The School

If things get harder to find a job, maybe you have to accept what you find, and that will also be fine. Learn how to reset your goals and priorities is another important skill for life. It’s find some aspect of that job that you like and what you can learn. Internships and summer jobs (whether are remunerated as if not) are a great way of preparing you for life when you have finished your studies in the school or the University. The skills you learn at this stage will help you develop professional talents that you will need throughout your life. Work experience can also help you to make you feel well with thee same. Self-esteem and confidence in you that you develop in a job or doing practices will be of great help when you have to make an interview to enter university or to get a job after finishing your studies.

Some companies they offer bright students the possibility for practical training during a brief period in exchange for a willingness to learn and work. In some cases, work practices are also paid, although the main objective of this type of work is to gain experience and not so much money. If you do good work practices, they may offer you a full-time job for next summer or even a part-time job during the course. Work practices can also provide valuable references that may serve you for get future works. If you are looking for this type of employment to obtain large revenues, it is best that you seek elsewhere. So instead of waiting to get rich, focus on gaining experience and learning how to insert you in the world of work, because this kind of responsibility you only learn with practice.