Mexican Revolution

The Mexican cinema is the cinema of Mexico itself, developed since the time of the Mexican Revolution. The first talkie was Santa, the writer in 1931. The golden age With U.S. support of the postwar era, there was an unprecedented boom in cinema.Major movie studios so all Americans supported the development of national cinema, for strategic issues and to maintain control over Mexico, as it was a time when the communist influence of the Soviet Union loomed over Mexico’s strategic position and influence around the Latin American hemisphere, which resulted in a strategy “mass media” on the sparsely educated and influential Mexican population. In the forties, both sexes take turns to delight the audience spectator comico cinema and film melodrama. In the first category, the first tests are with the filmmaker Arcady Boyle, who staged two interact like comic talents: Cantinflas, Manuel Medel.The other side of the coin would be used as urban melodramas scenery neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods of cities virtually lost, locked in the great metropolis.

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