Month: August 2013

Laura Silva

Adaptation. Surely you’re going to face things different or difficult to accept or they are simply variables that do not depend on it. So it will be necessary to be prepared to change and adapt. For example, you can not control time, inflation, interest, bag, cups and so on. Carefully review your decision to set your lens, even being willing to change direction to reach your goal if the conditions and circumstances require you to change. All program and strategy must be flexible, if not, would not be a good plan.

Share. Communicate your goals and the goal to reach to beings that surround you can be of great support for your motivation. Even the opinions and/or suggestions will allow you to enrich your goals and in this way get allies and compression of your loved ones. Work as a team. You brainwashed distribute tasks and delegate functions.

He admits that not know everything but you’ll be the best Guild of learning. And if aunas the premise of helping other people to achieve what they want, then by natural laws, you will compensate. Viewing. This is one of the new resources that you will use at all times. In your imagination when you reach your goal and you have it literally in your hand projects as in a film. Shows that moment as if it were happening in This very moment. Imagine from how would you feel, how you dress, odors, textures, shapes everything, everything, everything that your goal may have to her around and in itself. Security. You will notice that once you reach a goal your confidence will grow so that you can achieve goals more ambitious and complex. Remember to apply the step 2 and 3: record in your diary, calendar or computer any objective reached. As you’ve seen, each one of the points covers part of your inner growth: self-confidence, empowerment, security, awareness of your being and existence, also covers part of your professional growth: training, follow-up to strategies, which will allow you to achieve any goal or goals. Surely you’ll be working on a topic in particular, but remember that the essential of human pillars form health, family, money, social networks, everything that makes us feel good and in harmony. If any of them is affected, invariably affected to a greater or lesser extent others. Different types of goals you’re pose you you along your journey. The strategies listed by fortune, fit any of your essential pillars. Conclusion if you are already a champion, by nature manage to find stability and harmony between your pillars, definitely nothing you stop to achieve what you propose. Objectives, attitude, implementation and monitoring of strategies make the difference. Perfectly these strategies apply to start a business and making it from home. It is just a matter of placing the bases: identify objectives, create the right attitude and apply the 10 strategies I leave wishing you that applying these 10 strategies you reach your goal and achieve your dreams. Sincerely, Laura Silva original Autor and source of the article.

Venezuelan State

Unfortunately this last has deteriorated, to deviate from the objective of what must be the Venezuelan education in modern times, the pollution of deterioration of values infiltrated universities and so This lost its direction, its mission, obtaining in the present professionals who need to be better trained. This must be corrected once and for all the Venezuelan State and universities with better integration between them for their rescue. All this is certainly more valid when the present shows many signs of deterioration in the training of professionals, especially in the technical aspect, humanities, and social sciences as we have stated on other occasions that they require to be prepared. It is definitely a fact as discussed it, that we cannot ignore that we are acting within a scenario, where globalization is very significant, decisive, demanding in the success of the actors that have decided to participate, as in the case which concerns us, requiring a proactive, productive, efficient participation of the business sector, which should play a balanced roleguaranteed of great strategies, run by managers who know how to manage interpret what you demand, and meet the needs of the consumer, in addition to producing, manufacturing highly competitive products, services that are cost-effective and ensure the conquest of new markets, the development and expansion of organizations. This reality leads to the national Government and the actors involved to take urgent measures which ensure a performance to Venezuela excellent in globalization, rescue the cessation of their business sector with all its resources, above all, the human, requiring well-trained managers, as well as good technicians, in such a way to enable the business sector to be public or private operate successfully. It certainly cannot be denied that current gobiernosabe of the importance of globalization and its impact on the economic, cultural, educational, social, scenarios of the importance of harnessing some of the positive effects, the benefits generated and has undertaken actions for example in foreign trade policy giving I come to new agreements, alliances, treaties that favor him in all respects, especially in the economic.

Unfortunately, in these actions the Government has neglected the absence of integrated programmes with the business sector that benefits you. The truth, which the Venezuelan company cannot ignore that is in scenarios where competitiveness is increasingly more dynamic, full of opportunities, but also threats, all this depends on that as well prepared to face their competitors, know if it has the appropriate technology, with a management well trained, able to face the challenges, risks, effectively using your emotional mind, its analytical capacity, modern administrative expertise.It is no longer possible to survive, as a company, or as a country, with traditional levels of productivity and quality. Whatever the political leadership capacity, as participants of the Chair of problematic of the Venezuelan administration of the school of administration of the University of Carabobo, to adapt to the new global context, the above experience and the prosperity of the company depends on the capacity of its leaders to take on the challenge of its own modernization. Since then, that requires understand profoundly the characteristics of technological and managerial change, as well as the nature of globalization on markets. Only you may thus distinguish the dangers of the opportunities and only with that understanding you may design successful strategies to learn how to grow and prosper in this new context.

Carlos Alberto Acero

In the same vein, affected the urgent need to modernise road, port, railway and airport, infrastructure due to the lack of attention given to professions such as engineering. The backlog is reflected in the competitiveness report 2010-2011 of the World Economic Forum, which places Colombia ranked 79 of 139 countries in the index of overall quality of infrastructure, with a score of 3.59 on 7. Chile, for example, sits in place 40 with 4.69 points. In this regard, Carlos Alberto Acero, director of the network trunk sewer of the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, indicates that flaws in many engineers who come to the world of work have been identified. An example is given in the civil area, since some newly graduates don’t even know basic construction topics, such as foundations that requires a building. He added that areas basic such as soils, geotechnical or geological sciences are not compulsory and elective subjects in many universities. Consequently, the neglect of fundamental issues for the development of the country’s infrastructure such as motorways or tunnels. Higher growth with fewer resources? Another doubt that generates the proposal relates to the ambitious goals that arises as the MEN cope with the growth of higher education.

According to estimates by the Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, the goal is to achieve 38% growth in the sector. However, in discussion with the guiding sessions, explained that she is earmarked 2.4 billion additional pesos for public and private universities. This constitutes an increase of 16% in the next four years with respect to the 15.2 billion pesos that are currently destined for higher education. Before these inaccurate calculations, rector Wasserman asked: how is it possible to grow 38% with only 16% of additional resources? In addition, how you will grow in quality?.