ISIC Association

International networking by a student identity card all over the world a special financial status is granted students, so that they freely can focus on their studies. Especially in the area of life support and travel costs are now many State institutions (museums, libraries), service providers (Alamo, Microsoft, LensWay u.v.m.) and publishers to transferred students to discounts up to 60%. The use of such services is bound to show an ID which the person certifies that she is a student. However, especially students in smaller schools in the German speaking countries have mostly the problem that the national certificate/card will not be recognized. Also students from exotic countries again have difficulties so that the card system recognised by UNESCO was introduced for the first time in 1968 by the ISIC Association. The card this not-for profit organization, the international student identity card, is in more than 100 countries worldwide valid at the time and is over 4 million Students and pupils.

The current permit is valid from September 2010 to December 2011 and the application requires a valid passport, a certificate of registration and a passport photo. Like almost any card today is the ISIC in the EC-card format and has the particularity to make all information in three languages. A proof of the respective status in connection with the recent studies certificate is sufficient for academics who complete a multiphase training. For example Refrendare in the area of teaching or law or doctors can be in their practical year. If it has then completed the second State examination for teachers the additional possibility a teacher card to request that access to appropriate benefits and professional services as well as the ISIC. Round off the range of mobility cards with the youth card, which independently awarded by the status of the card holder up to the age of 26 years. This network aims at the increase of the international Understanding through exchanges on travel and the accompanying combination of private, academic and professional contacts.