sides interpret event in symbolically different ways the same.

For the author the concept of an opposition marries and school this on a belief and culture on the education, also being on the knowledge acquired for the pupils many times the pupils is rejected by the professors and also by the seen society being in different way. The reading of literary texts, for example, many times takes in them to travel, to know horizontes new, to reflect on other possibilities of action and to develop common-sense for child if to characterize with what to read, that is, the reading not part only of the school, but yes of the incentive of the parents also to collaborate together in the learning of the children. 2,8 READINGS, WRITING AND LETRAMENTO. If it could initiate the debate with the constatao of that the terms reading, writing and letramento can mean all the things for all the people. Therefore, nor all the people understand what they even though read in a text or a document. Many times are necessary that another person interprets to be able to understand it, these translations and interpretations seem to apply the different languages in such a way how much the different varieties of one same language, the reading for same itself rare is taught after the initial years.

Education Loss

In accordance with the Ministry of the Education and Culture and the Secretariat of the Special Education – MEC/SEESP (1994) is considered deaf the individual that possesss not functional hearing in the common life, and partially deaf that one that, exactly with auditory loss, possesss functional hearing with or without the auditory use of prtese. Of the educational point of view, they are considered, in the deafness, two specific groups that if subdivide, as described to follow. The partially deaf group of engloba the citizens with light deafness and those with moderate deafness. This loss hinders the perfect perception of all fonemas of the word, but it does not hinder the normal acquisition of the language. It can, however, to cause some articulatrio problem or difficulty in the reading and/or writing. The group of the deaf people encloses the citizens with severe deafness and with deep deafness.

This loss allows to the identification of some familiar noises and only the perception of the voice of stronger timbre. The verbal understanding goes to depend on the use of the visual perception for individual in the perception of the context. The severe deafness is very serious and can deprive the citizen of the perception and identification of the voice human being, hindering it to acquire the verbal language of course. The persistence of speeches binding the deafness to the medical question makes to inside predominate a physician-therapeutical boarding of many educational projects since the century passed, persisting until the current days. Still today we can perceive that the medical speeches intend to rehabilitate the deaf people.

Inside of this aspect, Skliar (1998, P. 113) explains that: ' ' The deaf person is considered a person who does not hear, therefore does not speak. He is defined by its negative characteristics; the education if converts into therapeutical, the objective of the pertaining to school resume is to give to the citizen what it lacks to it: the hearing, and its derivative says, it.

Russian Universities

In Russian universities, educational interpretation, the most popular method of AF Shiryaev, first published in 1979. Advanced linguistics considers that productive learning simultaneous translation is impossible without respect for the four key conditions: Compulsory practical improvement of speech and translation skills after mastering the following species oral translation and interpretation: the interpretation of leaf and consecutive interpretation, the duration of translation practice simultaneously perceive the source code, to formulate the text of the translation and pronounce it. In other words, compulsory practical consolidation of the key skill for interpretation. Learn how to keep up with human speech, uttering the source code for the generation of the translated text (regardless of speaker's speech rate); Mandatory work with a system of exercises to correct common errors in the generation of text interpretation (this system of exercises should include a number of political texts, economic and legal subjects). Simultaneous translation as a kind of translation is considered from three different points of view of linguists, psychologists and psycholinguist. Prominent linguists (LS Barkhudarov, AD Schweitzer, VN Commissioners) review and analyze in the main component of the linguistic interpretation, paying little attention extralinguistic factors. They put emphasis on translation as bilingual communicative act with its system of syntactic, semantic and paradigmatic relations. Another point of view of researchers who devote themselves to psychology translation.

Scientists in this direction have focused on human factors, they have been providing the "human component" in the translation process, paying particular attention to psychology, the choice of the translator or other forms of expression in unusual situations. Therefore, supporters psychological direction attaches great importance to study the typology of bilingualism and the role of automatism in the interpretation. The emphasis is on studying the interaction of thinking in the original language and thinking in language. The third point of view – psycholinguistic approach to study interpretation. Psycholinguists consider interpretation as a form of human speech and rechemyslitelnoy activities. In this direction of research the word "activity" is the key.

Activity with the theme and aimed at a specific objective – the generation of translated text. Thus, at the forefront of the psycholinguistic perspective on interpretation of activity theory. As we said above, this kind of translation involved just two types of speech activities – listening (hearing) and speaking. The text of the speaker's original language interpreter may heard only once, by saying the transfer, he can not fix it in a hypothetical error in the absence of pauses in the speech of the speaker. All this testifies to the complexity and unique features of this kind of translation. However, the harder the science, the more excitement in her apprehension, more excitement in the quest to become a consummate master of his craft.

Abdias Senator Birth

The article 1 of the Convention defines the racial discrimination as any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, color, descent or national or ethnic origin, that have the intention or the effect of annulling or harming the basic recognition, joy or exercise in foot of equality of the human rights and freedoms. Exactly with this definition it has who affirms that in our country they do not exist racism, preconceptions and discriminations. Such affirmations take in them to reflect on facts that daily come bringing as consequence the exclusion of great parcel of the Brazilian society of the cultural goods and social as well as truily it moves away in them from the society ideal. Abdias Senator Birth thus affirmed in its justification to the project of law to the Senate n. 52, of 1997, where he intended to define as crime practical of racism and the discrimination and, at the same time, to discipline the practical one of instruments of Affirmative action: Although it likes if autoproclamar one? racial democracy? , Brazil is far from being the paradise of the racial relations that the official speech still teima in presenting. With effect, carried through quantitative research in the last few decades has disclosed to a reality of inaqualities and discrimination at least so serious how much? frequently worse that? of countries as the United States and the South Africa, recognized for all as negative examples in this field of relations human beings ( Currently the crime of racism in Brazil is unbailable and imprescriptible, however in the distance between the so coarse Law and its applicability he is something that the Article Fifth of the Universal Declaration them Right Human beings and seems something unattachable, that is, ' ' the recognition and the equality before the Lei' ' , or still ' ' the effective and joust repairing before the Law, ' ' of Articles Sixth and Seventh.

It fits, then asking in them until where the cited rights are really universal? Or still, the preamble of the Constitution wrote who it was some parnasiano? REFERENCE GOMES, Nilma Lino. Education, Black Identity and Formation of Professores/as: Olhar On the Black Body and the Crespo Hair. GOMES, Nilma Lino. Education, Black Identity and Formation of Professores/as: Olhar On the Black Body and the Crespo Hair. RASP, Martian Ivaldo of France.

Education of the History of Africa in Brazil: Ways and Embezzlements of one Fight Against Guarded Racism. Magazine New Ideas, v-1. 2008. PIOVESAN, Flavia. Affirmative actions of the Perspectives of the Human Rights. Notebooks of Research, vol. 35, p 43-55. 2005. Affirmative education and actions: between the symbolic injustice and the economic injustice. BRASILIA? DF- 2003.

University Professor

It is given credit that an adequate formation is basic for posterior development of the other domnios of the knowledge of the mathematics professor, that is, to improve or to improve methodologies is basic, understanding difficulties presented for pupils. However, in many practical a methodology change is necessary and matureness of ideas, beyond the respect of the work of the mathematics professor. Being that in the reality, as much the rhythm and the direction, varies of professor for professor each one it has its to know and experiences. Beyond being mathematics professor, it has that to be professional, because the professional is not only worried about what she makes, but with the result. The professionals of the mathematics education, cannot only be worried about problems in classroom, but about one educational politics, that is come back toward the social welfare of the pertaining to school community. By being living deeply the age of the information and the globalization, the impression that of is that the process to educate if becomes a complex activity, therefore, the knowledge never could be faced as something completely finished, and yes as something that is in full and constant change. At last, the challenge of if educating take the professional of the mathematics education to organize its works in a way compels that it to adapt its abilities constantly, explicitando the commitment with humanity, therefore is that the relation professor and pupil must be seen as a relation of partnership with the objective to develop the creativity and the innovative potential of its pupils.

Graduated Physical Education

After that, it could be adentrar in the scene found in the Portuguese colony in America for the Company of Jesus and the adaptations made in this system of education for you face local peculiarities.
Work presented to the Course of Pedagogia in disciplines of Practises Pedagogical in the year of 2009. 2 – Graduated Physical Education for the University of the South of Santa Catarina in the year of 2008. Which the objectives of the education in the aboriginal aldeamentos? Which the metodolgicos resources used to reach these objectives and that contents were boarded during the lessons? The reply to these questions they are important for the perception of as if it gave the establishment of the educational process in Brazil and to demystify the Jesuit action between the indians, seen of paradoxical form, however despertando burning defenders, however angariando critical we severssimos. In the reality, the research work still continues; it is considered still to have sources that must be consulted. But one became excellent to divulge the first notes in intention to contribute with the studies on the education in the colonial period of the country, when the Jesuits had had significant paper in the territorial unification for the language. Moreover, with this spreading it is intended to open the possibility to contact and/or to change information with other scholars of the area. JESUITS the word to remodel means to renew or to modify something that does not serve more, in the way as it is.

Also it wants to say to transform. This was the chosen word to assign to a set of changes in the scope of the Church Catholic, that had given to origin diverse the new called churches protestant. The disagreements did not follow the command of the Pope and the religious unit in addition? known as the Protestant Reformation? it established the end of the supremacy catholic in the Europe.