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Taiwan’s Ministry Of Economic Affairs

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs is considering a program development of the tertiary sector, which combined additional loosening of regulatory and institutional innovation, will be covered by the Taiwanese Ministry of education as part of efforts to strengthen Taiwan’s tertiary sector. Educational innovation is important for the strategic promotion in accordance with the free trade initiative of zones of pilot and stands as a central pillar of Taiwan’s development for the year 2014 and beyond dar. “We want to achieve this goal through the promotion of cooperation between local and foreign institutions,” Director-General Huang said Wen-ling. “Because these deals involve no changes of the relevant laws, we hope to see concrete results by the end of the year”. According to Huang only qualified institutions for the program be approved and, as is the initiative mainly to foreign students, recruiting at local universities will not affect. Although the program under the auspices of the FEPZ project is course offerings on every campus in the whole Taiwan can take place. The Taipei City-based National Chengchi University organized a forum on behalf of Ministry of Economic Affairs, to collect data from all relevant parties.