14 Myths About Global Warming

A man from ancient times is inclined to believe the myths. Some of them are not devoid of logic, but still more than half is complete nonsense. Same thing with global warming. Here are common misconceptions associated with it: 1). Global warming does not occur.

Unfortunately happening. Science more than once proved, and the facts confirmed that the temperature increases rapidly. 2). Global warming – a natural process. Probably not (rise temperature, especially in the 70s, much higher than natural changes). 3). In any case, the consequences will be gradual.

Severe storms become more frequent, and history proved a sharp change in climatic conditions may come suddenly, in just a few years. 4). Global warming will lead to a flood. If warming will go the same pace, the sea level rise of 1 meter. If we assume that all the glaciers melt, which of course is impossible, then the water will rise to 10 meters. And when you consider that the average height of land above sea level – 840 meters, then worry so much about flooding, it is not necessary. 5). Global warming – the only cause sudden, unpredictable changes in weather. Not the only one. There are a number of natural, cyclical processes, to which global warming has nothing to do. And they are what can cause sudden warming or cooling. These factors may serve as ocean currents, cyclones, changing Earth's magnetic field and just coincidence. 6). Carbon dioxide emissions are too small to cause global warming.