As the trend towards the increased use of social media applications, like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter turns to the work world more and more of the online world and its social media products does not stop at the recruitment. So there are more and more enterprises in these areas of the Internet. The activities range from a simple corporate presence to attractive information portals. This, especially the applicant benefits from increased direct advertising actions of companies. So on the Facebookkarriereseiten of Bayer, Bertelsmann, BWM, Siemens and co not only directly get answers to pressing questions, you can learn more about the company and its culture and work at the same time also directly. Thus, it is possible, the information offered actively to use to prepare the application. That companies move increasingly the application process on the Internet, should fall on each, which currently look around after a job. More and more often are just large companies (e.g.

Deutsche Lufthansa) pointed out that the application must be made online. In the case of Lufthansa, this is done with a special proprietary online platform. Other companies want at least an application via email. Thus job exchanges and application portals on the Internet as well as digital resume gaining strongly influence. In addition to the many advantages which the company provides the processing methodology, missing the applicant here often with his application from the large crowd at the first sight to settle the classical possibilities. As a result you will find providers that want to counteract exactly in the Internet increasingly. Thus, about offers the possibility to put an application video, while has specialized on the online CV online. Both offerings is in common that one refers to this by means of a separate URL in its actual application, whereby the latter most likely equal comes its own Web page.

As Puttjer and Schnierda in the large application guide application experts “describe, must a candidate home page in” each case comply with certain requirements: generally a digital presentation page should include a cover letter with appropriate qualifications, an application photo, a resume, and a balance (an additional page which primarily focuses on the previous professional experience). Important information must also be directly visible, there should be a serious form and private information should be put online with professional data. They see an advantage that no conversion issues when compared to sending E-Mail applications can arise. As disadvantages, we identified that the page must be kept very general, because different companies with different request focus will have access, and the creation of such a page has a high profiling overhead. They therefore see a candidate home page just as useful if it serves as a supplement to a customized application. Called pages help you create usually so far, that even less technically savvy Applicants quickly and easily can create their own application profile. If you fully and completely played out would be these developments and ideas is even left each at the end but still. The importance of the Internet in questions application is however increasing without a doubt. Authors Jens furriers and Nathalie Zahid-Gmeiner