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Good One

According to the dominant ideology, everybody wants to live better and to enjoy one better quality of life. Of general way it associates this quality of life to Producto Interior Bruto (PIB) of each country. The GIP represents all the material wealth that a country produces. Then, in agreement with this criterion, the countries better located are the United States, followed of Japan, Germany, Sweden and others. The GIP is a measurement invented by Capitalism to stimulate the increasing production of goods expendable materials. In the last years, in view of the growth of the poverty and the favelizada urbanization of the world and until by a decency sense, the UN introduced the Index of Desarrollo Humano (IDH). In him intangible values like health are included, education, social equality, taken care of of the nature, fairness of sort and others. has enriched the sense of quality of life, that was understood of very materialistic form: it enjoys a good quality of life better that consumes more and.

In front of all the countries it is Butn, box-like between China and India, on the feet of the Himalayas, very poor materially, but that established officially Index of Gross Internal Happiness. This one is not moderate by quantitative, but qualitative criteria, like good government of the authorities, equitable distribution of the surpluses of the agriculture of subsistence, the vegetal extraction and the sale of energy to India, good health and education and, especially, good level of cooperation of all to guarantee social La Paz. In the indigenous traditions of Abya Yala, name for the indoamericano continent, instead of to better live is spoken on the good one for living. This category entered the constitutions of Bolivia and Ecuador like the social objective being persecuted by the State and all the society. to live better supposes a ethics of the limitless progress it urges and us a competition with the other to create more and more conditions for for living better.