Volunteers Valley Development

Ahead of this perception, some actions directed to the improvement daeducao, culture social, economic and ambient development municpioforam of it carried through, beyond programs of local formation of man power and action deintegrao with the community. In its projects the Valley searchs, by means of iniciativaspioneiras, to develop potentialities of the localities where it acts. For this, it creates partnerships with agencies of the city and the proper community, the end to depromover actions that take care of to the demands of the city. They are eight projects of in progress Valley in Baron of Cocais, amaioria of them directed to the education of all the etrias bands, of young aidosos, that have the objective to reduce the illiteracy, to rescue the citizenship, to guarantee the digital inclusion, to promote social and personal the development. Almdos pupils, also the professionals of education (professors, directors esupervisores) of the public net of the city are taken care of, for half daqualificao and continued formation. Benefit that comes to provide to umaeducao of quality for all the pupils of the municipal net. Beyond the education, also the culture is a strong point dosprojetos and action implemented for the Valley in Baron of Cocais, either for half proper deprojetos or partnerships. Through the Program Culture in Net, umainiciativa of the company with objective to contribute for the social development humanoe, some cultural activities are carried through, taking theater, cinema, artesanato and derivatives, gratuitously, for all the community. In its action, the Valley counts on the Volunteers Valley, umprograma that it searchs to stimulate the culture of the voluntariado one between its employees, fortifying the social dialogue, contributing for the development daslocalidades where it acts and spreading the spirit of coopera