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In man stuffs the classes any other West European country with as much student as in Germany. Average, our classes to 20-50% are greater than those of our neighbours. In the private sector know the handlebar of a company to the importance of a work-friendly environment. Trying what is possible to create as positive working conditions. Disgruntled workers are not only unmotivierter, they desire to be easier, what can end up in the strike. In other words, Satisfactory working conditions increase the productivity of all those involved. That the working conditions at German schools are no longer satisfactory, is seriously doubted by anyone.

And that is increasingly not only for schools. If however, a majority of teachers would be hired, so one must assume that they organized in enabled trade unions would make use of their social rights. A massive teacher strike could be but not limited to the schools. Parents would have to after care facilities take a look around or stay away from the own job for the duration of the strike. The economic damages for individual companies and the economic damage to the country would be immense, apart from the actual education failure. In extreme cases, even the social collapse threatened.

Also mass organized, hired teachers for themselves could demand a separate compensation agreement, again with the help of the right to strike. That this scenario is not so impossible, the medics have drilled through successfully not so long ago. The bureaucratization teacher, however, must say “Yes” to everything. One allows him to work under degrading working conditions, invites him to social neglect on the shoulder, lets him work more unpaid, gives him no wage increase, as usually happened in the last 15 years over the years, garnering special payments him instead, so he has much less in your pocket for overtime under the dash and explained everything with his Unkundbarkeit. A privilege, no doubt, but one that he must pay dearly. And what is the bureaucratization of the teacher. He has no choice and says anything, if also reluctant, Yes, at least. But also here the voices that claim that the State no longer sufficiently performs its duty of care towards officials is gradually accumulating. We’ll see what the future brings. But one thing is sure: the teacher shortage will worsen further. Accordingly, the working conditions are further slip in the basement and the aggressiveness of schools continue to rise. It must be clearly said those who call are still the hired teachers,: there is also economically speaking, under the given conditions, no more convenient and better teachers than the verbeamteten.

German Students

Why go more and more young people, their parents and teachers? The messages also are piling up. Increasingly, one hears from students or other young people that dangerous goes from not always immediately known Beweggrundenb to parents or other persons involved in the education. Why is not always entirely clear. But again, you can hear the messages that children and young people on a normal people inexplicably obtain weapons and go to their guardians or teachers. But what’s behind it? Should it be not parents and teachers, which pave the way children and young people and show the way to a carefree life? Should they be part of the positive experiences of each young people? But they should. But exactly for the reason, because they come closest to the children approach and relies on the young people, is exactly why there are also those who can hurt the still so unstable to the extent young people.