University Professor

It is given credit that an adequate formation is basic for posterior development of the other domnios of the knowledge of the mathematics professor, that is, to improve or to improve methodologies is basic, understanding difficulties presented for pupils. However, in many practical a methodology change is necessary and matureness of ideas, beyond the respect of the work of the mathematics professor. Being that in the reality, as much the rhythm and the direction, varies of professor for professor each one it has its to know and experiences. Beyond being mathematics professor, it has that to be professional, because the professional is not only worried about what she makes, but with the result. The professionals of the mathematics education, cannot only be worried about problems in classroom, but about one educational politics, that is come back toward the social welfare of the pertaining to school community. By being living deeply the age of the information and the globalization, the impression that of is that the process to educate if becomes a complex activity, therefore, the knowledge never could be faced as something completely finished, and yes as something that is in full and constant change. At last, the challenge of if educating take the professional of the mathematics education to organize its works in a way compels that it to adapt its abilities constantly, explicitando the commitment with humanity, therefore is that the relation professor and pupil must be seen as a relation of partnership with the objective to develop the creativity and the innovative potential of its pupils.