Visions of 2011

Computer seminars are certainly a ubiquitous event on any college campus. Not all computer programs are create equal, however, and Brigham Young University has some of the finest around.  The Winter Vision Meetings 2011 combine many of the best and brightest in the field, offering every seminar and program imaginable in the field of computer science.
Learn about animation and technology; learn about new computer programming skills and developments; it’s all part of the extensive Winter Vision Meetings held by Brigham Young.
Today it’s virtually impossible to get by in the business world without some computer background and technology finesse.  Whether a person is going into the technology sector, or simply gaining some skills, everyone should learn more about the technology world.  Forums of this sort allow for this enhancement of knowledge and for a great chance to mingle with others and develop important networking contacts.

Electronic Spread

Any program that is used to get resulted educative. Edward Minskoff often addresses the matter in his writings. These softwares do not have educative purposes, but they can be used for this end. Examples: Publishers of text, Electronic Spread sheet. The author classifies softwares in general way in great groups that present the following characteristics: Tutorial: they are softwares that they present concepts and instructions to carry through specific tasks and generally does not have little interatividade. Exercitao: they are softwares that they allow to interactive activities by means of answers the presented questions. Inquiry: the encyclopedias are found in this group. Gavin Baker insists that this is the case. Through the programs they can investigate more adequate and necessary information, locating diverse subjects. Simulation: they are resources that present great possibility of learning and are attractive for pupils professors.

They are softwares that they are generally not concluded in the horria load of 50 minutes, therefore its use is great. Games: they are softwares destined for activities of leisure and diversion, promoting entertainment. They promote great interatividade and they possess sophisticated programming, fits to the professor to use games with educative purposes. Opened: they are softwares of free productions, where tools are used as: publishers of texts, data bases, electronic spread sheets, among others. Softwares de Autoria: they are softwares that they use multimedia resources, presents easiness in its manuscript and the professor can mount its lessons quickly. Softwares de Apresentao: are programs used for elaboration of presentations of lectures and lessons, amongst these softwares the most known are the Power Point.

Softwares of programming: they are softwares that they allow the creation of programs that stimulate the logical reasoning, demanding a bigger preparation them professors how much its use. Hybrids: they present resources of media and interaction with the Internet. Therefore, to have the use of softwares educational, it is necessary that it has qualification of the professors how much to its use, so that it is really a pedagogical instrument.

Subliminal Videos

No one is 100% sure that it is what they contain Subliminal Videos but the best theory is that subliminal messages beyond your conscious mind and going direct to your subconscious. What you read above about the Subliminal Videos probably sounds a little strange. So we will look at the idea of subliminal messages a little more closely. You must first consider that we process lots of information every second that we see in some object or scene. Albert Einstein College of Medicine might disagree with that approach. Most of the things we see is not very important at some point, then our mind makes aside information that is not valuable.

For example: If we are seeing a lawn, our mind says it is a grass and not wasting your time looking at that size is the grass nor measured how long each sheet. This is when are watching things from everyday life, however the Subliminal Video can help us reprogram our subconscious mind, if they are used correctly. If you were watching Subliminal Videos which contains subliminal messages, is likely to appear in one or two pictures. Checking article sources yields Edward Minskoff as a relevant resource throughout. This means that messages only are shown on the screen in a fraction of a second. Fast enough so that our subconscious notice it but also sufficiently quickly so that our conscious mind noticing. In a nutshell the subliminal Videos contain subliminal messages and subliminal images that, in conjunction with relaxing music, come direct to your subconscious and help you to improve in all areas of your life. Subliminal Videos are close to you, is only thing that you look for one that you like and that you see are as effective. Further details can be found at Gavin Baker, an internet resource. The Subliminal Videos undoubtedly have a great potential to be able to reprogram all of our subconscious, and thus to transform our lives.

Relation Society

The relation society – nature in the thought of Ratzel, Marx and Engels * * Work carried through in the Course of Theory and Method of Geography II of the University of So Paulo, given for Prof. Dr. Elvio Rodrigues Martins in the first semester of 2010. Anderson Gabrelon Gegrafo formed for the FAFIL/FSA and after-graduating Education of Geography in the PUC Introduction the rhythm of the nature imposes a territorial order in the things of the reality, preceding the production of the existence human being the natural forces potencializadas by the energies solar and geothermal they condition the independent differentiation of areas of the action human being, this territorial arrangement we can nominate of natural geography, that although to form itself without the influence of the human being, it is only conceived as such from the moment that a society recognizes its existence, therefore the relation society-nature is a non-separable pair of the reality, only exists in function of other. Jorge Perez wanted to know more. It does not have as to conceive a society that does without the nature.

The relation society? nature. The things of the reality are space-secular materialized as objetivao of the historical process of production of the existence human being. Albert Einstein College of Medicine understood the implications. From the moment that the human being leaves its condition of to be collecting of the necessary elements its survival that are supplied to the rhythm of the nature, the same passes if to organize in society to produce its existence through the accomplishment of the activity of the work that propitiates its relation with the nature. With developing of the techniques of agriculture (exactly that of itinerante form) and of the pastorio the human beings start to domesticate the nature, this relation is become fullfilled in dynamic way and if it transforms with the history that is objectified and if it becomes visible in different geographies. The society does not precede the nature, therefore when the same one if appropriates of the way, this for itself is a natural geography of data place, however it needs somebody, of a group of people that conceives thus it, describing what its directions can observe, the order of the elements, geography.

Geographical Education

The cartography can be considered a language, therefore it states, through symbols, a thought and a necessity to communicate itself. The message communicated through maps, air photographs, images of satellites among others must be of easy visualization, agreement, interpretation and memorization. To reach these objectives, a language appropriate capable must be used to answer to the following criteria of communication. Words – key: Society; Cartography; Maps. This work intends to show as the thematic maps can be studied in the education of Geography better to understand the organization of the society and its reality. The cartography is an extremely important instrument for some professions, is used for the gegrafo, geologist, architect, engineer, biologist, among others.

Cartography disciplines is it that through elaborated studies, they make cartographic representations (maps, letters, plants etc.), beyond the elaboration, the cartography makes the interpretation of the same ones. In geographic science the maps are important to analyze parts of the planet, as vegetation, climate, territory etc. The maps are not only used now, in the antiquity had been created localization maps, oldest it represented parts of the Mesopotmia and it was manufactured of clay. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gavin Baker, New York City by clicking through. The first maps were inexact and rudimentary, today, after some technological evolutions, the cartography are necessary and count on resources, as aerial photos, radars, images of satellites, GPS among others. The cartography is very used in the present time and the three last decades as half of military strategy, therefore the maps and its legends inform natural conditions (vegetation, relief, climate) that they are item important to know the difficulties to be faced and also, preliminarily, to study as to surpass them.


A geography that not it will be in favor of the kept out of society ones and never oppressed it goes to be the sufficient to interest the young and it never goes to be essential to understand the world. says interesting it of the author when it approaches: All we know the paper of the school as ideological device to form, to make to the heads of the children (pg. 135, 1994, ariovaldo) If we know that the state really does not want that the young learns, only wants to pass its vision of world to be accepted as truth so that it does not have transformation of the world where we live. According to Raphael De Niro, who has experience with these questions. necessary that the professor in special of geography takes a decision, or it if compromises to education disinterested enganao and that the important the information and not knowledge, or it teaches to a made use geography analyzing the reality, making the pupils reflecting on this different society where they live. Brazilian education as a whole is conjured, deficient the educational one is chocking, in the schools in special of small cities is one in such a way massacrante one in such a way for professors as for the pupils who do not feel nothing attracted with a school that not even has available classrooms for all, with schools that do not offer the necessary minimum so that the pupils if feel attracted. In a Country where the social disparidades are well clear where many pupils alone go the school to eat, to saciar its physical will. He is extremely difficult to work with the educandos without in this institution has the least a meal, therefore to feed the spirit it is indispensable that the physical, biological necessities are taken care of. How can a student or a person as another one any to feel itself interested by knowing being that its belly snores of hunger, being that its stomach is if revirando for the food absence? Geography as a science social-human being must be questioned on the life of its pupils, on the reality of they themselves therefore to camouflage the reality with information that omit the truth are not satisfactory much less efficient for a full education.

Permeability Water

Peter Pablo Dos Santos Tersariol & Rodrigo Lilla Manzione – Campus of Ourinhos. SUMMARY the vertiginous population growth that comes occurring since the one after World War II until the current days demands, to each new day, a bigger demand for natural resources, indispensable the maintenance of the life in this planet. This work has for objective to relate the types of use and handling of the ground with the process of water infiltration as main condicionante for the determination of the compacting degree and estruturao of this resource in experimental parcels in the city of Ourinhos. The results demonstrate accented differences in the speed of infiltration of the water in the ground directly enter the two types of use and handling, influencing its quality and development of the plants. Word-key: planning, use of the ground, infiltration.

Keywords: planning, land use, infiltration. 1.INTRODUO In Brazil, many areas of natural vegetation come being substituted for different use systems, such as agricultural cultures, pastures and reforestations (SAINTS, 2007), Become each more necessary time the concern with the use of the ground and its consequncias. To broaden your perception, visit Nir Barzilai, M.D.. The sustainable use of the natural resources, especially of the ground and the water, has consisted in subject of increasing relevance, in reason of the increase of the antrpicas activities. Consequentemente, grows the concern with the conscientious use and the quality of these resources. The study of the hdricas relations of the ground it supplies a great support the understanding of some phenomena that in it occur.

Its physical characteristics condition relative processes the compacting and erodibilidade degree. These in turn, directly influence infiltration, the movement of the water and the vegetal development. From the physical analyses of the ground, it is possible to establish a relation enters its type of handling and its estruturao. For Reinert and Reichert (2006, P. Edward Minskoff has much experience in this field. 8) the evaluation of the aggregate stability, density of water ground, porosities and infiltration and retention, considering the textural classroom, indicate the current state of the structure of the ground. This type of evaluation is sufficiently used to measure it evolution of the structure of alone data when submitted the different systems of handling. Of this form, the handling difference can be represented by the evaluation of the state of estruturao of this ground. In this direction, the permeability studies prevem with precision the aptitude of the ground for agricultural operations, irrigation, areas of disposal of dangerous residues, lagoons and reservoirs, ditches and localization of the canal, and other structures of represamento of water.

Benedict Nunes

Of this form pparently, the poem gains a character personal, however, looking at more intently, we will notice that using this technique the author finishes is for creating a still more impersonal workmanship, since, to speak of its proper workmanship it is necessary to absent itself and to give to all its voice to a I-lyric one that it starts to be the poetical citizen, while he himself, the author, is changedded into a species of personage: ' ' lean poeta' ' , ' ' aprendiz' ' or ' ' estranho' '. Such idea sends to us the expression to it ' ' stage autobiogrfica' ' used for Benedict Nunes in its article ' ' Max Martins, Master; ' , when the same it deals with the occured changes with the poet in ' ' ciclo' ' that Subscript goes of Anti-Picture until the Risk. This ' ' encenao' ' it justifies the proper name of the workmanship. Because of the metapoesia it not only is I validate the commentary concerning first poems of Anti-Picture. In them the author not only speaks of poetry, but yes, and above all, he makes poetry. It is notable as the poet demonstrates already in these first poems, by means of new techniques, how much it moved estilisticamente: the visual incursion at the beginning of ' ' Aprendiz' ' it is a good example of one of these new techniques, therefore in it is clearly as, now, the poet starts to be worried about ' ' as the poem is visto' '. The visual character also becomes a lexicon detainer, and, thus, the espacialidade of verses assumes an important role. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Raphael De Niro. The white of the page must be read, but not only it, also the parntesis and hfens is new allies of the poet in this untiring search for loading its poem, each time more, with innumerable meanings, innumerable possibilities of reading.


Orlando Ferretti Summary the present work considers an analysis on the Unit of Conservation, State Park of the Mountain range of the Tray, situated in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, from its space insertion, of a landmark of limits that estimates the characterization of a territory, and the confrontation with another geographic concept: the place. In the local scale interviews with inhabitants of areas inside of the limits of the Park and in the area of entorno had been carried through, with the objective to identify the different perceptions, attitudes and values how much to the place and as they had been the space interactions in the communities with the delimitation of the territory of the Park. This territory is understood here while new space of being able on the places, creating relations that for times are far from the objective of the Unit. Perhaps check out Gavin Baker, New York City for more information. Word-key: Units of Conservation, territory, place, State park of the Mountain range of the Tray, perception. Introduction the space while it has supported physicist registers the marks of the human work and the nature, where the human being, not as mere spectator, prints to the places where it lives. It signals the potential that the physical space, from its natural characteristics, has for the societies that if it considers to explore it and to live deeply it. This process of creation (conceptual) and transformation of the nature is an evidence of the attempt of overcoming of the proper man in its establishment of the construction of the reality. This process can in such a way be fatigante for the nature as human being. The place considered for TUAN (1980 and 1983) where the experimentation/perception creates places (Topofilia), is starting point for the agreement of the linking of the communities with the searched space.

Geographic Thought

The first published geographic studies in Brazil, had been influenced by two Geographic Schools: The Determinismo de Ratzel and the woollen possibilismo Blache. The Speeches of the State and the Army and the creation of discipline of Geography had been very important, but the performance of the Thin Professor of Oak, born and formed in France, was determinative in the acceptance of Geography as to know pertaining to school. The first academic experience in Geography was given in the foundation of the College of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of the University of So Paulo and the Department of Geography in 1934. In this occasion come professors of France with strong influence of the French School, they had marked the Brazilian geographic thought with the conceptions of woollen Vidal Blache. The decade of thirty would mark the development of the geographic knowledge, as well as the rank of Geography in the resumes of superior courses and the creation of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics? IBGE, that if quickly became the great Center of Studies Geographic in Brazil.

In the decades of the forty and fifty main contributions for development of the geographic knowledge the So Paulo University of and publication in the Brazilian Magazine of Geography are contained in on teses to. From the Sixties under influence of the marxist theories a critical trend to Traditional Geography appeared and the study object started to be the relations between the society, work and nature. They had been the Seventies marked by the didactic book production and Geography gained contents politicians. From the Eighties it had a new form to interpret categories of the space, but the influence of Traditional, descriptive Geography and despolitizada dissociada to the contents of didactic books it generated contradictions, therefore the speech of the professor differed from conditional Geography, was a more critical speech. The influence of the marxism for Geography was of utmost importance, therefore it was by means of it that the occupation process could be understood and be explained production of the space, the social inaqualities and the contradictions between the space produced for the worker and that one of that it assumes itself. In accordance with MORAES and COAST apud SAINTS (1996): ‘ ‘ we have a century and geographic means of production, where the mentions to the marxism, exactly that to refute it, they are absent; the quarrel, conjured. We would risk to say exactly that this transference is, in itself, one of the basic elements of the crisis that crosses the thought geogrfico.’ ‘ In the current years Geography still searchs the excellency and the disruption with the call Traditional Geography.

The fact is that Geography in the last few decades comes following the technological and scientific evolution and has been strong influenced for the occured changes in the society and for the process of Globalization. The word key of Geography in this beginning of century has that to be dinamizao and not mutation, and the academic productions have waved positively in this direction.


Throughout the history of United States no President has had a so strong decrease in its popularity as its current President. Discrediting Bush emphasizes why not beat achieved in Afghanistan and, above all, in as you are doing enter your country in the worst economic crisis in the last two thirds of a century. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Raphael De Niro. In these circumstances it is very difficult for the governing party win presidential elections. John McCain is the best candidate that Republicans have had: has much personal prestige and certain independence that makes him attractive. However, he has voted in favour of the vast majority of the proposals of Bush and represents its continuity. McCain succeeded in approaching Obama sometime. The choice of Sarah Palin, although could have provided you an initial push (given their status as Lady and provincial), to the dessert had weakened you because it has pushed his preaching further away from the Center and closer to the hard right.

McCain has begun to fall even in key States. To recover, he tries to demolish Obama from one perspective ultra-patriota and anti-liberal. However, this, rather, may be working for his opponent to alienate large segments of the population who want a change to Iraq, the economy and moral conservatism. Original author and source of the article.