Selfstudy Foreign Language

Is it possible to learn a foreign language on their own? Learn a foreign language alone is possible, and there are people so obsessed with one language a year and then semi-annually or even quarterly. Of course, these things does not mean that the such a short time they master them to perfection. Another question – can this be done in person you are. And it is not only in your abilities, in which we have no doubt. Do you have a strong will, patience, and a serious tune for language learning? The last condition may be crucial. It is no secret that many people have willpower, patience and perseverance, and as human beings are quite capable of successfully learn anything, are often abandoned independent language lessons. The reason – the lack of a serious motive. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. Best of all, if the motives are dictated by a necessity, such as: preparing to study, work or just living abroad, enrolling in college, renting international exam, work in the representation of western companies.

Or do you want to learn to read books and periodicals, or due to tour abroad. However, in the latter case, you need to do more effort to bring himself to do. But we can not proceed to an independent study of language, if you want 'just to learn the language' or 'do give us something useful' – with that mindset you stretch out on the strength of a month. Teacher and courses can accelerate your learning and make it more easy and interesting – but not replace individual work.