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This particle represents in Spanish one of the grammatical elements more complex for its variety of uses. Grammar books generally on this issue, analysis that have as a general reference the concepts of reflexivity, passivization, impersonality. Studies language in recent years shows the small shape grammar, it is one of the so-called clitics, these are unstressed grammatical forms that bind to another category. Forms Me us Te ye him, what the them, the, the is are clitics and as such, in addition to not take accents, must necessarily go next to the verb, in position proclitica(ael lado izquierdo) saw Me, we were called, you gave, betrayed them, sold them, refused. Or enclitic position (to the right) this use is currently less used; Appears more in the literary language: watching me, calling us, sitting you, calling them shut up. They are generally called unstressed personal pronouns. However from the perspective of the information the clitics are simple redundant carriers of information which has the full pronoun (Wilson, 1985) I (me) going to San Jose, you (you) buy clothes she wears (are) well. In these examples the clitics me, is you.

They can be deleted for being redundant information. In the theory of the case grammar, developed by Walter Cook (1975), Charles Fillmore (1968) and other linguists; sought to explain the relationships between States, processes and actions that occur in the conceptual world of the man and concrete objects or concepts made things, participating in this universe. This brief presents that declarations on the use of the given academic texts and observations about this clitic Dr. Jack Wilson made to analyze the issue in the framework of the case grammar.