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Already with the liberating directive educator, the soconvidados educandos to think, to make a new reading of its reality, where sepretende to educate to humanizar and for the freedom. The man is a being with very peculiar characteristics. Sele can reflect on definitive thing, if distanciar to contemplate it. Sa species human being can act conscientiously, endowing its action with feelings. Differently of the animals the man is a being that thinks about quefazer, it transforms the world through the work. Then all practical its aescomo need a north to become fullfilled, being semprecondicionadas the simplista reflection despite.

' ' But, if the men are beings to doquefazer this is precisely why its to make is action and reflection. It is prxis. transformao of the world … ' '. (FREIRE, 1987, p.121) At the moment of approach with the reality, the man noconsegue to enxergar it as something cognoscvel its conscience criticizes, that is, manifest it not if of understandable form, is only one approach ingnuaque if this realidadevisvel initiates through the espontaneidade human being when knowing. This taking of conscience is not still the awareness, because this consists of the critical development of the conscience taking. Aconscientizao implies, therefore, that let us exceed the spontaneous sphere deapreenso of the reality, to arrive at a critical sphere in which realidadese of as cognoscvel object and in which the man assumes a posioepistemolgica (FREIRE, 2005, P.

30). Therefore the awareness is more than pure and a simplescontato with the reality. As Freire says: ' ' … does not consist of being front realidade assuming an intellectual position falsely … ' ' (FREIRE, 2005, p.30), therefore ' ' … the more awareness, more if DES-candle the reality, more penetrates in the fenomnica essence of the object … ' ' (FREIRE 2005, P. 30), oqual we are to observe, passing to an analysis process.

Brazilian Social Politics

The social politics in Brazil have functioned an artifice for which the State minimizes the social tensions and fights declasses. In this direction, they take care of only of limited form to great contingentede excluded that on them they depend daily, conforming to little efetividadesocial and its subordination the interests economic politicians and. Amongst the consequences created for this epoltico economic model, it is to the infanto-youthful population of street that is one of more the clarasexpresses of the social matter agudizada and motivated by the impoverishment dapopulao and precarizao of the work. Word-key: Pedagogia, Social Educator, Child eAdolescente, Street. Social you police inBrazil have functioned a social device by which the state reduces tensionsand class struggles. Sense In this, serves only limited extent you to largenumber of excluded who depend on them daily, forming the low social effectivenessand its subordination you the political and economic interests.

Among theconsequences created by this political and economic model, is the population ofstreet children and youth is one of the clearest expressions of the social andmotivated aggravated the impoverishment of the population and job insecurity. Keywords: Pedagogy, Social Educator, Childrenand Adolescents, Street The advent of the Constitution of 1988 made possible that osbrasileiros if they became citizens with rights and duties written in law, but ofato to be in the paper did not guarantee that they were accomplished really, quedentre other ominous effect, increased throughout the years the emiservel poor population of Brazil and in consequence the number of children and adolescents queabandonam its homes to live in the streets of the great cities. In the daily interaction constructed between social educator ecriana and adolescent in street situation if it establishes to the experience/promotion deuma net of knowledge, values and principles that propitiate momentossingulares in the reintegration process and ressocializao of the populaoinfanto-youthful one.